#36 / The Shocking Truth


tl by danluffey

#36 / The Shocking Truth

1: Who the hell are you...

1: Hahaha. No one...
2: As you can see, I'm just your run-of-the-mill janitor.
3: Then you'd be wise not to interfere with our affairs.
4: If you wish to enjoy the rest of your life in peace, that is.
5: If you're going to settle things with a fair, one-on-one fight, then I'd be happy too. And if you were a true man, then you'd do that, wouldn't you?
6: If a man is to die in a fair fight, then he will have no regrets!!
7: Isn't that right, Sugata Kyouhei-kun?!

1: Yes...
sfx: snap
sfx: droop
2: Ahh!
3: Now, fight as much as you want. And regardless of whoever falls, I'll be here to pick up your bones.

sfx: whooooo...

1: J-just who is that old guy?!
2: /I-I can't even sense his aura...
3: /I never knew there was someone like that at Tougai...
4: Gufufufu! You sure look relieved now that the old man saved your life.
5: Was this really a good thing, though? Or will you come to regret your survival? Perhaps it would have been better to have died as quickly as possible, instead of suffering further tortures...
sfx: whooom

1: Prepare yourself, Sugata Kyouhei!!
sfx: schink
2: /How much will the Qigong Fist really work on an opponent like this?
3: /B-But I have no choice. I can't turn back now...

1: Hoooohhh...
sfx: rumble

sfx: whooooo
1: Fufufu! It's futile.
2: No martial arts stop me!

1: Uuu!!
sfx: fssssh...
2: Ahhh!
3: L-look! Dust is spiraling out from Sugata's feet!
sfx: fwoooosh

sfx: rumble
sfx: whooooo
sfx: fssssh...
1: Wh-what is this...?

1: M-my body...
2: is being drawn into the spiral...
sfx: gwaaaahhh
3: Wh-what is this...?

1: Uuu...
sfx: fssssh

1: Gh...
2: Guooohhhh!!
sfx: gwaaahhh
3: Watch out, bro!
sfx: snap
4: Howaaaahhhh

sfx: slap
1: Ahhh!
2: Y-you caught my hatchet?
3: How daaare you?!

sfx: grip
1: Guwahahahah!
sfx: tremble...
2: Diiiie, Sugata Kyouhei!
sfx: gwoohhhh
sfx: slice
sfx: splurt

1: Ahhh!
2: Kyaaaaa!
sfx: gssssh
3: Guwahahahahaha!
sfx: tremble
sfx: crack
sfx: shatter

1: Ahhh!
2: W-woah! Awesome! Bro! Your Qigong Fist is strongest weapon there is!
3: Woahhhh!
4: Uuu!
sfx: grab
5: Uwaaaaaahhhh!

sfx: lift
1: Eeeeee!
2: Gahahahaha! Now Sugata Kyouhei's dead meat for sure! The Commander's fists are so strong, he can crush bricks!!
3: Gufufufu! Now you've really reached the end of the line! Don't worry, you just need to suffer a little bit longer, and then all this pain will go away!
sfx: grip
sfx: crush
4: Uohh...

1: /Uuuu..
2: /Uuuuuu...
sfx: throb
3: /Uwaaahhh! I-I can't take it anymore!
sfx: snap
4: /It feels like my head's going to split open!!
5: Guwahahahahaha! Watch! Watch as Sugata Kyouhei meets his end!!
sfx: crush
sfx: throb
6: Uoohhh!
7: /His grip weakened!
sfx: snap
8: /Now's my chance!!

1: Hoaaaaahhh
sfx: leap
2: Uwaaahhh!
3: Uoohhhh
4: Oaataaaahhhh

sfx: bwaaaaahhh
1: Ahhhh!
sfx: tonk

1: If...if only
2: Juumonji hadn't
3: slashed me...
sfx: snap swoon
sfx: thud
4: Hi...
5: Hiieeeee!
6: He...he did it!!

1: So that's what the Commander of the Tougai Group looks like!
2: Heh! Now the whole group's done for! Serves ya right!!
3: No...this man isn't the Commander.
4: What?!
5: He was the last of the three Sub-Commanders...Ookawara Gou...
6: Th-then who's the Commander?!