#37 / The True Commander


tl by danluffey

#37 / The True Commander

sign: Aonuma Hospital

1: Oh, so you can get out tomorrow?
2: Yes. And after a few days, I can come back to school!
3: I'm really glad it was nothing serious, Azusa-chan!
4: Thank you!

1: But that was really something, Azusa-chan...
2: Those flames were so intense, even a fireman would be afraid to leap inside!
3: Honestly, I didn't want to see you in such a dangerous situation!
4: I was just so desperate to save those children, I lost control...
5: Now that I think about it, I'm even surprised myself that I had such courage.

1: But in the end, I only ended up putting Kyouhei in danger.
2: And that wasn't all...grandfather heard the news and collapsed out of shock...
3: He said that since I'm a lady of the noble Sugata house, I need to properly act like one...
4: I guess what I did really was too rash.
5: That's not true!
6: You did something amazing back there!
7: Thanks to you, Azusa, those two baby siblings were saved! Everyone just cares about you so much, they can't help but be strict when it comes to keeping you safe.

1: Th-that's right! You don't need to worry about a thing, Azusa-chan!
2: Everyone's super thankful for what you did! No one's complaining!
3: Right, bro?!
4: Yeah!
5: And as proof of that, everyone was so moved by your courage, Azusa-chan, that they stood up to the Tougai Group's threats and voted for you!
6: And thanks to that, everyone found out that Dan Tsukumo was a cheat, and the true Miss Tougai, Lady Sugata Azusa, was born!!
7: Wh-what did you just say?
8: Gawahahaha! C'mon, bro, tell her!
sfx: whap

1: Sugata Azusa, you are the winner of the 10th Miss Tougai Beauty Contest!!
2: What?!
3: N-no way!
4: You're kidding, right?
5: Hey, Kaneda-kun, he's just kidding, right?
6: No no no! And you won by a landslide, too! You really did it, Azusa-chan!
7: I-I'm Miss Tougai...? I can't believe it!
8: You're really that surprised? I knew right from the start that you would come out on top, Azusa-chan!
9: Uwahhh! Thanks, Kaneda-kun, that makes me so happy!

1: What about you, Kyouhei?
2: Hm?
3: W-well, of course, I knew it'd be you...
4: Oh yeah? I wonder about that...
5: Ah, um, er, uh...
6: Gahahahahaha! You little pervert!
7: Hahahahahaha!
sfx: whap
8: Ufufufufufufufu!
9: Hm?!

1: What's wrong, Azusa?
2: I feel like I did something terrible to Sayaka-senpai.
3: Gahahahahahaha! H-hey, Azusa-chan, what's the name of this? I don't know a thing about plants!
4: It's an Amaranth. The bright yellow leaves are pretty, aren't they?

1: Wow...you like these weird plants, Azusa?
2: I didn't know that!
3: Ufufu! No, it's just...
sfx: knock knock
sfx: click
4: Gihah!
5: Excuuuse me!
6: Ahh, miss nurse!
7: Wah!
8: Oh my.
sfx: twitch
9: What are you so surprised about?
10: Errr, um...

1: You really think you have the right to laugh at other people's faces?! You look just like a little gremlin!
2: Gahahahaha!
3: Hm?!
4: Oh myyy! What a hunk!
5: How may I help you, miss nurse?
6: Hohohoho! I was just kidding around.
7: wahh, here she comes!
8: It doesn't look that way, so I'm getting kind of scared here!
9: Your boyfriend brought another one for you today.

1: Boyfriend?
2: Must be hard to be so popular! I'd like to experience it once myself, though!
3: Hohohohoho!
4: Woow...
5: Would you watch what you say, miss nurse?!
6: Hohohohoho!
7: I don't know who he is, but he brings me flowers every day.
8: He's a cute boy with very white skin.
9: Apparently he's a student from Tougai, but he's never given his name, and always leaves immediately after handing the flowers over to the nurse.
10: He's probably just embarrassed!

1: He brings you flowers but won't tell you his name?
2: So not only is he old-fashioned, but he's also a show-off!
3: You couldn't even do that much if you died trying!
4: Mommyyyyyy!
5: Still, though, that boyfriend of yours
6: seems to be a bit of an eccentric one.
7: The flowers he always brings aren't the usual ones you send to a sick person.
8: That also goes for the one he brought today, the 'devil's helmet.'

sfx: honk

1: I wonder what kind of guy the real Commander is?
2: They say no one's ever seen his real face. Can you believe that?
3: Ohh!
4: Hey, bro, wait by the bench, I'm gonna go buy us some chow!!
5: /After the battle...

1: Th-this isn't the real Commander?
2: Th-then who the hell IS the real Commander, Juumonji-san?!
3: H...
4: He's...
sfx: blecch
5: Juumonji-san!!
6: Juumonji-san, please, stay with us!
7: Hey, someone call an ambulance!

sfx: whiiiirrr
1: Su...Sugata-kun.
2: Y-yes?
3: No one's ever seen the real Commander's face.
4: What?!
5: He's never even attended an officer's meeting.
6: And no one's ever heard him speak.

1: All of the decisions and orders from the real Commander were handed down directly to Ookawara, the Sub-Commander you just defeated...
2: He's the only man who knows who the Commander really is.
3: N-no...maybe even he doesn't know...
4: Y-you mean the real Commander could be one of these guys?!
5: Heehee!
6: Heheheh!
7: grin

1: Now you're really gonna get it, Sugata Kyouhei.
2: The Commander's gonna have your head for sure now!!
3: Uuu...
4: Please, wait!
5: Just who are you...

1: Hahaha! How many times do I need to tell you? I'm just an old janitor.
2: I know I may be preaching to the choir here, but you should be extra careful from here on out.
3: Bro...
4: Broooo!!
5: Wahh!
6: What's wrong, bro? You were staring off into space!
7: Ha...hahaha!

1: Thinking about the Commander?
2: Yeah...
3: Thinking isn't gonna get you anywhere!
4: He'll reveal himself eventually.
5: And until then, let's eat up!
sfx: twitch
6: Hm?! What is it, bro?
7: /I feel an insurmountable aura...
sfx: twitch
8: /And it feels like...
sfx: twitch

1: A beast's?!
sfx: rumble...
2: H...
3: Here it comes!!
sfx: fwoosh
4: Uwaaaahhh

1: Uhieeeehhh
2: Wh-what the hell?!
3: Geeeehhh!
4: Broooooo!!