One Small Step to the Future.


tl by danluffey

1: Huh?
2: My career path?
3: Yeah. You got a career path application, right? How about doing some SERIOUS thinking for once?

One small step to the future.
Kisaragi Miya

1: Wh...what are you planning on doing, Mari?
sfx: thud!
2: Uwahh! Those are all medical textbooks!
3: ...I'm not going on to a university.
sfx: rattle
sign: New Issue Corner
4: Why? You're smart!
5: Don't you remember? We promised to go to the same place!
sfx: thunk
6: And there's no way someone who reads manga in a library could get into a university.
7: (Ack!

1: Wh...what's the big deal? We're all done with tests, so what's wrong with a little manga?
2: And? How many people were between you and last rank this time?
sfx: grin
3: /What's he grinning for?
sfx: slip
4: flip
5: No way...!
paper: 2-3 #13 Kasai Kazuya
Total Ranking: 15th

Japanese - 85 (30/355)
English - 92 (10/355)
Calculus - 88 (18/355)
Biology - 93 (8/355)
6: Hey, Kazu-kun, how did you get these grades?!
sfx: whap
sfx: thud
7: (Y-you're terrible!
8: D...did you finally decide to just cheat your way through...?

1: Don't you remember?
2: We promised to go the same place!
3: I just forced my brain to become as smart as yours. I knew that my turn to match my lifestyle up to yours would come eventually.

1: /But when...? I didn't know a thing about this...
2: (Ahhh, that was a good one!
sfx: strethc
3: Maaari-chan?
4: What's wrong? So impressed by me that you're speechless?
sfx: grip...
5: There you go again...
6: Don't get a big head just because you got better grades than usual, or you'll go sailing back down to the bottom! You'll need much better grades to get into the university I want to go to, you know!!
7: (At least compliment me a little!
sfx: fwap!!
8: Uwahh! You're so evil!

1: You want to stay with me forever, don't you? Then you need to work harder!
2: I have very lofty goals!!
3: Yeah, I know.
4: (Let's work hard, alright?
5: /And so, we took one small step toward our tender future.
6: /It was just a little step, but it was a loud one.
7: If we both become doctors, then I can have you wear a nurse's outfit and...uggh!
sfx: smack
8: Hurry up and start studying already!!!