(Special Chapter) Brothers in the Inferno

1: Keith...don't cry.
2: Don't cry, I said.
3: ...I'm hungry.

1: We've been living like this for as long as I can remember.
p4: woof woof!!!
2: Ahhhh!
3: Hey!
4: Someone, get out here!!

1: Cow thieves!!
2: It's them again!
3: All I can remember is being ever thirsty.
4: Keith and Reige!
5: A 20-month old Angus?!

1: We can't buy that.
2: Why not?!
3: You're only wasting your time here.
4: Yo, Monroe!
5: You again?!
6: You sure act big for a deputy.
7: If you're gonna steal cows,
8: You need to eat 'em immediately.
9: Then no one will find out.

1: He looks cute, but he's one hell of a demon.
2: When did he even get here?
3: Something needs to be done!!
4: Catch him and hang him...
5: Otherwise he'll just kill himself or get murdered.
6: That's always
7: how orphans like him end up.
8-9: haa
10: Life's short, so we should be a little more forgiving.
p4: I don't rely on anyone.

p1: Because everyone's my enemy.
1: Keith!!
2: Keith?!
3: Ahahahahahaha!
p3: munch
4: There's beans coming out of your nose!
5: Eat more slowly!

1: Reige...
2: Is that your friend?
3: What a cutie...
4: Why don't you come eat some too?
5: It's good!!!
6: What are you getting mad for?!

1: How many times do I need to tell you? We aren't beggars!!
2: Stop gladly accepting hand-outs from people!
3: But...
4: I kept waiting and waiting, and you never came!!

1: I was so dirty, and my throat was so dry...
2: Wagons and people kept moving all around me...
3: I...I...
4: I started getting dizzy and lost control...
5: It's all...
6: because you told me to wait, Reige!
7: Then that lady came...
8: Keith.
9: Reige...

1: Keith's stupid. I can't rely on him...
2: I need to protect him.
p3 top: I did all I could.
p3 bottom: Woahh, it's been so long!
p4: It was all in order to survive. Otherwise we would've died.

1: A Colt with a holster!!
2: This is so cool!
3: I can kill everyone now! Bang bang!!
4: Keith...it isn't a toy.
5: Gyahahahahahaaaah!
p4: yaaaaaay

1: Gyaha!
p1: bang

1: Reige...
2: you pissed your pants!!
p2 top: hee hee
p2 bottom: stomp
3: Gyahahahahahahaaah!! Gyahahahaha!
4: Gyaha! Gyaha! Reige, you...
5:You fucking idiot!! I could've died!!

1: Look. This is blood.
2: From now on, you don't shoot unless I tell you to.
3: Alright...I won't shoot it again.
4: If you do, I'll kill you.

1: Ggh...
2: Do I have a fever?
p2: Why do wounds hurt? I'd rather just die than feel this pain. Because having to wait in this world until it heals...
3: Ahh, it's so hot...
p3: feels like hell to me.
4: I'm thirsty.

1: Dammit.
2: Wanna go to town and steal something?
3: Oh no...my legs are quivering.
p2: stagger
4: Reige?!
5: It's alright. More importantly, Keith...
6: You need stamina for stealing...
7: I stole some clothes from a girl the other day...

1: You're pretty young to be a pimp.
2: 500 a pop!!
3: And you've got
4: surprisingly high-quality goods.
5: Listen up...when I give you the signal, come in and threaten him with the pistol. Just do as I say!! Don't move until then.
p: nod

p1: slam...
1: Smells like blood.
2: Ahhh!!
3: You're injured.

1: You look like you're going to bite me.
2: Don't worry. I'm a doctor.
3: What's wrong? Did someone shoot at you?
4: It's not too severe, but you may get a fever
5: if it's left untended.
6: Shut up!
7: Who asked you?!
p: Oh no...

1: What are you doing out here?
2: Where's your partner?
3: Who are you?!
4: Now, now, wait.
5: What's the big idea, mister?!
6: Just sit down.

1: Where are your parents?
2: I don't have any...
3: You're extremely malnourished...
4: So what?!
5: Don't think I'm gonna do you for free just because you fixed up my wound!
6: Of course not.
p3: grin
7: I'll pay for all I do.

1: Faggot...
2: That's what people call me.
3: I have a wife and a child, but...
4: I decided that I'll only fall in love with children.
p2: He may look nice, but it's not for "free."
p3: This is why you can never really rely on people, Keith.

1: Reige's sure taking a while.
2: Hey, Keith! What's up? Want a Corona?
3: How about you come over here and chat with me?
4: That boy...

1: Is he your lover? You were walking with him.
2: That lightly tanned boy...
3: Hm?
4: Ah.
5: No...

1: I need to go...
2: Aww.
3: Where are you going, Keith?!
p4: When something powerful forces me down... I realize, to my shock... that it puts me at ease.

p1: Yes, it's truly shocking... that I'd feel like maybe it isn't so bad to rely on people after all.
p2: But I'm still... thirsty...
p3: slam

1: Reige!!
p1: Just like the desert.

1: Keith!

1: Rei...
2: Stop!!
3: Stop it!

1: I told you, that isn't a toy...
2: Why did you kill him so quickly?
3: He didn't do anything wrong.
4: He was so nice!!
5: He even fixed up my wound...
6: The wound YOU made!
7: You fucking asshole!
8: YOU'RE the one who should die!!

1: ....I...
2: I'm sorry...
3: Uuu...
4: I...broke my promise...
5: You...didn't come out...
6: So...
7: I thought he was raping you.

1: I remember our promise...kill me.
p2: Even now

p1: we're
1: Murderers!!
2: It's horrible!!
3: They finally went too far!
4: Keith and Reige!!
5: They're gonna go straight to Hell.
p2: still thirsty.