#69 / Servants of Hell!!


tl by danluffey

<Part 2 - The Eastern Japan Arc>
#69 / Servants of Hell!!

1: [After the destruction of the Tougai Group, the school's many oppressors instantly vanished.
2: [No one required students to pay in order to pass through the halls or use the bathrooms,
3: [and as the school gradually turned back to normal, Tougai's infamous image was washed clean.
4: [Spring had truly come for Tougai High.

sfx: cheer
1: The students truly look peaceful, head teacher!
2: Yes. You're exactly right, principal... I just hope things will stay this way.
3: It's all thanks to Sugata-kun.
sign: Tako Public Commercial High School

1: I received an emergency report from the officer alliance.
2: This doesn't seem like it's some congenial visit... what's going on?!

1: Attention, Commander Kikumine Kanji of Tako High!!
2: You are to come with us to the Eastern Japan Alliance HQ at once!!
3: This is an order straight from Director Yui!!
4: I'm sure you may be able to figure out the reason, sir.
5: I dunno. Why don't you tell me?
6: In that case, sir, I will!! Have you forgotten that you dealt out judgment on the Tougai Incident without notifying the alliance?!

1: I see...
2: And what if I said I didn't want to go?
3: I wouldn't do that if I were you.
4: Not coming with me right now would equate in the death of not just you, sir, but the death of every single member of the Tako Group!
5: Oh yeaaaaah?
6: Bring it on, motherfucker!!

1: I'll go with them.
2: C... Commander!!
3: So be it.
4: You may bring two of your men with you!
5: May the Lord have mercy on us!
6: Commander!! Commanderrrr!
7: Uuu...
8: Commanderrrr...

1: Kyaaaa! It's Sugata-kun!
2: Waaaaahhh!

1: Kyaaa! He looked this way!
sfx: cheer
2: Sugata-kun, look over here too!
3: He's sooooo cute!
4: You lucky son of a bitch, you!
sfx: wham
5: Ooof!
6: Look, bro! They're all looking at you with eyes of adoration, envy, and desire!
7: It's only natural, though!
8: After all, he is MY bro! The hero who saved Tougai High! Wahahaha!

1: I guess I should be going then!
2: H-hey, wait, Azusa!!
3: Kyaaaaa, Sugata-kun!
sfx: dash
4: Waaah!
5: Blue Demon! Take care of them!
6: Hm?
7: Kyaaaaaaa!
sfx: stomp
8: Owahh!
9: Kaneda-kun!
10: Hogehh!

sfx: Kyaaaaaa
1: Hoo...
2: It's tough being popular.
3: Ahh!
4: Juumonji-san!!

1: I knew you were the one who could change Tougai for the better.
2: Yes, but... many people spilled their blood so that it could happen.
3: That's right.
4: Therefore, we have a duty to protect the peace that our school is now experiencing.

1: Huh?
2: It appears that Amidabutsu High is plotting something.
3: Amidabutsu High?! (*Note: 'Amidabutsu' is connected to a Buddhist prayer that means 'Lord have mercy on us.')
4: They follow the orders of the Director of the Eastern Japan Alliance, and mercilessly execute anyone who disobeys them. They're heartless servants of Hell! There's no telling how many hundreds of people have died at their hands...

1: And now that Tougai is experiencing peace, they're sure to come here.
2: And Sugata-kun, whether you like it or not, the moment you defeated the Commander, you became destined to fight with them.
3: The same goes for me, and I want to ensure that you have a future.
4: After all, the uniform you're wearing
5: is without a doubt the uniform of the original Supreme Commander of Eastern Japan.
6: I want to find out the truth about why that uniform fell into your hands.
7: /I...
8: /I feel the same way, Juumonji-san!!

sign: Eastern Japan Alliance HQ
sign: Director's Room
1: Excuse me.

1: Yui-sama. Commander Kikumine from Tako High has arrived.
2: Please deal judgment.

1: This lily... no matter what direction I place it in, it always turns away from me, toward the direction of the sun.
2: Flowers like these...
3: No matter how beautiful they are, they bring me nothing but pain.
sfx: crunch
4: Commander of Tako High, Kikumine Kanji!!
5: Your judgment will now be decreed!!
6: Your judgment is--

1: Hey, bro! Some guys from Tako High are at the gate! They want to talk to you!
2: Tako High?!
3: Tako High... yes, I remember...
4: If you've got a problem with that, I'll be happy to take you on!!

1: Where's... Kikumine-san?
2: Th-The commander was...
3: It... it's all because he covered your ass...
sfx: jerk

sfx: boom
sfx: Aahhhh!
1: Commanderrr!
2: Ki...
3: Kikumine... san!

1: May the Lord have mercy. May the Lord have mercy. May the Lord have mercy.
2: Huh?!
3: Ahhh!
4: May the lord have mercy.
5: Amidabutsu High!!