Chapter 17 - My Patient


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1: Good morning.
2: My name is Minagawa. I'll be taking care of Sunagawa-san from this day forward.
3: I will take full responsibility for all care during the times that I'm in the hospital.
card: Brain Surgery
Minagawa Yukiko
Eiroku University Hospital
4: It's a pleasure to be serving you.

Chapter 17 - My Patient

p2: bzzzzzz
1: It doesn't matter how many times you come up here.
2: I'm not doing surgery on Akagi-san.
3: Not that I could even if I wanted to.
4: Akagi-san said she didn't want your kidney.

1: I don't know what you're trying to do on your time here,
2: but don't forget that whatever you do, it has to be approved through a staff meeting.
3: And I'll never approve
4: a transplant between two strangers.
5-6: vvvbbb
7: It's Akagi. I can't come to the phone right now.
8: Leave a message after the beep...
9: beep

1-2: tap
p4: Minagawa Yukiko
3-4: vvvbb

1-3: scrub
4: I'm sorry, Sunagawa-san.
5-6: scrub
7: I'll finish as quickly as possible, so please give me your cooperation.
8: aaggh
9-10: scrub

1: Don't make such a face, dear.
2: This is a new nurse. There's nothing to be afraid of.
3: aggh
4: A persistent vegetative state.
5: A type of brain functional disorder also known as becoming a "vegetable."
6: According to the definition created in 1976 by the Japan Neurosurgical Society,
7: a persistent vegetative state is one that continues for over three months with the following six conditions:
8: 1. Patients cannot move on their own.
9: 2. Patients cannot eat on their own.

1: 3. Patients are incontinent.
2: 4. Patients cannot speak meaningful words.
3: 5. Patients can respond to simple commands like "open your eyes" or "close your hand"
4: I'm going to move your head a little bit.
5: but cannot communicate any more than that.
6: 6. Patients' eyes can follow things with their eyes but not recognize them.
7-8: scrub
9: He's calmed down a bit.
9: His face has softened.

1: stare
2: glare

1: I was surprised that he even had an expression on his face.
2: When I was first told that he had become a vegetable, I thought he would be asleep for the rest of his life.
3: But when strangers come in he makes an unpleasant face.
4: He knows that I'm beside him, doesn't he?
5: Please just try to keep talking to him like you did when he was in good health.
6: Even though he can't answer, he still may understand you.
7: Maybe we just can't notice the signs he's giving.
8: Some patients who recover from these states say they could hear everything that was said around them.

1: Is he going to be like this forever?
2: I'm not a doctor, so I'm in no position to give a medical opinion.
3: Shall I call a doctor in?
4: No...
5: I've already asked him numerous times.

1: The doctor said my husband will be out of the hospital this month.
2: I asked him to please try and let him stay a little longer,
3: but they said that it's a rule that no one can stay in the same hospital for over three months.
4: The new hospital is in the suburbs, two hours away.
5: And once he goes there, we'll have to move again in another three months.
6: When the ambulance carried him away...
7: I desperately begged for them to save him.

1: Is he really going to be like this...
2: forever?
3: I know it's against policy,
4: but is there any way to let him stay a bit longer here?
5: When Sunagawa-san collapsed, his wife's life was turned upside down.
6: She's really at the end of her rope.

1: I understand how you feel, but we can't keep him here any longer.
2: It's common policy in all of Japan's hospitals not to keep a patient for longer than three months.
3: But they were living all alone in their house.
4: And last year, she was diagnosed with cancer and started mail-order treatment.
5: But think about it from the hospital's perspective.
6: Once three months are up, the renumerations are cut off.
7: There's nothing we can do. There isn't any specific treatment a doctor can do for vegetables, anyway.
8: It's just going to drive us into the red.
9: Especially once the renumreations are cut after three months.
10: Sorry, but you'll just have to try and console her.
11: There's no use in discussing this any further.

1: The forms are in 6-2.
2: OK.

1: Minagawa-san,
2: Yesterday I said I thought you'd be fit to nurse Sunagawa-san, but be careful.
3: You can't let yourself get absorbed in a single patient.
4: You have others to take care of.

1-2: tap
p2 all names: Saitou Eijirou
p5: 3 - Delete
3: You missed your chance.
4: beep

p1 text: Cell Phone Safe Use Circle
1-2: vvvbb
3-4: tap

1: He probably's just calling me because everyone else started ignoring him.
2: That's the kind of guy he is.
3: Yesterday I said I thought you'd be fit to nurse Sunagawa-san, but be careful.
4: Maybe
5: I'm just escaping through work?

p4 sign: Christmas Sale
1: Work's all I have...

1: Sunagawa-san's eyes back then...
2: What was he trying to tell me?
3: "It's nice weather again today?"
4: "My back's a little itchy, can you scratch it for me? I think I'm gonna fart?"
5: I'm alive...

1: I'm...
2: alive...
3: Yeah.
4: Sunagawa-san's the one I should take care of.

1: The purpose of my work
2: isn't to be liked by the university or Sunagawa-san's wife.
3: Sunagawa-san is my patient.
4: Work's all I have.
5: I need to make a place for myself to belong in.

1: I'm going to get stronger!!
2: Yummy...




3: 5. Patients can respond to simple commands like "open your eyes" or "close your hand"
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1-2: tap
p2 all names: Saitou Eijirou
p5: 3 - Delete
3: beep

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