tl by danluffey

1: Did she die?
2: No.
3: Her soul just slipped out from her body.
4: Where'd her soul go, then?

1: Ruby!
2: Ruby...are you awake?

p3 right: Ahhh..
p3 left: I'm alive again...
1: Don't expect...
2: me to thank you for this...

1: Huh?!
2: We just saved your fucking life!!
3: Goddammit!!
4: We pulled you up from the sand
5: and carried you all the way over here! What more do you want?!
6: Yeah!! You're just lucky Suzy happened to find you!
7: Ha.
8: It was just a coincidence.
9: The white hawk showed me.

1: Is he your friend?
2: ...friend?
3: Why would a friend save my life?!
4: That was my man!!
p3: Dumbass!!
5: My man, you hear me?!
6: Er, his reincarnation!!
7: I don't believe this...you were bitten by a poisonous spider! You should've died!
8: You've got some vitality, you know that? You practically rose from the dead!
9: Yeah, but I didn't want to!!

1: Ruby...
2: did you see Hawk?
3: Yeah!
4: And you three interrupted us just when things were getting good!
5: Thanks a lot!
6: Assholes.
7: Were you able to tell him how you feel?
8: Hahaha!

p1: whoosh
1: Woahh!
2: Wh-what are you doing?!
3: Stop laughing.
4: You don't know how this feels!
5: By the time I realized I loved him,
6: he was already gone forever.

1: But I loved him so much, it made me so sad...
2: and there's no way to change my feelings.
3: My heart's in pieces, and there's nothing I can do about it.
4: And then...
5: In the end, I told him I loved him
6: hugged him, and cried...
7: I cried!!

1: We understand, Ruby. You don't need to cry.
p2: I've never loved a man that much before, so..
2: I can't understand why you're crying that much.
3: But I'm sorry for laughing.
p3: Love is frightening. Watching someone lose another like this...makes me too afraid to ever love.
4: Candy's still not here yet.

1: Ruby!! Come here!!
2: Hurry, hurry!
3: It's Hawk!!
4: What is it now?
5: He's flying around us!!
6: Is he trying to tell us something?
7: Maybe it's about Candy this time! Maybe she's over there!
8: Hawk!
p: flap
9: Aahhhh, you came back!!

1: He's pretty big up close!! (Scary)
2: What is this? A lizard?
p2: drop
3: Huh? Is he telling us to eat it? (Raw?)
4: Blech! Now we'll be just like Coco...

1: Munch
2: Woah, she ate it!!
3: Aaahh!
4: Here, you eat some too!
5: Nooo, stop it!
6: Not in a place like this...
7: Ahhh...I swallowed it.
p3: cough
8: It felt like it crawled down there on its own.
9: Just when I had gotten out of eating Coco's lizard...
10: Miss Suzy, Miss Dahlia!
11: I see a girl walking over there!

1: Where?!
2: With blonde hair...
3: It's Candy!
4: Why is she walking over there?
5: She's carrying something big.
6: Where are you seeing this?!
7: Over there.
8: Beyond that rock.

1: She's walking away from here.
2: She didn't see us.
3: What happened to Monroe?
4: I knew we never should have trusted him!
5: We need to go after her!
6: But we can only climb down the opposite side!
7: It'll take 5 hours!!
8: Ahh!!

p1: throb
1: Wh
2: aa
3: aat
4: I feel bad bad bad...
5: Like my head's falling off...
6: Ahhhhhh

1: I can slide across the sand...
2: dive into the shadows of the bushes...
3: What speed!!
4: Where am I?
5: I'm dizzy...

1: I can hear so many different sounds...the crunching of the earth, the rushing of the water...
2: The sound of bugs flying...

p1 right: A powerful force in my cells...
p2 left: is swirling...
p2 right: The lizard's Ancient memories are running through me...
p2 left: Everything's coming back to life...
1: Ahhh!
2: Coco jumped off the edge!
p4: whoosh

1: This is the only way to make it to her in time!!
p1: crumble
2: No way!
p2: Heeey!
3: Let's go too!!

p1: Why do we have to go from this way?
1: No way.
2: Our legs will get all scratched up...
3: It'll be fine.
4: After all, Coco was able to do it!

1: My body feels unbelievably light.
2: Like I'm a bird.

1: I'm falling into the valley
2: as if it's pulling me toward it.

p1: twitch
1: What?!
2: Who are you?

1: What happened to that man?
2: His soul's left his body.
3: I...I'm Candy.
4: I came here because I want you to help him.