Chapter 38 - True Intents


tl by dan luffey

1: Inserting contrast media.
2: Her heart's become rather weak.
3: It appears to be ischemia. Arteriosclerosis is progressing, and her coronary artery has begun to constrict.
4: It's unstable angina.
5: I imagine it'd be painful to walk for over 15 minutes with this condition.

Chapter 38 - True Intents

1: You must rest for 6 full hours.
2: You may wake up afterwards, but please allow yourself to rest in the bed for the whole day.
3: We'll check your blood pressure and apex beat every 15 minutes until the VS stabilizes.
4: You are not allowed to eat or drink for 2 hours.
5: We are taking the utmost care,
6: but if by some chance you start to bleed, please let us know immediately.
7-10: rattle

1: We spent a long time talking it over together.
2: Now, I'd like to request that Yukiko
3: is put in charge of your care.
4-6: tap...

1: Saitou-sensei,
2: It appears that the recipient of the brain dead kidney was able to urinate.
3: And it looks like my husband's speaking to him right now.
4: So the man who gave me his kidney died?
5: Yes...it's true that he died.
6: But he was brain dead, so he didn't die as a result of donating his kidney.
7: rattle

1: Please...sensei...
2: Please take out the kidney.

1: I did something I shouldn't have
2: just because I wanted to escape from my pain.
3: I'm the one who killed him.
4: And I have absolutely no right
5: to live in place of him.
6: Please, take out the kidney...
7: I can't accept it...

1: It's a ritual...
2: There's no human who wouldn't feel guilty
3: after knowing that someone made a sacrifice for you.
4: Therefore
5: everyone needs to go through their own grieving process.
6: Only then, after suffering and brooding...
7: will they be able to forgive themselves.
8: But asking someone to take out your kidney...
9: "Then you shouldn't have asked for it in the first place?" Is that what I should have said?

1: It may be a bit of an extreme case,
2: but there's a law that goes along with patients who talk like that.
3: They'll always say something like that after receiving the kidney.
4: Eventually, though,
5: they come to say things like "This means I have to live enough for the donor as well."
6: The problem now is Akagi-san.
7: She just saw someone
8: win the lottery...right next to her.

1: Huh?
2: You want to know where Akagi-san is?
3: Today was her heart catheter exam.
4: She should be resting in her bed...
5: Well, I haven't heard anything unusual.
6: Akagi-san said she was going to get a haircut.
7: I just thought you had given her permission to, Saitou-sensei.
sign: Hair Salon

p1 sign: Hair Salon Mikoyama
1: She isn't at the salon inside the hospital...
2: Did she go somewhere outside?
3-4: brrriing
5: The problem now is Akagi-san.
6: She just saw someone win the lottery...right next to her.
7: beep
8-9: rattle

p1-p2: rattle

1-2: knock
3: Akagi-san! Are you there?!
4-5: knock
6-7: Akagi-san!!
8-9: knock
10: It's Saitou!!
11: click

1: I just wanted to get my hair cut.
2: Then I got tired on the way...
3: There's a salon inside the hospital, you know.
4: I hate the hospital...
5: I'm just another patient there.

1: I don't want to just become a patient and stop caring how I look...
2: because...I'm a woman...
3: Hey...sensei...
4: What did you do to make up with Minagawa-san?
5: Nothing, really.
6: She just forgave me.

1: The fact that I'm donating one of my organs to you...and the fact that I'm hurting her by doing it...
2: She forgave me for everything and accepted it all.
3: Wow...
4: She must be a very motherly woman.
5: I want to treasure her for the rest of my life...
6: Yeah...
7: Good idea...

1: Akagi-san...
2: Did you know that there was a brain death kidney transplant that happened at Eiroku yesterday?
3: Yeah...
4: It was in the paper.
5: I helped out during the surgery.
6: All I can say is, I don't believe that a brain dead patient is really dead.
7: But if modern medicine can't do anything for those kind of patients...
8: then I think making organ transplants an option is a good idea.
9: Akagi-san...
10: Can I ask you a question?

1: If I became brain dead,
2: would you be able to accept my kidney without another thought?
3: If you really were brain dead,
4: it'd be impossible for you to legally ensure where your organs went.
5: That's not what I'm talking about.
6: If there was a kidney that happened to come to you,
7: and there were no ethical problems that you could see, what would you do?

1: If all you had to do was wish for a brain dead patient's kidney to get one,
2: would you still not want one?
3: You're such...an asshole.

1: Of course I'd want one.