Chapter 27 - The Night Before


tl by dan luffey

p1: rattle
1: The patient is a male in his fifties.
p2 sign: Intensive Care Unit
2: He has a subarachnoid hemorrhage.
3: His family found him collapsed next to the toilet in his house.
4: The craniotomy is being taken care of in the ambulance. Once they're finished, he will be brought up to us.
5: He's here! He's here!!
6: The patient's here!!

Chapter 27 - The Night Before

1: Minagawa-san,
2: please take care of the family.
3: The patient's wife and younger sister are in the wiating room.
4: They seem very confused, so please calm them down.
5: I imagine the doctor will be in to explain everything to them within the next hour.
6: Until then, please decide who will become the patient's key person.

1: We're still taking care of this, so I can't explain anything in detail yet.
2: The doctor will be here soon, so please try to wait a little bit longer.
3: And...umm, well...about the doctor's explanation...
4: Who should he speak with?
5: He can't give the same explanation over and over again to everyone,
6: so if possible I would like to decide on a representative from the family who can come back to the hospital regularly.
7: I'll do it...

1: What are you talking about?
2: I'm his wife...I'll listen to the explanation.
3: If you would have taken care of things better, he never would have ended up like this.
4: I can't leave him to you anymore.
5: Please calm down...
6: Please don't get emotional. Let's think of the patient first and talk this over.
7: Who do you think is going to pay the fees?
8: I have a right to hear the doctor's explanation.
9: Not with my brother's money...
10: C...calm...

1: If you let them speak to each other, of course they're going to end up fighting.
2: You have to figure out the power balance in the family and then carefully lead them.
3: I'm sorry...

1: It's my first day in the Brain Surgery ICU.
2: Being busy helps me forget the pain.
3: But simply forgetting won't change anything.
4: I need to become independent...
5: I'm weak because I always try to rely on people.

p1 sign: Musashino Dialysis Clinic
p3 sign: Akagi Kaori-sama

1: Things don't look too good.
2-3: click
4: Her body may have weakened after she quit her job.
5: I'm actually surprised she was able to keep working for so long.
p2: click
6: She must have been working under severe stress.
7: Please let her get her rest.
8: I filled out the documents,
9-10: click
11: So we can transfer her at any time.

1: She's ready to be transfered to us, just like you ordered.
2: I got Akagi-san's approval as well.
3: The kidney specialist say she might have keep coming in and out from now on.

1: Akagi-san has 3 doctors watching over her, you know.
2: A kidney specialist, a diabetes specialist, and then me in urology.
3: There's a limit to how much care she can get from that dialysis clinic.
4: It'll be better to bring her to one focused space.
5: bzzzzzz
6: How are things going with the ethics committee?
7: It'll be decided the day after tomorrow, right?
p6: gaclink
8: Awww, it flipped over.
9: The underneath part always gets caught on the corners.

1: The ethics committee is just another group of people.
2: It's just composed of professors and higher-ups from the office who take turns running it
3: The only members from outside the hospital are noisy old lady lawyers.
4: The professors from the urology department have pretty open minds, you know.
5: They'll probably make the necessary arrangements for us.
6: There we go.
7: What happened between you and that professor?

1: Your problem is, you think people will tell you things just because you ask about them.
2: Adults
3: aren't that nice, you know?
p3 sign: Cabaret Club

1: Professor!!
2: Why are you trying to act so cool at a place like this?! All the girls here are total sluts!!
3: Nami-san, go to #3 next, please.
4: There's a doctor there.
5: Ewww...
6: Doctors and lawyers always act so creepy at these places.
7: Are you drinking up, professor?! Hey! Today, let's call our great associate from the ethics committee!
8: You think an ethics committee guy will go for something like this?!
9: OK, time for this week's question corner!!
10: Ready?! You all better answer honestly!!
11: How many of you had sex this year?!
12-13: drip

1: Sorry...
2: I caused you trouble again.
3: Tomorrow, you'll be transferring into Eiroku.
4: Yeah...
5: I'm just glad I moved while I could still stand.
6: Even if I ended up using up all my money through this,
7: I probably wouldn't be able to get on welfare if I was still in my old apartment.

1: Tomorrow's the ethics committee.
2: Worried about anything?
3: What about you?
4: You sure you're OK with it being Eiroku?

1: I know we have no other option.
2: If we had tried another hospital for a transplant like this, they would have turned us away at the door.
3: But Kondou-sensei's hiding something.
4: He didn't agree to do this surgery just because he wanted to.
5: I wonder if it's really alright to go through with this...
6: without knowing what he's really after?
7: At the very least, we can trust in his ability, right?
8: He seems to be pretty experienced, after all.

1: A long time ago,
2: Eiroku used to do a lot of kidney transplants, you know.
3: The professor of the urology department became the center of the transplant group
4: and passionately worked on transplant after transplant, especially corpse transplants.
5: Corpse translplants?
6: They aren't uncommon.
7: For a while now, it's been common practice to get consent from families to use their dead relatives' kidneys in transplants.
8: There was only problem.
9: At Eiroku, they were taking kidneys out from brain dead patients.

1: The Organ Transplant Law was put into effect ten years ago.
2: But Eiroku had already begun transplatning kidneys from brain dead patients earlier than that.
3: You probably know this by now,
4: but a "brain dead patient" is one whose brain has completely ceased functioning, and will never recover.
5: In other words, the brain is dead,
6: but the body's still alive.
7: Back when there were no laws about brain dead patients,
8: the center of all discussions about kidney transplants
9: were about whether brain dead patients were truly "dead."

1: If brain death means the person is dead,
2: then it's a doctor's duty to remove their kidneys from their corpses and use them in transplants.
3: But if brain death does not mean the person's really dead,
4: then removing the kidneys is murder.
5: While these discussions were coming to a boil,
6: Eiroku had already secretly begun removing kidneys from brain dead patients.
7: Kondou-sensei was at the head of the group responsible for this.
8: He's the central figure who pushed the idea of brain dead organ transplants.

1: That can't be possible.
2: I mean, if it was true, then he wouldn't still be here right now...
3: And besides, Akagi-san, if you knew about that, then why would you agree to get surgery from him?
4: How else could I trust in his skill?
5: And now that the Organ Transplant Law's been passed,
6: taking out kidneys from brain dead patients is completely legal with the proper paperwork.

1: Please come back again!
2: No way.
3-4: vroooom
5: Hey, Professor...
6: Do you think humans who repeat things are idiots?
7: I believe that it's through repetition...
8: that we actually see progress.

p1: whoooo
1: On January 9,
2: Akagi-san was transferred to Eiroku.

1: Hey, Minagawa-san, did you hear?
2: It's about Akagi-san...she was brought HERE, of all places.
3: How inconsiderate can she be?
4: Do you think she's doing it to rub it in your face?
5-6: vvvbbb
7: You have one message.

1: Hello, it's Saitou.
2: I'm just reporting in.
3: Akagi-san was transferred to Eiroku.
4: It's become difficult for her to get the proper treatment at the clinic she's been visiting.
5: She's hospitalized purely because of physical problems,
6: but if the surgery is approved, I'm pretty sure it'll take place at Eiroku.
7: Tomorrow the ethics committee will meet
8: and discuss the ethics of our transplant.

1: Alright, here I go.
2: I'll let you know about the developments.
3: Kondou-sensei...
4: What happened in the urology department?

1: I thought I told you...
2: I'm not gonna answer that.
3: Before the Organ Transplant Law was passed,
4: were you really removing kidneys from brain dead patients?
5-9: creak