tl by danluffey

1: Today's breakfast is donuts and coffee!
2: Purple Hard Candy for my nails, and LeClerc Brami Banane for my powder.
3: While singing my BGM, GREAT3, I slip on my Prada (-like) shoes.
Now I'm all ready to go to work!

sign: Mikamo Trading Company
1: /This is a garden of old men!
2: I'll be working here with you all from now on.
3: My name is Nitta Yuuko.
4: It's a gal!
5: A gal, a gal!
6: We got a pretty modern-looking one this time!
7: You and Ooyama-kun are the only girls we have here.
8: Get along now, you hear?
9: We're counting on you.

1: Hi...
2: /Uwahh, she's plain-looking!
3: I'm Ooyama...
4: /Guess that's what happens when you're the only girl working at a tiny stationery wholesale company...
5: Hey, sorry I'm late.
6: What gives, Asano-kun?! Come on!
7: Hi there.
8: /He looks a bit worn out...but I knew they had to have a normal guy around here somewhere.
9: Nice to meet you. I'm Nitta.

1: Wooow...
2: We got a pretty one this time, didn't we?
3: That's right. So you better not make her quit!
sfx: hahaha
4: No sexual harassment! Got it?!
5: Oh come on, who do you think I am, Naka-san?
6: It really brightened up in here all of a sudden!!
sfx: wahahaha
7: /Well, of course it did. I stood out at my last company too.
8: /If only that little incident hadn't happened, I wouldn't have had to come to such a small place like this.
9: You sure are fast, Nitta-kun!!

1: Yawwwn...
2: Wonder where I'll go for lunch.
3: Oooh, lunch?
4: We always order in from Hachiyama-an.
5: Here's the menu.
6: Oh...thanks.
7: Asano-san's married, you know...
8: Let's see...does that translate to...
9: "Do you like Asano-san?" "You'd better not try to take him?"
sfx: Hmmm...
10: N...

1: No!
2: I'd never...
3: Come on, there's no reason to get all flustered.
4: We're the only two girls here, so let's be friendly.
5: I don't want to antagonize you, so just relax.
6: Alright?
7: That's always how I am.

1: The truth is...I just want to be pretty and make friends with everyone.
2: I'd like to have a romantic relationship with a man, too, but...
3: But...
4: I'm already 23, and I've never been able to.
5: Izzat so? Hmmm...
6: I'm really envious of people like you, Nitta-san...
7: You're so pretty, so modern.
8: And elegant...
sfx: hoooo
9: Because I'm dressing myself up.

1: Of course I am.
2: I spend 4 hours a day on beauty, you know?
3: If I wasn't pretty after all that, I'd be in big trouble.
4: 4 hours...?
5: (It's so much work! My face, my hair, my nails, my hands, my legs...
6: You better believe it.
7: Ahh, it's chilly! Let's go inside.
8: Hey, let's have some tea!
9: I wonder how the second girl's tastes?
10: /But I feel like staying here will only make me more and more plain.
11: I already feel like tying my hair back...
12: This is dangerous...
13: /I need to go shopping!!

1: Umm...do you mind if I walk home with you, Nitta-sa?
2: Sure, but I'm going shopping.
3: ...can I go with you?
4: (Good work today!
5: S...sure.
6: Wow, this is really refreshing...!!
7: Isn't it? It's pretty popular.
8: How do you like it, ma'am?
9: I think this new color would look good on you.
10: Ummm...umm, I...
11: What's the problem? That one's really popular, you should buy it.
12: This one isn't bad either.
13: Umm...
14: I'll take that color too...
15: It's cute, but it'll make your face look just like everyone else's.
16: Hmm...let me think about which one I want.
17: OK.

1: Umm...I'll buy this for you.
2: Huh...
3: As thanks for helping me out.
4: /What's wrong with her...?
5: D-
6: Don't worry about that.
7: No, really, it's fine. I never use my money anyway, so I have a lot leftover.
8: I said don't!!
9: Just stop this, alright?!
10: It's creepy!!
11: Ah, I'm sorry.
sfx: clack
12: Don't get upset!

1: It seems like she was bullied pretty badly.
2: I never talked with girls like that when I was in school, but
3: she probably just doesn't know how to be friends with people.
4: It just seems like she has no "self"...like she just takes orders.
5: No "self," huh?
6: Well, you seem to really know what you want, Yuuko.
7: I guess.
8: I don't like indecisive men, that's for sure.
9: Hey now...

1: But you won't divorce your wife, will you?
2: Don't talk about that...
3: You got a chill just now, didn't you?
4: You idiot.
5: /I quit my job, but I'm still dating married men.
6: /If I'm not an idiot, then what am I?
sfx: yawwwwn
7: Good morning, Nitta-san.

1: Oh, you put on the lipstick from yesterday!
2: Wooow, you look cute!
3: Yeah! You brighten the place up!
4: Hey, let's have some tea!
5: /She put on makeup, too.
6: /Ever since that day,
7: /Ooyama-san's been changing.
8: /And it feels like a good thing to me. It's fun to see how obviously I'm influencing her, too.

1: Tea!!
sfx: burp
2: Comiiing!
3: Tea, tea, tea...that's all he ever says! What does he think I am, his slave?
4: It's like he thinks he has a right to order us around.
5: It's sooooo annoying!
6: "Soooo," huh?
7: I'll do it...
8: /She's getting a little carried away, too...
9: Here you go.
10: I put my heart into it, just for you, Sakagami-san.
11: Even though I'm super busy!!

