Chapter 22 - On the Platform


tl by dan luffey

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Chapter 22 - On the Platform

1: Sorry...
2: Your girlfriend will be pissed if I do this.
3: Akagi-san...
4: you helped me so many times.
5: When I got frustrated with work and didn't know what to do...
6: You helped me over and over again.
7: I'll never stop being a doctor as long as I live.
8: I don't know where I'll be and what I'll be doing one year from now,
9: but that's one thing I know will never change.

1: And I'm pretty sure that meeting you
2: is what made me decide that.
3: Stop it...
4: I...
5: respect you.
6: Stop it, I said...

1: Will you receive my kidney?
2: Not for that reason.
3: grip...

1: Want to come to my room?

1: I'm a doctor.
p1: bong
2: I don't want you to die.

1-7: rattle

1: The winter tourism here went down the tubes ever since the ski slopes closed.
2: After that my dad started going down to the big island to make money during the winter.
3: I guess this place had its good times, though.
4: These days, all tiny tourist traps like this are done for.
5: This hotel closed too.
6: It used to be the biggest hotel around.
7: This place is deserted too.
8: The old man who taught kendo at my elementary school used to live here.

1: Back then,
2: swans used to swim here.
3: The water was always so fast here that the surface wouldn't even freeze in winter.
4: So the hundreds of swans who used to live in this lake would all gather here when it got cold.
5: Swans are actually migratory birds, you know.
6: But people clipped their wings off and kept them here to boost the tourism.

1: They all died...
2: Are you mad?
3: Of course not.
4: This is all my fault, after all.

1: My sister's
2: actually a really nice person.
3: And she's only one year older, so we could always spend time together.
4: No matter how much I followed her around, she never once told me to leave.
5: And she'd always protect me if something happened.
6: It was the same at home and school.
7: She kept caring for me even after I was diagnosed with diabetes.

1: Hello? Nozomi?
2: It's mom. I'm at the hospital right now.
3: Sorry, but I probably won't make it home tonight.
4: Will you be OK by yourself?

1: ahahaha
2: clap clap

1: Huh? You aren't gonna go on your field trip?
2: Why not? You were so excited for it.
3: If Kaori isn't going, then I'm not going.
4: Kaori won't be better by next year, right?
5: You can't talk about your disease at school.
6: I'm gonna be a middle schooler next year.
7: So I won't be there in case you get bullied.

p1 package: Glucose
1: Hey, look! She brought candy to school!
2: Bad girl! Bad girl!
3: Woah, a needle!
4: She's doing drugs!!
5: What are you gonna choose, drugs or humanity?
6: rattle

1: Uwahh, run!!
2: Akagi's big sister's here! The big ugly gorilla's heeere!
p2: grab
p4: punch
3: Telling the teacher doesn't help one bit.
p5: punch
4: So I'll just get all the sixth graders to make your life a living hell.

1: We took this road to school every day.
2: By sister would leave every day at 7:30.
3: Then, from some point, I started leaving five minutes after her.
4: I didn't want her to protect me.
5: Maybe I just didn't want to admit that I was weak?

1: But if she cared so much about you,
2: then how did things end up like this?
3: Because I rebelled in middle school.
4: Do you know what it feels like to be compared to someone else?
5: The more the people around me complimented my sister,
6: the more it felt like they were telling me I was a failure.

1: That happens all the time among siblings.
2: But don't you just forget about it once you grow up?
3: Besides, Akagi-san...
4: it's not like you hate your sister, right?
5: I think I wanna walk on the tracks.
6: Don't worry.
7: A train just passed. Another one won't be coming for an hour.

1: Are you sure it's alright
2: for us to go back to Tokyo?
3: Hey, sensei...
4: Do you remember that time you said that you liked me?

1: If you were to tell me that again,
2: I'd accept your kidney.
3: I...

1: I'm a doctor.
p3: rattle

1: Dumbass.
p2: rattle
2: Let's go to see that transplant surgeon when we get back to Tokyo.
3: There is the problem of whether or not the hospital will approve a transplant between two strangers,
4: but first we need to check and see whether your kidney will fit with my body.
5: Then...

1: I give up.
2: I'll let you give it to me.
sign: Onuma Park
3: But once the surgery's finished, I'm not going to see you again.

1: Because the current me
2: will end there.
3: Even if I want to see you,
4: there won't be a "me" to find you.

p1: rattle