Chapter 42 - Time Began Flowing Again


tl by dan luffey

1: Hey, doctor...why won't you let me meet with the person who's giving me their kidney?
2: I want to say thanks in person.
3: Otherwise it feels like I'm doing something wrong.
4: Also...
5: The idea of taking a kidney from a person I don't even know scares me.

Chapter 42 - Time Began Flowing Again

1: That was when it all started.
2: It's the first step that's really hard. The rest is simple.
3: I sliced through about 100 similar cases over the next 5 years.
4: I watched those ambulances like a hawk...
5: And every time we found a brain dead patient, I'd bow down to their parents.
6: Kondou-kun had a real knack for bowing down to families.
7: The paramedics even started calling him "Dogeza-kun." (*Dogeza = a deep, kneeling bow)

1: The ethics committee also stopped making trouble after the second thing.
2: And so, Eiroku slowly grew into a brain dead kidney transplant facility.
p2: fsssh
3: How did your daughter fare after the surgery?
4: The rejection symptoms were horrible.

1: She went through a lot of pain.
2: It may have been better for her to have stayed on dialysis for the rest of her life.
3: Aside from the treatment, however,
4: we saw another change happen in my daughter.
5: A change?
6: She started growing.
7: The clothes she had worn for so long suddenly became too small for her.
8: She grew taller, and her body grew larger.
9: For my daughter, time began flowing again.

1: Hey, doctor! Hurry it up!

1: C'mon, let's go to the next one!
2: Hurry up already!
3: Hold on a minute, Miwa-chan...
4: I'm the one carrying all the bags, you know...

1: You need to learn to be nicer to people, Miwa-chan.
2: I'm only your supervising doctor, you know, not your big brother...
3: You're also my dad's subordinate, right?
4: That means you have to listen to what I say.
5: Hey, doctor. I want to go to Pedestrian's Paradise.
6: I've never been there.
7: No way.
8: You're taking immunosuppressants, so it's easier for you to get infected with diseases.
9: You aren't supposed to be around big crowds like this.
10: Today's just a special exception because I'm with you.
p: honk

1: The ambulances brought another brain dead patient in.
2: I finished the blood samples already, so I want you to search for matching patients.
3: I'll leave the explaining to you too.

1: Professor!! This is a BB establishment!
2: Ugly bitches and old bags!!
3: You're so mean! You should be happy to have such a beautiful woman in front of you.
4: I'm never going to Eiroku now, no matter how sick I get.
5: Aw, shuddap! Girls who keep their legs closed are all bitches!!
6: If you want us to call you beautiful, then shut up and open up!!

1: All girls who wanna have sex with me, sit on this finger!
2: By the way, Kondou-kun...
3: How's my daughter doing?
4: Not very well.
5: At this rate, there's a possibility that her new kidney will stop working.
6: Did you increase her medications?
7: I increased the immunosuppressants yesterday.
8: I've been trying other stuff too, but...

1: Doctor, please come over here!!
2: Miwa-chan's abdomen is bleeding!!
3: Neither the Professor nor Kondou-sensei is here...
4: I only noticed it when I was making my nightly rounds.

1: It isn't an illness.
2: It just means you've become an adult woman.
3: An adult?
4: That's right.
5: Now your breasts and buttocks will probably also get a little bigger.
6: If anything else happens that you can't talk to your dad or Kondou-sensei about, let me know.
7: There are certain things that only girls can talk about, if you know what I mean.

1: What does it mean to be an adult?
2: That's a difficult question.
3: But the word "adult" is probably just a relative term.
4: There aren't any concrete conditions that need to be fulfilled for someone to become an adult.
5: If you've grown more since yesterday,
6: then it means you've become a little more of an adult than yesterday.
7: Do you understand what I mean?
8: You're already 18, Miwa-chan.

1: Do you believe in fortunetelling?
2: Fortunetelling?
3: Hmm.
4: If it's a good fortune, then sure.
5: How about fate, then?
6: Fate...
7: Even if I found out that my fate had already been decided, I wouldn't want to follow it.
8: Was I fated to have renal failure, then?

1: Doctor...
2: Are you really against organ transplants?
3: Who told you that?
4: This is the first time we've talked to each other, isn't it?
5: Kondou-sensei told me.
6: He told me that some people are against organ transplants, but that I shouldn't worry about it.
7: He also told me that if someone ever told me that organ transplants are bad,
8: I didn't need to worry about it, since they're wrong.

1: What do you think about organ transplants, Miwa-chan?
2: I don't know.
3: I mean, I never even met the person who gave me their kidney.
4: Of course, I'm really happy I was able to get the transplant.
5: It made me grow, and now I have no trouble drinking water anymore.
6: But...
7: I'm not sure whether it was really the right thing to do or not.
8: Do you regret it?

1: Kondou-sensei said that transplanting organs from brain dead patients is common sense these days.
2: But just because it's common sense doesn't mean it's right, right?
3: Categorizing brain dead patients as dead people
4: doesn't fit in with Japanese people's values.
5: Why did my dad transplant that brain dead patient's kidney into me?
6: He still could have transplanted it after the patient's heart stopped, right?
7: Why couldn't he wait that long?

1: I'm glad I got a new kidney.
2: Really...
3: Maybe dad just wanted me to get a new kidney as quickly as possible.
4: Maybe he wanted give it to me in as good quality as he could.
5: Or was he just using me as a test subject?

1: Miwa-chan...
2: Will you stay calm and listen to everything I have to say?
3: Unfortunately, the kidney we transplanted into you is barely functioning anymore.
4: At this rate, there's no merit to keeping it in your body.
5: It's unfortunate, but...
6: will you let us do surgery and take it out?