Chapter 20 - Journey


tl by dan luffey

1: Hello?
2: I'm Akagi, a nurse in surgery.
3: I called because there's something I'd like to ask you.
4: This may seem sudden, but is Kondou-sensei in right now?
5: Kondou? That's me.

1: Nice to meet you.
2: I'm Kondou, from transplant surgery.

Chapter 20 - Journey

1: What am I...
2: doing?
3: What purpose is there in going all the way to Akagi-san's house?
4: If she finds out...
5: then this whole thing is done for.

1: I don't intend to press Akagi-san's mom into becoming a donor.
2: It may even be too difficult for her mom to convince her to get a transplant.
3: But I want to know...
4: Why is Akagi-san so against getting a transplant?
5: Is it simply because the first transplant failed?
6: The voice on the phone...
7: Are you that girl's boyfriend or something?
8: Who was that?
9: How can I get
10: Akagi-san to go through with the transplant?

1: Umm...
2: Sorry, but...can you put Kondou Mutsumi-sensei on?
p3: scratch
3: I'm in a hurry.
4: Please, can you put her on?
5: Akagi-san. How about you come in and see me as an outpatient?
6: I'd like to see if there's anything I can do to help you.
7: Is Saitou-sensei still at the hospital?
8: That's what I wanted to ask Mutsumi-sensei.

1: Speaking of Saitou-sensei, he talked to me about you.
2: He wanted to know how to get you to have a kidney transplant.
3: I told him that first, I'd like to meet with you.
4: But that seemed impossible, so I suggested he try and find a donor from your family.
5: And then, I am extremely ashamed to say,
6: I looked up your family's address for him.
7: It's very hard for me to say this, but...
8: ever since I met with Saitou-sensei the other day, I haven't been able to find the paper I wrote your address on.
9: Is Saitou-sensei there?!

1: He left unusually early today.
2: Tomorrow is a holiday, so maybe he has plans to go somewhere?
3: Akagi-san...why don't you come and see me?
4: I may be able to help you.
5-8: rattle

1: The 19:35 Haneda to Hakodate flight, #68
2: will now be boarding its passengers.

p1: whoooo
1: This is all
2: I can do now.
3: I don't need sympathy.
4: All I need is a single result.
p5: rumble

1: I won't let Akagi-san die!!

p3 sign: 20:05 - Nagasaki
20:10 - Hakodate
20:15 - Osaka
1: Only 10 more minutes until the last flight.

1: I'm...
2: a terrible woman...
3: Maybe he's on his way to her house now.
4: I'm the one who decided to end it...
5: But at this way, I'll never truly cut him loose...

1: I don't want to get a transplant.
2: When my dad stood before me and offered up his kidney,
3: that's what I thought.
4: I couldn't allow myself to take it,
5: but I also couldn't deny his sentiments.
6: She really loved her dad.
7: That's why she couldn't say no to him.
8: But what about now?
9: Is she refusing
10: to get a transplant because she hates Saitou-sensei?

1: I swear that he didn't lay a finger on me.
2: Does she hate him?
3: Is that why she didn't let him touch her?
4: Huh?
5: This is Saitou-sensei's apartment.
6: Oh no...
7: Did I get too caught up in my thoughts and unconsciously walk here?

1: Is it jealousy?
2: If I'm jealous of Akagi-san,
3: does that mean I still like Saitou-sensei?
p4: whooooo

p1: whoooooo
p2: Hakodate Airport
1: We'll be leaving soon.
2: Please be careful of the door closing.
3-4: rattle

1-4: rattle

1: crunch

p2 sign: Akagi
p4 sign: CALL

1-2: ding dong
3: rattle
4: Yes.
5: Who's there?
6: creak...
7: rattle

1: Who are you?