#47 / Sayaka's Terrifying Experience


tl by danluffey

#47 / Sayaka's Terrifying Experience

1: Blue Demooooon!!
sfx: dash
sfx: gwahh

1: Uwaaaahhh
sfx: rrrrip
sfx: splash
2: Hieeeh! S-s-someone...
sfx: flail
3: Heeeelp!

1: Uwahh...
2: Uwawawah...
3: Uoooohhhh
4: Blue Demon! Where are you? Where are youuu?!
5: Brooo!!
sfx: jerk

1: Heeere! I'm in here! Hurry up, I'm in heeere!!
2: Yodelayheehoo!
sfx: crash
3: Blue Demon!!
4: Broooo!
sfx: leap
5: Waaah! I was so scared, broooo!!
sfx: thud

1: This is horrible...
2: Makito really is the commander, just like you said, bro.
3: I accidentally kicked over a bucket of water and splashed him.
4: He acted like it was acid or something. He was going crazy! That guy said Makito was unusually afraid of water, right?

1: I see...
2: But how, then, could the gentle Hanyuu Makito transform into such a monster? He must have some secret...
3: C-come quick! Our men are getting their asses kicked by the Tougai Group!
sfx: wham smack crack slam bash crunch

sfx: wham
sfx: thud
sfx: whack
sfx: pow
1: Motherfucker!!
sfx: bash snap
2: Diiiie!

sfx: smash
1: Waaaait!
2: Stooooop!!
sfx: dash
3: Sugata's arrived, Officer!
4: Alright, stop!!
5: Ahhh!

1: Hey, hang in there!
2: Uuuu...
3: Let me just say one thing.
4: They're the ones that started it!
5: What?!
6: You liar!! Tell us the truth!!
7: Go ahead and ask them if you think I'm lying. Go and ask them what they did.

1: What happened?!
2: I...I'm sorry. One of us threw a rock at their altar...
3: That's right!!
4: They threw a rock at the sacred Blue Beech altar!
5: There are only two days left until the ritual is supposed to take place! Be thankful that we were this merciful!!
6: You call this merciful?! I'll show you merciful, you son of a bitch!! Stop, Blue Demon!!
sfx: dash
7: We were in the wrong here.
8: B...but bro!!
9: Did you hear that, everyone?
10: They just admitted that they were in the wrong.

1: Let's have them prove it, then!
2: Apologizing is easier said than done! Let's see you bow down and show us you're really sorry, Sugata Kyouhei-san!
3: Who do you think you're talking to, dickfrog!!
4: Blue Demon!!
5: I understand.
6: I am very sorry!!
7: Brooo!!
8: /Sugata-kun...
9: Hohhh...well, isn't that
10: a laudable attempt?

1: If only you would have done that in the beginning...
2: you might not have only two days left to live. I feel really sorry for you, kid.
3: Uwahahahahahaha!
4: Heeeeeeheeheeheeheehee!
5: Uuuu...
6: Kuh...
7: Nothing left to do now but wash your face and wait.
8: And the same goes for all of you! Staying with Sugata will only bring you pain!
9: It's not too late, you know! Don't you think you'd better rethink which side is the safer one?!
10: Uwahahahahahaha!

1: Brooooo!
2: That was an excellent show of endurance, Sugata-kun!!
3: Had you used force, you could have easily destroyed them all...
4: But you really have proved yourself once again to be the man I expected you to be. Oh, come now...
5: Please, forgive us, Kyouhei-san! We'll never do anything like that again! Please, just don't forsake us!!
6: I'd never do anything like that. Now, let's keep on working hard to fight together!
7-8: Kyouhei-san!!
sfx: cheer

1: Uuu...
2: Uaaah...
3: /Makito-kun.
4: /We met in our first year of middle school, when the incidents started happening one after another...
5: /The male students were being sent to the hospital one after another...and with the criminal still at large, summer was just about to come to an end.
sfx: jwaaaaa

1: /After finishing club practice, I started walking home and found several of the school's thugs lining the path.
2: /When they saw me, they started shouting disgusting things at me.
3: /When I started to run, one of them chased after me and grabbed me.
4: /I desperately shook him off, then ran inside a room and quietly hid.
5: /Then, I started hearing terrible screams coming from outside.
6: /Scared to death, I crept up and looked out the window...

1: /A demon...!!
2: /Then, it started raining...
3: /Insane wails came out from the demon, and he ran into the room where I was hiding.
4: /Then, as he stood in front of my eyes, he gradually started to change...

1: Please. Promise me you'll never tell anyone about what you just saw.
2: Otherwise, I think the demon inside me will come to kill you someday too.
3: Please. From now on, you must always stay somewhere where I can keep my eyes on you.
4: Un-until when...?
5: Forever...
6: High school, university...until I have no need for this demon anymore.
7: A-alright. I'll do as you say. I won't tell anyone! Just please, don't kill me...

sfx: rustle
1: Uuu...
2: Makito-kun...!!
sfx: twitch