#56 / The First Horror


tl by danluffey

#56 / The First Horror

sfx: clack clack

sfx: clack clack

sfx: clack lcack
sfx: fwooosh
1: Uuuuu!!
2: Gegehhh!
3: Uwaaaaaahhhhh! W-we're gonna craaaash!!
sfx: fwooosh

sfx: clang
1: Wheeeewwww!!
sfx: fwooosh
sfx: screech

sfx: screeeech
1: Get off!!
2: Woah!
sfx: clack clack
3: Wh-where's it going?
4: Hm?!

1: clack clack
2: Something's coming.
3: Waaah!
4: Ahhhh!
5: Uwaaaahhhh!!
sfx: rumble...

1: Wh-what the fuck is thaaaaaat?!
2: It's coming straight for us!!
sfx: clang
3: R... run!!
4: Fuhahahahahahahaha!
5: That wall of spikes is chasing you at 10km an hour!!

1: Better run fast, unless you want to turn into a human shishkebab!
2: There's only one way to escape this horror - by running forward as fast as you can!
sfx: clang
3: Let's go, everyone.
4: Heh! Only 10km an hour? In that case, all we need to do is take a leisurely stroll!
5: You said it! And he calls this a horror? Don't make me laugh! Heehaahaa!

1: Fufufufu! You sure about that?
2: I suppose you'll find out soon enough...
3: /What does he mean?
4: /What lies ahead in this tunnel?
5: Uwaaaahhh!
6: What's wrong?!
sfx: dash
7: L... look...

1: Ahhhhhhhh!!

1: Oh... oh shit!
sfx: echo
2: Hieee!
3: Looks like this rail is the only way to get across.
4: B-but one wrong move, and you could fall straight into that pit!
5: Hieeee! It's pitch black down there!
6: And that's not all. This rail's been drenched in oil and sewage water, making it slippery!
7: If you don't take time in making your way across, you're done for.

1: Fuhahahahaha! Feast your eyes on the first horror: the Grand Canyon!
sfx: clank
2: H-hey! The spike wall's behind us already!
3: W-we need to hurry up and get across, or we'll either get skewered or pushed into the pit!!
4: Hieeee! S-someone needs to try and go across!

1: Wh-who should go first, bro?!
2: Let's do rock-paper-scissors or pull straws to decide!
3: We don't have time for that. Everyone, just follow me!
4: B... bro!

sfx: slip
sfx: stomp
1: Gulp...

1: Come on, everyone. There's nothing to fear. Follow me!
2: He's right! We can't be afraid!!
3: Alright, guys! Follow my lead!
4: Hieee!
5: Hiiieeeee!
6: B-bro, help meeee!
7: S-sorry, bro...
8: I've been afraid of heights ever since I was a kid...
9: B... be careful!
10: Uwawah...
11: If-if we slip, it's all over!

sfx: clank
1: Uwaaaaahhh! It-it's here! hurry up and go!
sfx: wham
2: Wahh! Hey, don't push me!
3: Everyone, you have to go faster! The spike wall's caught up to us!
sfx: clank
4: Woh, woahhhh...
5-6: Wahh!

sfx: stomp
1: W-we're safe!
2: Hiieee!
3: You can do it! You're almost there!
4: Hurry up, it's right behind you!
sfx: clank
5: Uwahh!
6: ahh!
sfx: bam

1: Shimuraaaaaa!!
sfx: leap
sfx: stomp
sfx: fwoosh

sfx: whoooosh
1: Uuuu!!
2: Uwaaaahhh!