#40 / The Spine-Tingling Blue Beech Ritual


tl by danluffey

#40 / The Spine-Tingling Blue Beech Ritual

sfx: throb
sfx: dash

sfx: throb
sfx: dash
sfx: throb
sfx: dash

1: Azusa-kun!!
sfx: stomp
2: Huh...?

1: Okakura-san, Sano-san...
2: Congratulations on getting out from the hospital, Azusa-kun.
3: Thank you very much.
4: How is Juumonji-san?
5: His recovery is progressing quite well.
6: He told us to remind you to be extra careful until he returns.
7: Huh?
8: Wh-why?
9: If the Commander is the kind of man who will come out and challenge Sugata-kun to a fair fight, we'll have nothing to worry about...

1: But if he isn't...he may try to find some way to paralyze Sugata-kun, like kidnapping you...
2: Oh my...
sfx: slip...
sfx: whap
3: Who's there?!
sfx: silence
4: What's up, Sano?
5: I thought there was someone standing over here...but I guess it was just me.

1: Anyway, please be careful.
2: OK.
3: Bye now.
4: Goodbye.
sfx: throb

sign: Teachers' Room
1: Excuse me, it's Sugata. I heard that my family called for me...
2: Ah, yeah, pick up the phone over there.
3: Hello? It's Azusa...
4: boop boop boop

sfx: clamor
1: /Who called me? Everyone at the house didn't know a thing about it...was it just a prank call?

1: Congratulations on getting out of the hospital.
2: Ah...th-thank you.
3: H-here...
4: My, what a pretty flower...is it a peach flower?
5: It does resemble a peach flower,
6: but that's actually an Indian plant called nerium oleander.

1: You really know a lot about flowers.
2: I-I don't know that much...
3: Th-that's a present for you.
4: Were the person who sent my flowers every day when I was in the hospital?
5: I thought so!
6: Th...thank you very much.
sfx: dash

1: Wh-what's your name?!
2: Hanyuu...
3: Hanyuu Makito!!
sfx: dash
4: snicker...

sfx: clang clunk

1: What are they building?
sfx: clang clunk
2: Is this for the ritual?
3: I guess so. It happens every year, but it still gives me the creeps.
4: What are you talking about?
5: The Blue Beech ritual.
6: The Blue Beech ritual?
7: It's a ritual to celebrate the successes and prosperity of the Tougai Group...but it's pretty weird. It's like a creepy ceremony.

1: What happens at it?
2: A sacrifice is offered up.
3: A sacrifice?!
4: A female sheep is offered up as a sacrifice...a virgin female.
sfx: clang clunk
5: And then, at the top of the altar, the sheep is executed in the most brutal fashion you could imagine.

1: H-how brutal are we talking here...
2: They shove a red-hot poker through both of its eyes.
3: Then they rip out its tongue,
4: and then they cut open its chest and pull out its heart.
5: That's enough to make anyone's toes curl, but that's not all!
6: Uuu...
7: After that, they rip all the goat's skin off and then let the Commander eat its bloody, pulsating corpse!
8: Geeeehhh! Oeehhhh! J-just listening to that is making me sick!

1: You mean you've seen the Commander eat a sheep?!
2: So then you've seen the Commander's face!
3: Unfortunately, no.
4: His collar's so high that it covers his face, so no one's ever seen it.
5: And his voice sounds so strange, we've never heard it anywhere else.
6: What are you losers blabbering about?!
sfx: stomp

1: Wahhh!
2: Hieee!
3: Ruuuun!
sfx: dash
4: No one has ever escaped a death threat from the Commander!
5: Six more days...then you will die once and for all!

sfx: noise
1: Oh, Kaneda-kun! Ufufu!
2: Gahahahahaha!
3: Kaneda-kun, your jokes are always so gross! Don't you ever think about anything else?
4: What'd you say?!
5: Nothing but the truth! Got a problem with that?!
6: You ugly pig!!

1: Says the ugliest man in the world!!
2: Oh yeah? Well you're the ugliest woman in the world! Drop dead!
3: Hey, you two!
4: Sugata-kun!!
5: Huh?
6: S...senpai!!