Chapter 14 - A Doctor's Ego


tl by dan luffey

1: You have one message.
2: It's Minagawa...sorry for calling you so late.
3: Um, today, can we meet for a bit before you go to the hospital?

Chapter 14 - A Doctor's Ego

1: It's so rare
2: for you not to have your bicycle.
3: Yeah...
4: So what did you want to talk about?

1: Can you call her for me?
2: Can you call Akagi-san right now
3: and tell her to forget you ever mentioned the transplant?

1: I
2: like you, Minagawa-san.
3: No matter what.
4: My feelings won't change.
5: Let's break up.

1: You don't need to worry.
2: I won't cause any problems for you after we've broken up.
3: I'll probably quit my job at the university hospital soon anyway.
4: I'll go somewhere else that has nothing to do with you.
5: I'll forget.

1: Say something.

1: Next, we have Hirai Toshio-san.
2: He's a 76-year old male who entered the hospital on Dec. 2 with prostate cancer.
3: He's in disease stage D, experiencing bone metastasis and not fit for surgery.
4: We have notified him about his disease and are currently teaching him how to do self-catheterization.
5: Hormone treatment no longer gives us any results. After taking his age and stamina into account, we have decided not to be too aggressive with our treatment.
6: We can control cancer pain through morphine, and he is experiencing no side-effects aside from slight constipation.
7: He and his family are hoping that he will be able to leave the hospital, and his progress has slowed down.
8: So we plan to let him go home after this week, on the 16th.

1: Kondou-sensei...
2: That was the entire staff of the urology department just now, wasn't it?
3: Yes, I suppose so.
4: If we included people working at other hospitals, though, the number would increase exponentially.
5: Don't get any funny ideas.
6: You met with my husband yesterday, didn't you?

1: Sensei...
2: Let me just ask you to be sure: I can't be cured, can I?
3: Statistically...
4: 11% of patients in stage D live for another ten years.
5: But you're 72 years old, which is very old for a patient with prostate cancer.
6: And we've had many similar patients who've lived out the rest of their lives without trouble.
7: We'll give you all the medical support we can.
8: So in the meantime, please think of the best way for you to go on living in peace with your illness.

1: Saitou-kun.
2: I found Akagi-san's parents' address.
3: What's wrong?

1: I see...
2: So she already got a transplant?
3: And it's been eight years since the failed transplant.
4: Maybe there's no other possible donor in her family.
5: I'm sorry to say this, but it might be best for you to give up.

1: I'll be the donor.
2: Will you do the surgery for me?
3: Stop it.
4: It only hurts to watch you flounder like this.
5: In order for a transplanted kidney to fit well in a new body,
6: it's important for the donor and the recipient's white blood cell type to match.
7: Doctors these days can make transplants between people with different blood types,
8: but unless the white blood cell type matches, it's pointless.
9: There's a high possibility that family members have the same type,
10: but between strangers, who knows?

1: Because of the recent advances in immunosuppressants, white blood cell type isn't as important as it used to be.
2: Transplants happen between couples all the time because they're "family," when actually, their bodies are complete "strangers."
3: Then get married.
4: I only deal in medicine that follows the rules.
5: If you want to become her donor that badly, then marry Akagi-san.

1: If you don't care about the rules, then why be so persistent about Akagi-san?
2: She's not the only patient waiting for a transplant.
3: I simply wish to propel transplant surgery forward.
4: Because I believe that's the way to say the most patients possible.
5: But...
6: How would a doctor who ignores a patient right in front of him be able to save anyone?
7: Becoming obsessed with one patient means you're simply ignoring the other 99 around you.
8: It's nothing more than a doctor's ego.
9: Doctors are only doctors once they get patients, correct?

1: Once they have patients?
2: I...
3: am a doctor because I want to save patients.
4: Kondou-sensei...
5: You're a transplant surgeon because you want to make transplants, right?
6: If there are patients out there waiting patiently in order for their transplants,
7: then you shouldn't be wasting time by trying to convince me to do surgery on Akagi-san.

1: Doctors...
2: are doctors because they want to be doctors.
3: I think we're all doctors
4: precisely because of our egos.
5: Don't you care about Akagi-san's feelings? She's the center of all this.

1: If the donor was a relative,
2: then I have faith we could convince her, even if it comes later.
3: But that all goes out the window if you become her donor.
4: You really think you have what it takes to convince Akagi-san?
5: You mean...
6: You'll perform the surgery if I convince her?
7: rustle...

1: I can't perform the surgery.
2: It's against the rules.
3: Additionally, I take part in transplant surgeries that happen every week at outside hospitals.
4: I just want to increase the university's number of cases.

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