Chapter 30 - Brain Death


tl by dan luffey

1: Hello, it's Saitou.
2: Sorry for calling you so much.
3: I I heard from Akagi-san
4: that you asked her to let you attend to her during the surgery.
5: Can we meet? Just once?
6: I want to talk to you face to face about this.
7: I know that I'm the one at fault here.
8-9: zzzz
10: And I know I've got no right to say anything...
11: But can you please just meet me one more time?
sign: Nap Room

Chapter 30 - Brain Death

1: Unfortunately...
2: Hiroshi-san's brain died this morning.
3: He is now in a deep coma...and his brainstem is no longer reacting.
4: His pupils have widened, and his brainwaves have gone flat.

1: We've sustained his breathing using an artificial respirator.
2-3: pshoo
4: but he no longer has the ability to breathe by himself.
5-8: pshoo

1: What is brain death?
2: You mean that Hiroshi's
3: turned into a vegetable?
4: Brain death and vegetative states are completely different.
5: People in vegetative states have a small chance of recovery,
6: but with brain death, there is absolutely no chance for the patient to recover.

1-6: scrub
7: The brain is separated into
8: three main areas: the cerebrum, the cerebellum, and the brainstem.
9: The cerebrum is where intelligence and memories are stored, and it's also the place that sends physical orders to the body.
top left: Cerebrum
bottom right: Cerebellum
middle bottom: Brainstem
10: The cerebellum controls movement and balance, and the brainstem controls circulatory functions, breathing, and transmits thoughts.

1: A vegetable is a patient in a persistent vegetative state
2: who has lost part or all of his cerebral functionality.
3: In this case, the brainstem, which controls breathing, is still in tact,
4: and the patient can breathe on his own, and sometimes transmit simplistic thoughts.
5: But in brain death...
6: Functions of the brainstom along with all other brain functions have irrevocably ended.
7: Wait a minute...
8: You mean his brain's completely dead?
9: Basically, yes.

1: I'm going to scrub down your back now,
2: so please let me tilt you on your side.
3: If the brain dies,
4: then the possibility of consciousness returning is zero.
5: And since he's also lost his brainstem, which controls his breathing,
6: if the artificial respirator is removed, he will immediately stop breathing.

1: Hiroshi...

1-2: Hiroshi...
3: He's just sleeping, isn't he?
4: He feels so warm...
5: He'll wake up, right?
6: I mean, he isn't hurt anywhere else, is he?

1: Isn't there anything you can do,
2: doctor?
3: I saw this show on TV once...
4: where a man who had been asleep for ten years suddenly woke up.
5: Please...
6: Please, save my child...
7: We provided the best possible medical treatment we could.
8: Allow me to repeat myself: it is impossible to restore his mind.
9: Before, these types of patients could only sustain life for a few days to a few weeks,
10: but modern technology allows us to keep them alive for over a year.
11: What shall we do?

1: Would you like us
2: to continue providing him care?
3-4: uuu...
5-6: uuuuuu...

1: Uuuggggh...
2: What do you mean,
3: continue providing him care?
4: Just like the doctor said,
5: if you leave him like this, his heart will stop within a few weeks.
6: Even if we provide the best possible care we can, Hiroshi-san will never recover,
7: but it is possible for us to prolong his heartbeat from several weeks to several months.

1: But it will cost a lot.
2: And since this was a car accident, there's no telling how much will be covered by insurance. If the treatment is prolonged, it could end up costing millions of yen.
p2: thud
3: Are you fucking kidding me?
4: You can't even save him,
5: and you want me to pay you to keep his heart from stopping?
6: You said you'd take full responsibility.
7: Then fucking take it!

1: Honey...
2: Stop it...
3-4: hoooo
5: I intend to do
6: everything I can.

1: Please, ask whatever you like of me.

1-2: knock
3: I heard you stayed overnight.
4: Did you sleep well?

1: Just tell me one more time,
2: doctor...
3: Are you sure there's no chance that Hiroshi will wake up?
4: Yes.

1: So Hiroshi's dead?
2: Depending on one's country, culture, and religion...
3: brain death does not necessarily equal the death of a human being.
4: According to Japan's laws,
5: there is no strict definition that states a human with brain death is officially dead.
6: I spent the whole night talking with my wife about this.

1: You don't...
2: need to give Hiroshi any more care.
3: I understand.
4: I will respect your wishes.

1: However, there is one other way to let your son live on.
2: Would you like to hear about it?
3: Just now, I told you that brain death does not make a person legally dead under Japanese laws,
4: but it is possible to treat a patient with brain death as if his body was dead -- for transplants.
5: Transplants?

1: His organs can be donated.
2: We will never see Hiroshi-san walk around in good health again,
3: but his organs can be given to someone else in order to help them survive.

1: Many diseases and accidents damage organs,
2: and there are currently many people who are suffering from organ failure.
3: There are 12,000 people registered with the Japan Organ Transplant Network
4: who are hoping to receive a replacement organ so that they can return to good health.
5: What are you saying...

1: You want us to give you our son's organs?!