Chapter 19 - Face to Face


tl by dan luffey

1: What?

Chapter 19 - Face to Face

1: clang
2-3: klak

1: beep
2: What do you mean "What?"
3: That's all you can say after you ruin my life?
4: Is this some kind of joke to you?!

p3: dash
1: Wait, Minagawa-san...
2: Wait...
3: stomp

1: I broke up with him.
2: I broke up with Saitou-sensei.
3: I don't want anything to do with him anymore.
4: So you don't need to worry! I don't care anymore!!
5: Please, just go do your transplant or whatever!!

1: Let me just say one thing.
2: I will never accept Saitou-sensei's kidney.
3: Never say never.
4: People who use words like that can't be trusted.
5: Then I'll make a promise.
6: I won't cause you any more problems.

1: You may have already heard,
2: but I already got a transplant once when I was 20.
3: My father was the donor.
4: That kidney failed after two years.
5: So I have no intention to get another transplant.
6: I'll tell Saitou-sensei the same thing.
7: You really think he's going to give up just because of that?!
8: That sad story will probably just make him more determined!!

1: When I received my father's kidney,
2: I was bedridden, completely unable to even sit up.
3: I simply spent my days staring up at the wooden ceiling.

1: You don't need to be so stubborn.
2: Let's go to the hospital, Kaori.
3: Please...
4: Just get in the car. As a favor to me.
5: The ceiling in the hospital was strangely white.
6: Looking up at that white ceiling
7: made me lose sight of everything I had stood for.

1: It was a meaningless ten years.
2: I went through so much pain working hard over that decade...
3: only to succumb to my disease in the end.
4: What did I work so hard for?
5: Who was I?
6: I don't want to get a transplant.

1: When my dad stood before me and offered up his kidney,
2: that's what I thought.
3: I couldn't allow myself to take it,
4: but I also couldn't deny his sentiments.
5: I never want to get another transplant.
6: That's why I'll never receive Saitou-sensei's kidney.

1: A...
2: Are you alright?
3: I'm fine. When I run, I get hypoglycemia, that's all.
4: I know how to take care of it.

1: This isn't fair.
2: You know there's no way I'd just leave you there like that.
3: A person who could die at any time...
4: Should I apologize?

1: How many times did you meet with him?
2: About this matter...
3: I didn't count.
4: Four or five times, I guess.
5: But we never planned any of them in advance.
6: And I never told him I wanted to see him.
7: Did you...you know?

1: No way.
2: He's a doctor.
3: I swear that he didn't lay a finger on me.

1: What?
2: Anyway, I promise
3: that I'll never see him again.
4: You don't get it...
5: Last night, he left me a message.
6: He said...that he called your family.

1: Maybe he's already on his way to your house.
2: It can't be.
3: There's no way...
4: Saitou-sensei was insistent on donating the kidney himself.
5: And I've told him over and over again that I didn't want a transplant.
6: What does he even hope to accomplish by going to my house?
7: Does he want to convince my mom into becoming my donor?
8: That's absolutely impossible.

1: Are you nervous...
2: that he might actually be able to do it?
3: Akagi-san...
4: does your family hate you?
5: How many people are in your family?
6: Do you have siblings?

p1-p2: lean

1: Poor thing...
2: You could die at any moment, and your own family won't even help you.

1: No way...
2-3: beep
4: There's no way...
5-6: vvvbb
cell phone text: Saitou Eijirou