#54 / The Eve of the Blue Beech Ritual


tl by danluffey

#54 / The Eve of the Blue Beech Ritual

1: This is all your fault, Kyouhei!!
2: What are you going to do if something happens to her?!
3: This is why I kept telling you not to go to Tougai... I should have forced you to stop!
4: Wh-why does this have to happen to my daughter?
5: What in the world did she do wrong?!
6: And while we're sitting here, Azusa is...

1: I'm going to the police!!
sfx: jerk
2: Don't. It could make things even worse.
3: B-but father! Azusa's going to be sacrificed!
4: How can you tell me to just sit here and wait?!
5: Kyouhei...
6: Is there anything you'd like to say?
7: I bear full responsibility for this. Everyone, please...
8: I promise I will rescue Azusa tomorrow... so please, wait until then!!
9: I'll trust those words.

sfx: slam
sign: Blue Beech Ritual
1: The Commander of Etona High, Kaibara Junzou-sama has arrived!
2: Oooosu! We are honored!!
3: He has donated a million yen to the ritual!
sfx: boom
4: The Commander of Koutoku Fisheries High School, Onoe Teruo-sama, has arrived! He has donated 500,000 yen to the ritual!
5: Ooosu! Oooosu!

sfx: boom

sfx: boom

1: Th-this is quite the turnout.
2: These are all the Commanders from the most infamous high schools in the prefecture! They're on a whole different level!
3: Move it.
4: Wahhh!
5: Th-that's Kikumine from Tako Commercial High School!
6: What? The guy who once sent five policemen to the hospital?!
7: I think I'm gonna piss myself!

1: Yo, if it isn't Takahashi from Ginga Tech! Long time no see!
2: Ohh, what a surprise! Miyashita from Sakigake High!
3: I heard the sacrifice is a human this year. You believe that?
4: Apparently, it's the truth. Tougai's really got balls!
5: That ain't no laughing matter, though.
6: Hey, we're just guests, what do we care?
7: I just can't wait to see what kind of virgin's gonna be the sacrifice! I can see you're as perverted as usual!

1: I've been waiting, bro!
2: Blue Demon!
3: Why didn't you come to get me, bro?!
4: When we die, we die together! Remember?!
5: Even if you say no, I'm still coming with you!
sfx: whap
sfx: grin

1: Hm?!

1: Y-you're...
2: Kyouhei-san. We may only get in your way, but please, take us with you!!
3: I am very grateful for your sentiments, but this is my own problem. I can't allow danger to befall you because of it...
4: We're prepared for any and all sorts of danger. Getting left behind by you, Kyouhei-san, would cause us the greatest pain we could ever experience.
5: Thanks, everyone.
6: Let's go, then!!

sfx: boom
1: Hahaha!
sfx: thud
2: Now! Hurry it up!

sfx: wham
sfx: tonk
sfx: thud
1: Hm?!
2: I thought I heard something. Maybe it was just me?
sfx: snap
3: I know you know something, goddammit!
4: Better tell us the truth, unless you wanna swallow one of these!!
5: I-I swear! I really don't know anything! I doubt any of the others do, either!

1: Don't you lie to us, you little maggot! Guehh!
sfx: stuff
2: Stop it, Blue Demon!!
3: B-but bro, what else can I do?
4: I'll just have to do this the right way.
5: The right way...?
6: I'll ask the Commander directly!!
7: What?!
8: Hey, bro, w... wait!
9: Kyouhei-san!!

1: Greetings, all Commanders, and welcome to the eve ceremony of the Blue Beech Ritual!
2: Thank you all for coming!
3: Now, I would like to ask our Commander to give a brief greeting to you all.
4: Commander, come on down!!
sfx: boom

sfx: boom
sfx: cheer whistle clap
sfx: bam crack snap

1: Stop! Stop!! Don't let them inside!
sfx: screams
2: Attention all guard units! Remove the intruders from the entrance at once!
3: Uwaaaahhh!
sfx: wham
4: Hieeee!
sfx: roll thud
5: What?!
6: What's going on here?!
7: Don't you think this is a little too wild, even for a festival, Tougai?!
8: Uuuu!!

sfx: boom
1: Fuhahahaha! So you did come, Sugata Kyouhei!!
2: Sugata Kyouhei...?!

1: Th-that's the man who's been wearing the
2: Supreme Commander of Eastern Japan's uniform?!
3: He's one fresh motherfucker, but he looks like he can tango.
4: First Sub-Commander Takamine, then Dan Tsukumo, then Ookawara.
5: He obliterated every single one of 'em!
6: Hrrrmmmm.