1: If you don't tell me it's delicious,
2: Yuuko might cry, you know?
3: No, it's good! Really good! (Ouch! Hot!)
4: Thanks.
5: Wow, you actually got him to thank you.
6: I know how to deal with old men.
7: /Oh no...whoops.
8: I'd love to see how you deal with me.
sfx: wahaha
9: Of course.
10: Ufufu!
11: It's not fair.

1: You're pretty, Yuuko-san, so you can get away with anything.
2: You effortlessly do all the things that I only wish I could do.
3: No matter how hard I try, I'll never be as pretty as you are.
4: No matter what I do, I'll always be clumsy and hated.
5: Asano-san was the first man I really ever felt like I liked,
6: but he's married.
7: Hey!!

1: Don't try to push your complex on to me, alright?
2: I have my own problems too, you know!! I'm doing the best I can.
3: Everyone is!! Everyone's working hard when no one's looking at them.
4: Who cares if he's married?
5: My boyfriend is married too!!
6: And I'm the one who I asked him out!
7: Yuuko-san...
8: Why don't you ask Asano-san out?
9: /If you want to copy me, then why don't you just go all the way?
10: /Not like you could.
11: I said you'd come too.
12: What?!

1: The only good place I know is a chicken skewer bar, do you mind?
2: Fine with me.
3: It's in Nakano.
4: Great.
5: That's what I like to hear!
6: You sure know how to make a man happy!
7: /You can't say a thing to him, can you?
8: (Heeeey, mister!
9: /She doesn't use her head, she isn't considerate...it's easy for her to feel sorry for herself.
10: Well? Wanna go to another?
11: No...I...

1: /When he said Nakano, I thought maybe, I'd run into him, but...
2: /Well, well.
3: What's wrong, Yuuko-san?

1: Let's go to another!!
2: I'm going! And I'm making you two go!!
3: You alright?
4: C'mon, drink uuuup!
5: /Well, well.
6: Kyahahahahahahaha!
7: /I see your stomach's gotten bigger, miss.
8: Hm?

sfx: jerk
1: Morning.
2: /Ahhhhhh...
sfx: fwish
3: /Whoops...
4: You know...you look pretty normal without your makeup. (Yeah...)
5: Where's Ooyama-san?
6: Oh...she went home when you started getting drunk.
7: Without saying anything.
8: /Oh shit...

1: /Good thing it's Friday.
2: /I'll just act like nothing happened!!
3: Good mooooorning!!
4: /That hairstyle...?
5: /That suit...it's the one we saw at Seibu.
6: Ooyama-san...?!
7: /The one I thought about buying?

1: /"You're in such good shape, anything will look good on you, Yuuko-san." "Hmmm, but orange may be a bit too flashy..."
2: I didn't know who you were at first!
3: Women become more gorgeous the more they compete!
4: /What's going on here?!
5: /Her nails...her lipstick, her shoes, they're all the same. The brand and product numbers are probably all identical!
6: /She's insane.

1: Hey, let's have some tea!
2: Alright, alright.
3: I put my heart into it, just for you, Sakagami-san.
4: If you don't tell me it's delicious, Minako might cry, you know?
5: /She's even saying the exact same things as me...!!
6: /That should creep them out.
7: It's good! Really good!
sfx: ahahahahaha
8: /He gave her the exact same reaction?!
9: /What's going on here?!

1: You went to a hotel with Asano-san, didn't you?
2: ...yeah, so what?
3: I...felt so pathetic.
4: I went home and cried.
5: That's when I realized
6: there's no reason for me to hold back.

1: Even if I end up hurting people, I should just do what I want. That's the only way for me to win.
2: So I decided to just live how I want.
3: Live how you want?
4: Don't you mean "live like Yuuko-san?"
5: /What?!

1: It's like there are two Nitta-kuns here now!
2: Two Nitta-sans! Nitta-Nitta!! Heheh!
3: That isn't funny!
4: /That perfume is Route du The.
5: /Guess I won't be wearing that anymore.
6: What are you saying? She looks just like me.
7: You really think so?
8: I mean, I can see how she's been inspired by you, but...
9: Inspired doesn't even begin to describe it!!
10: It's copying! She's copying me!!!
11: /Having someone copy me this closely makes me not want to wear my own clothes anymore!
12: Oh, come on, Asano-san, stop it!
13: Wahahahaha!

1: Why were you talking to her?
2: Why? Because she's my co-worker...
3: I don't believe you.
4: We're no different to you, are we?!
5: Get out of here, you asshole!!
sfx: whap
6: Owww.
7: /Something's wrong.
8: /It's like she's absorbing me.

1: /Stop it. That lipstick's mine.
2: /That way of speaking...
3: /That hairstyle...that hair color...
4: /That fashion...
5: /It's all mine!!

1: /It's mine...
2: Give it back.

1: What?
2: My makeup! My fashion...
3: My man!!
4: Your man? Are you talking about Asano-san?
5: He's only ever belonged to his wife.
6: And the makeup and the clothes...you think this is all yours?
7: This is all just the current trend.
sfx: slap

1: Enough of your bullshit!
2: This is all mine...
3: /Buying popular makeup, wearing popular clothes...
4: /Shopping in popular stores, watching popular movies, popular TV shows, reading popular books...
5: /Young girls are all the same. That's all there is to it.

1: Today is Ooyama-kun's last day.
sfx: pat
2: I'm going to work in a Rolac salon.
3: Keep doing your best here, Nitta-san.
4: Do your best...
5: as a plain girl in a plain office.
6: /In that moment,

1: /I saw Ooyama Minako walk out wearing "me," but I was the only one who noticed it.
2: /Soon, a new "me" will come. And the battle will start over again.
3: Good morning.
4: I'll be working with you all from now on.