Chapter 6 - Personal Struggles


tl by dan luffey

p: haa

Chapter 6 - Personal Struggles

1-2: flash
3: beep
4: You have 10 messages.
5: Um, hello, it's me...
6: Um...Minagawa-san...are you there?
7: Message #2. 10:40 AM.
8: Um, it's Saitou...
9: Hey, are you really not home?
10: Message #7. 4:28 PM.

p: rumble
1: Oh, Saitou-sensei. Thanks for calling,.
2: She hasn't come home yet, though.

1: Hey, baby, wanna go sing some karaoke?
2: Karaokeeee!
3: Hell yeah, karaokeee!
4: Don't you ignore me, you ugly bitch!!

1-2: hah

1: Sorry for causing so much trouble...
2: I'm with her right now.
3: Um...
4: where have you been?

1: Uhh...
2: Takasago-sensei was really worried.
3: I'm going home...
4: Wait, Minagawa-san!
5: Hey!!
6: Hey, I said!!
p: grab

1: Sorry...
2: Why are you apologizing?
3: Leave me alone...

1: sniff

1: Oh, I'm sure the change was tough for her.
2: It was going to be her fifth year in the NICU, so she was probably finally just warming up to her job.
3: Can you think of any reason why she would be switched out?
4: How should I know?
5: What goes on between those nurses is in another dimension as far as we doctors are concerned...
6: The number of nurses at this hospital alone clocks in at a little over 2000, you know.
7: The top four or five nurses decide where the other nurses go. How could they establish a reason for every little change?

1: But don't you think five years is an appropriate timespan?
2: Our hospital has a habit of moving nurses around to different departments
3: in order to raise them up as general nurses.
4: And there's a hell of a lot of people who just have to go along with it and pick up the slack.
5: We've lost a ton of power now that Minagawa-chan's gone. It's total chaos...
6: But you're still the idiot here.
7: I'm sure that Minagawa-chan gave you a sign.

1: I don't know what else you've got your nose in...
2: but keep looking astray and you might lose something important.

1: Did you go to work today?
2: Yeah...
3: The head nurse was nice enough to write down that I had been sick yesterday.
4: Ummm...
5: How's brain surgery? Tough?
6: Yeah...for example, the way nursing records are written are completely different from the NICU.
7: Learning everything is going to be the first tough part.

1: In NICU, all our patients were babies so they never talked to us.
2: Once I got used to it, I was really able to work at my own pace...
3: but brain surgery is like running a marathon.
4: The nurse calls never stop, and patients complain about the littlest things.
5: But I've got no choice...
6: It was my fifth year, so I knew a change was coming.
7: On the other hand, if I had stayed in the NICU for 10 years,
8: then was suddenly asked to go be a nurse somewhere else, I don't know if I could have done it.
9: So I'm glad, I guess...
10: This is a chance to gain more experience...

1: Sorry...
2: I keep telling you, don't apologize.
3: You're just apologizing to erase your own guilt, anyway.
4: You're so lucky...
5: Once you finish your internship, you get to go to a medical office and start your career.
6: It doesn't matter how many years I work as a nurse...
7: No matter how hard I work, another chance will come, and I'll be back to zero.

1: Zero...
2: I'll never end up anywhere!!
3: But even so, I won't slack off.
4: I just don't know what I should be working hard on.
5: You'll just need to hang in there for now...
6: Going somewhere else won't change anything.
7: That's not what I was trying to say.
8: What do I wanna do?

1: What do I wanna do?
2: I should just quit being a nurse altogether.
3: I'd feel bad if someone got stuck with a nurse like me.
4: Only people who can stick their chests out and say they like their jobs should be allowed to work as nurses.

1: I don't have anything...
2: I want to do either.
3: I really have no idea
4: what I should do either, you know.
5: But...
6: I don't want to just deteriorate, so...
7: I need to decide.

1: At 11:37 AM, he passed away.
2: Grandpaaaaa!!

1-3: rattle
4: What about the funeral?
5: The family's in shock right now, so it seems they're going to leave the details to us.
6: Where was the patient from?
7: Omiya.
8: Omiya, huh? I don't really know much about that place.

1: Akagi-san...

1: Are you feeling better now?
2: Yeah...
3: That reminds me, I forgot to thank you for coming to visit me in the hospital.
4: Sorry about that...
5: I didn't know anything...
6: I feel like I just trampled all over your feelings.

1: Fufu...
2: You have a really weird way of keeping your distance with other people.
3: Normally people think before they go that far.
4: But sensei...
5: Thanks to you, I started thinking
6: about what I want to do.
7: What is it?

1: I want to be normal.

1: I want to have a normal job,
2: eat normal food...have a normal romance with someone...
3: flash
4-5: rattle
6: psssh

1: Eiroku Hospital!
2: Eiroku Hospital!
3: See ya.
4: Do you remember, Akagi-san?

1: The first place I talked to you was also a bus stop.
2: You couldn't wait for the bus and decided to walk home.
3: I went after you, and in the end, we rode home together on my bike.
4: At the time, it made me a little nervous to have a girl riding behind me.

1: Miss,
2: are you staying on or getting off?
3: I...
4: want you to feel better, Akagi-san.
5: I...
6: like you...
7: Umm...
8: I don't mean it, uh, in a weird way...

1: psssh
p3: bing
2: rumble

1: Thank you very much for riding with us.
2: Our next stop is Sekimae Block 3.
3: psssh

1-2: squeak