Chapter 15 - For Me


tl by dan luffey

Chapter 15 - For Me
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1: What does it mean to be a doctor?

Chapter 15 - For Me

1-3: beep
4-5: vvbbb

1: Hello.
2: I'm sorry for calling you so suddenly in the middle of the night.
3: My name is Saitou Eijirou. I'm a doctor at the Eiroku University Hospital in Tokyo.
4: Excuse me, but is this Akagi-san's house?
5: Yes...
6: A woman's voice.
7: Umm, is this Akagi Kaori-san's mother by any chance?
8: The truth is, I want to talk to you about Kaori-san's illness.

1: Who told you about this number?
2: I'm sorry...but I'm a doctor at the hospital, so Kaori-san is my co-worker.
3: I am not the physician in charge of Kaori-san, but I was worried about her, so I looked up this number.
4: Kaori-san does not know about this phone call.
5: I decided to contact you on my own.
6: I know how rude this may seem, but can you please listen to what I have to say?

1: The reason for this call is
2: that Kaori-san needs a kidney transplant.
3: Currently, she's going to dialysis.
4: If things continue this way, there's a possibility that she could die.
5: I know that she received one transplant 10 years ago.
6: So I imagine it'll be difficult to find another donor from her family.

1: So...
2: would you allow me to become her donor?
3: I tried talking to Kaori-san about this,
4: but she didn't agree.
5: Do you think we could meet and talk this over in detail?
6: In addition to that,
7: would you allow me to recommend that Kaori-san receives a transplant from her mother?

1: Are you that girl's boyfriend or something?
2: That girl?

1: Excuse me, but are you Kaori-san's mother?
2: click
3-4: boooop
5: What's going on?
6: Wasn't that woman on the phone Akagi-san's mother?
7-8: vbbbb

1: click
2: Hello?
3: This has nothing to do with me.
4: click
5-7: boooop

1: Who was that?
2: At this rate, Akagi-san really might die.
3: I can't...
4: I can't let it happen...

1-2: gachoon

1: I haven't seen Tsukada-san lately.
2: I heard he died the other day.
3: Oh...
4: I think six of my patients died this year.
5: Well, this IS an incurable disease...
6: Most dialysis patients don't listen to what people tell them, anyway.
7: They never follow their eating instructions no matter how many times we tell them...and they wouldn't have ruined their kidneys in the first place if they had only done what their doctors told them.
8: You know something?
9: blub
10: After emergency nurses, dialysis nurses are the second highest likely nurses to quit.
11: splurt

1: fssssh
2: munch...

1: Give it up already.
2: I'm sorry,
3: but...
4: If you want to be a donor that badly, then just choose someone else.
5: There are a ton of patients who need kidneys inside here.

1: It has to be you, Akagi-san.

1: Please...
2: let me become your donor.
3: Why does it have to be me?
4: I'm a cold person.

1: If someone I don't know dies somewhere,
2: I don't cry.
3: I may get sad,
4: but I can't do anything for someone I've never met.
5: Akagi-san. You're the one who I want to save.
6: Even if I could save 99 other patients,
7: if I wasn't able to save the one person I wanted to, it'd all have been for nothing.

1: You can't say things like that.
2: All patients are equal.
3: I don't work as a doctor for the sake of the patients.
4: Of course, what I do has to be for the sake of the patients, or else it'd be pointless.
5: I'm always desperately thinking of the best way to help my patients.
6: But in the end...
7: I work as a doctor for myself.
8: If you die like this, Akagi-san,
9: I'll have no reason to go on being a doctor.

1: Will you get a transplant for me?

1: You're really cruel.

1: Hearing things like that
2: makes me not want to die anymore.