Chapter 9 - Scar


tl by dan luffey

p: rattle

1-3: rattle

Chapter 9 - Scar

1: That's when my illness really started.
2: They took me to the hospital right after that.
3: And apparently, I slept for days.
4: When I woke up...
5: A doctor was there explaining my disease to me.
6: My dad was in the room.
7: And I thought, "Where's mom?"

1: My dad was a really quiet person, and hardly ever said anything.
2: Even then, he was just standing quietly next to my bed.
3: Huh?
4: Why am I talking about this?
5: Sorry...
6: I just keep talking about myself.

1: When did you come to Tokyo?
2: When I was 20, I think...
3: To go to a nursing school.
4: I wanted to have a job that an independent woman could live on.
5: And besides, I spent most of my time in hospitals ever since I got sick,
6: so a nurse was the only fitting job I could come up with.
7: I've never told anyone...about this before.

1: What about you?
2: What are you going to do now?
3: You only have four months left, right?
4: Then your term at Eiroku will be over.
5: I still haven't decided.
6: Like I told you earlier...

1: Come on. Grow up already.
2: You even have a girlfriend to worry about, don't you?
3: This has nothing to do with her.
4: That's not necessarily true.

1: What are you going to do, Akagi-san?
2: After you quit.
3: What do you think I should do?
4: I suppose I'll live somewhere near the tracks.
5: Sorry...
6: Can you go home now?

1: Can I come back again?
2: What for?
3: click

1: Umm...
2: What?
3: Nothing.
4: creak...

p1: creaaaak...
2: You're not allowed to come back again.
p3: slam

1: click
Please circle either a 1, 2, or 3 and the organs you wish to donate
1. I wish to donate organs in the event of brain death:
Heart / Lung / Pancreas / Liver / Kidney / Small Intestine / Eye / Other ( ___ )
2. I wish to donate organs in the event that my heart stops:
Liver / Kidney / Eye / Other ( ___ )
3. I do not wish to donate organs.
Date of Birth: ______
Name: ______

circled organs: heart, lungs, pancreas, liver, kidney, small intestine, eye
1: fsssssh
p7: fsssssh

1: click

1: You're against organ donating, aren't you, doctor?
2: Yes.

1: What if...
2: What if I wanted to donate a kidney to Akagi-san? Would it be possible?
3: There wouldn't be any legal problems with it.
4: There's only one law our country has decreed against organ transplants.
5: Organs cannot be sold.
6: If you're thinking of donating your organ to Akagi-san simply out of good will,
7: and there's no monetary transaction involved, then it's legal.

1: The problem, rather, is whether or not there's a hospital who will perform the operation for you.
2: Most of the doctors in Japan who do organ transplants
3: belong to something known as The Japan Society for Transplantation (JST).
4: Their policy of ethics is as follows:
5: "It is preferred that transplants are done on organs from dead bodies, rather than living ones."
6: "If a transplant is to be done from a living body, it must be between family members."

1: In other words,
2: all proper transplant surgeons don't perform transplants between strangers.
3: If you were to still insist on donating your kidney to Akagi-san despite all that,
4: do you know what you'd need to do?
5: First you'd need to convince a transplant surgeon to let you do it.
6: Then you'd need to convince a hospital to let you do it.
7: After you convince a surgeon, it'll all be decided at a medical staff assembly.
8: Then the matter will be submitted to the hospital's ethics committee to be authorized.

1: But before all that, you'd need Akagi-san's consent.
2: It isn't easy...
3: to get help from a hospital.

1: So...
2: it isn't illegal, then?

1: Are you serious?