Chapter 28 - Into the Light


tl by dan luffey

1: Let us begin at once.
2: Please look at page one of the documents in front of you.
3: The case I have brought to you today is a life organ transplant between two patients who are not of kin.
4: The recipient is Akagi Kaori, and the donor is Saitou Eijirou.
5: Incidentally, Akagi-san worked at this hospital up until last year.
6: Therefore I would like to add that she has sufficient medical knowledge regarding the matter.
7: I will now explain the history of Akagi Kaori-san's illness.

Chapter 28 - Into the Light

1: creak...
2: H...
3: How did it go?!
3: No problems.
4: Today I was merely submitting the documents, you see.
5: But I was able to answer the questions without trouble, and they accepted the documents.

1: Okay, so there were no problems...
2: do you think they'll give us approval?
3: I'd say it's a fifty-fifty chance.
4: But we've succeeded in getting the case onto the discussion table.
5: The worst possible situation, getting rejected at the door, has been avoided.
6: It'll be a month before we hear their conclusion.
7: We need to wait until they reconvene next month.
8: All we can do until then...
9: is pray, I guess.

1: In the end...
2: am I just a pawn in Kondou-sensei's hand?
3: Don't say that.
4: You wanted this to happen, didn't you?

1-9: clack
p: klak

1: waver...
2: Good evening.
3: Can I speak to you for a moment?

1: Sorry about what happened last time.
2: I really said terrible things to you.
3: I know you're completely innocent,
4: but I just couldn't stop myself.
5: I'm the one who should apologize.
6: I didn't keep my promise.
7: I told you I'd never accept his kidney, remember?

1: Akagi-san.
2: Who's going to attend to you during the surgery?
3: Saitou-sensei's taken care of your examinations and hospitalization paperwork so far,
4: but he'll have to be hospitalized too for the surgery.
5: I know this may seem rude,
6: but can you think of anyone who'd be willing to take care of you during the surgery?
7: If you don't mind,
8: I could...

1: What are you saying?
2: There's no way...I could possibly ask you.
3: Like I said before, Saitou-sensei and I broke up.
4: I'm not trying to interfere with your surgery or anything like that.
5: Please.
6: I want to make a difference.

1: Don't you think it's a good idea?
2: If I attend to you, I can deal with both the medical and the nursing sides of your care.
3: Saitou-sensei probably hasn't told his family that he's going to be your donor.
4: Which means that I'm the closest person to you two right now.
5: Calm down, Minagawa-san...
6: I...
7: I don't like hospitals at night.

1: Patients who happily tell me about their dreams of what they want to do once they get out of the hospital...
2: cry at night.
3: No matter how strong someone may be,
4: when they're alone at night, their sickness scares them, and they cry.
5: If there's something I can do for you,
6: then can you let me do it?
7: I'd hate...
8: to be the only one left out of this.

1: I did some research,
2: and I found a report from the 80s.
3: Before the rules about organ transplants from brain dead patients were in place here, there were indeed kidney transplants being done from brain dead patients.
4: But it wasn't only happening at Eiroku.
5: They were systematically being done in hospitals all over Japan.

1: According to this report, there were 429 cases of kidney transfers from corpses completed throughout the nation from 1984 to 1989.
2: 152 of these were done from brain dead patients.
3: Right as everyone was debating whether brain dead patients are truly dead or not,
4: 35% of the transplants being done were using those very patients.
5: The director of the Japan Society for Transplantation was quoted in a magazine as saying:
6: "Laws can only follow what has already happened, therefore it's necessary to create a precedent."
7: "But doing heart transplants and liver transplants simply in order to create a precedent is unthinkable."
8: "Therefore, we have decided to build up precedents of kidney transplants, which are already being done."
9: "This is why we began doing kidney transplants from brain dead patients."

1: Sounds like a transplant surgeon to me.
2: They don't really care whether a brain dead patient is truly dead or not.
3: When you get down to the bottom of it, they probably just want to do transplants.
4: Is that all you researched?
5: Eiroku didn't just extract kidneys from brain dead patients,
6: they also extracted pancreases.

1: And when Kondou-sensei executed a simultaneous pancreas and kidney transfer from a brain dead patient,
2: he was accused of murder.

1: He was accused by a civic organization composed mainly of medical professionals who were against the Organ Transplant Law.
2: Along with his initial accusation, he was also accused of vandalizing a corpse and falsifying public documents.
3: Apparently this is when Eiroku stopped dealing with kidney transfers from corpses.
4: This case left a deep wound in the university hospital.
5: As of now, Kondou-sensei is basically a prisoner locked away in a corner of his own workplace -- a bird with clipped wings.

1: Do you what kind of significance our transplant carries?
2: Even though there have been previous cases of strangers who've had successful transplants,
3: as far as common medical practice goes, it's still a very unusual thing.
4: If this transplant could push up the standard,
5: it would make a great contribution to the advancement of live transplants.
6: And it would be put into the spotlight in the transplant field.

1: That's why he's doing this.
2: He has to pass this through the ethics committee and do the surgery here at Eiroku, or else there'd be no point.
3: If he had no interest in the spotlight,
4: he'd quit Eiroku and go to work at a small clinic where there's no ethics committee and he can do as he likes.
5: The reason he hasn't done that
6: is that he wishes to utilize Eiroku's influence to boost his career.
7: Are you trying to say that he's doing this for himself?
8: I'm sure Kondou-sensei will do all he can to ensure that this transplant is a success.

1: All so that he can vault himself back into the light.

1: Sensei...
2: Minagawa-san came here yesterday.
3: She said she wanted to attend to me during the surgery.
4: That she didn't want to be the only one who wasn't involved with this.
5: And when I heard that, I was speechless.

1: What should I do?
2: You decide...
3: because I can't.