Chapter 41 - Proposal


tl by dan luffey

1: What is this?
2: I passed by a flower shop and thought it looked pretty.
3: Thought maybe it'd look good in your room.

Chapter 41 - Proposal
1: slap

1: You think giving flowers to a woman will make her happy?
2: The least you could do is give me something I can use.
3: You can't possibly believe this would be enough to earn my forgiveness.
4: Fidelity. You need to show me some fidelity.
5: You fucking cheater.

1: What are you
2: talking about?
3: Ohh...so that's how we're gonna play it, huh?
4: You really think I'm stupid, don't you?
5: What, do you think you're some irresistible playboy who has all these options?
6: Next time, it'll hurt a lot worse.
7: pop

1: Will you marry me?
2: Wh...
3: What the hell?
4: What, am I not good enough?

1: What happened?
2: Nothing.
3: I just like you.
4: I need you, Mutsumi-chan.
5: I want you to stay by my side forever.

1: Something's up.
2: Come on, what happened?
3: I can't really explain it too well,
4: but I feel like you're different from the other girls.
5: I want you to approve of me.

1: If someday I start to lose confidence in myself,
2: and you're there to tell me things will be alright, I think they really will be.

1: What happened?
2: You seem a bit weakened.
3: The Professor called me up a bit ago.
4: A young man who was brought in became brain dead.
5: I'm going to transplant one of his kidneys into the Professor's daughter.
6: The next ethics committee will happen in a few days.
7: Tomorrow, I'm going to explain the situation to the young man's parents and get their permission to extract the kidney.
8: Once the ethics committee passes it, the surgery will happen.

p1: slap
1-3: thunk
4: Are you fucking kidding me?
5: "If you tell me things will be alright, I think they really will be?"
6: I'm not your mommy.
7: Think about what you're planning to do.

1: You're about to take a kidney out of a person who's about to die.
2: It's murder.
3: Brain dead patients will die within days anyway.
4: You should just wait for that, then.
5: Kidneys can be transplanted 48 hours after the heart stops beating.
6: The tides are heading toward organ transplants from brain dead patients...
7: Don't you think that this surgery is a meaningful step in that direction?

1: The JST is also promoting kidney transfers from brain dead patients.
2: Modern medicine is asking for this!!
3: Who are you quoting?
4: Use your own words when you talk.
5: Brain death is human death.
6: There's no problem with removing organs like that.
7: Brain death isn't human death.
8: Organ extraction is murder.

1: But it could save a life!!
2: That still doesn't justify murder.
3: Why don't you leave the ethical problems to the ethics committee?!
4: This is an order from my superior!!
5: Then why even ask me about it?
6: If you have confidence in yourself, then why do I need to approve it for you?

1: Wait until his heart stops.
2: You'll still have ample time to talk about a transplant.
3: And then nothing will change, will it?
4: Japan's transplant medicine is 10 years behind the rest of the world
5: because we haven't progressed brain dead organ transplants.
6: It's common sense now to the rest of the world to perform organ transplants from brain dead patients.
7: But why not in Japan?

1: Tens of lives could be saved from organ transplant technology.
2: Why don't you want to save them?!
3: Do you know what people say to Japanese who go to foreign countries to do transplants?
4: "Oh look, another Japanese's come to buy an organ."
5: It costs millions to get an organ transplant overseas.
6: Why does surviving have to be so expensive?
7: We have the technology...
8: why don't we use it?!

1: If surgeons are really this useless,
2: then we'd be better off without them!!

1: I don't want this.
2: I can't accept what you are.

1: Today, what I'm going to be talking to you about
2: is not your son's treatment.
3: Have you ever heard the word "brain death?"
4: Brain death is when all brain functions, including the brainstem, stop without any possibility of recovery.

1: I'll be frank.
2: There is someone out there in need of your son's kidney.
3: Would you donate his kidney for their sake?

1: Sorry for calling you all out here.
2: The truth is, I have a request for all you next-term professors.
3: A few days ago, a brain dead donor was brought in.
4: He's a 20-year old man who became brain dead after an accident in the water.
5: A brain dead donor?
6: Just a bit ago, we received consent from his parents
7: to transplant the young man's kidney into my daughter, who is currently a patient in the urology department.

1: Can I ask for all of your cooperation in this matter?
2: I'm an outsider, so I'm not confident that I'll be able to pass this through the ethics committee.
3: This is ridiculous...
4: Talk about mixing public and private.
5: The tides may be heading toward brain dead organ transplants, but still...
6: If this surgery happens, it'll be the first brain dead organ transplant ever done at Eiroku.
7: No matter how small the chances, we can't risk criticism from the public.
8: Actually, it's the opposite.
9: If I use my own daughter as the first test subject, then at the very least, we shouldn't receive any criticism from the recipient side.

1: I will offer up my daughter,
2: so please help me to open a door to the future.