#27 / The Tougai Group's Machinations


tl by danluffey

#27 / The Tougai Group's Machinations

sfx: whiiirr
1: Get back, get back!
2: Ahhh! This is disgusting!
3: clamor

1: So, who was fighting?
2: Osu! Everyone was already on the ground by the time we got out.
3: I see. Judging from what happened, they must have been up against a lot of people.
4: We told the cops that a gang from some other high school came and killed 'em all.
5: Fine.
6: Now, I want you to split up and go find him. I'm gonna settle this once and for all.

1: sweep sweep
sfx: clunk
sfx: stagger

sign: Janitor's Room
1: I administered all the first aid I could, but you should really hurry on to the hospital.
2: Thank you...
3: Still, I'm really surprised. I can't believe you could send all of them off in stretchers all by yourself.
4: I doubt the other boys will let this slide, though. Honestly, I'd transfer to another school if I were you.

1: As quickly as possible.
2: Before the Commander comes back, at least...
3: The Commander?
4: Oh, you've never met the Commander, have you?
5: He only ever shows up about once every six months, unless something really big happens.
6: Technically, he's been expelled, but unfortunately, there isn't a teacher in the school who can tell that guy what to do...

1: They all know what'll happen to them if they cause trouble for the group.
2: Now, I won't scold you, but really, you should just leave this place and never come back.
3: I am very thankful for the warning,
4: but I have my reasons for staying here.
5: Thank you very much, mister.
6: I'll be leaving now.
7: Sugata Kyouhei...
8: I guess the apple doesn't fall far from the tree after all...he really is the spitting image of his father!

sign: 10th Miss Tougai Beauty Contest
Produced by the Tougai High Officers
With cooperation from the Tougai High Teachers
pillar: Tougai Private High School
sfx: clamor
1: O-one thousand yen for Sugata Azusa...
2: OK!
3: Two thousand for Houjou Sayaka!
4: Me too!
5: If you really wanna make some cash, you'll bet on Sugata Azusa, baby!
6: I agree!
sfx: slip
7: W-well then...on Sugata Azusa it is!

1: 500 yen on Sugata Azusa...
2: 1000 yen is the minimum bet. Sorry, kid!
3: B-but this is all I have...
4: I'll put it on your tab, then. Name and year!
5: Momota Reiko, Class 1-C...
6: Just for your information, when we use a tab, you have to automatically bet at least 3000 yen.
7: Whaaat?!
8: How about putting down 10,000?
9: N-no way!
10: Alright then, 3000 yen it is.
11: Waaaah...
12: Neeext!

1: Where could he be hiding?
2: I'm gonna rip him a new one!
sfx: rattle
sfx: wham
3: Well?!
4: Nothing!
5: How about over there?!
6: Nothing here, either!

1: /Sugata Kyouhei...!!
2: /Just who is he?
3: /Why did he come to Tougai?
4: /And why did he wear the Supreme Commander's uniform?
5: /Just what is he after?
6: Excuse me!!
sfx: wham

1: We can't find him no matter where we look!
2: We believe he is no longer on school grounds!
sfx: fwoosh
sfx: freeze
3: grin
sfx: crack

sfx: shatter
1: H...hieeeee!
2: How much did you gather?
3: O-osu!
4: 230,000 on Houjou Sayaka, and 2,320,000 on Sugata Azusa! It's Sugata Azusa 10 to 1!
5: Fufufu...that's more than I expected.
6: Looks like we're gonna get pretty busy, dude.

1: So Sugata-kun was behind that slaughter...
2: Now that Sub-Commander Takamine is down, the officers will be after Sugata-kun to protect themselves.
3: Juumonji-san, please!!
sfx: wham

1: Please, help me protect my bro!!
sfx: grin
2: I've been trying to do that since the moment I met Sugata-kun.
3: But in other to do it properly...
4: There are a few questions I need him to answer.

1: Welcome home, my lady.
2: Is Kyouhei back yet?
3: Yes, he just arrived.
4: Was he hurt?
5: Huh?! W-well...

1: /The moment my throat was stabbed, I felt like I was being electrocuted by a high voltage current...
2: /My body started heating up...it became red hot, like lava...
3: /And then...
sfx: rumble

1: /It was like a volcanic eruption...
2: /I felt intense power from deep within me!
sfx: vavavoooom
3: /But I can't remember what happened after that...
sfx: knock
4: Kyouhei!!
5: Can I come in?
6: Ah...
7: Uuu!

sfx: click
1: W-welcome back, Azusa...
sfx: stare
2: That's strange...
3: Wh-what's so strange, Azusa...?
4: You aren't hurt anywhere?
5: N-nope...
6: Haha! I'm fine, just how I look!
7: Really?
8: R...really!

1: Geez, I can't believe I was so worried for nothing!
sfx: thud
2: It was such a big fight, I thought you'd be hurt for sure. I'm glad you're fine, though.
3: Oh, that's right! I got the top score in the contest, right alongside Sayaka-san!
4: Wooow, that's amazing! Guess those judges really knew what they were looking at!
5: Haha!
sfx: wham
6: You're the one who doesn't really know what he's looking at! Don't come crying to me when I become Miss Tougai!!
7: Nyaaaaah!
sfx: whap
8: Sheesh.
9: Wonder what the judges would say if they saw that...

sfx: throb
1: Uuu!
2: Kyouhei...
3: Huh?!
4: It's all thanks to you that I did so well in the second round.
5: Thank you, Kyouhei!!
6: I also forgot to tell you...Juumonji-san said he'd watch your back.
7: See you later!
sfx: clop
8: /I'm thankful for Juumonji-san's sentiments...but if that really happens...it means Tougai will split into two factions and break out into total war...all because of me!!