tl by danluffey

1: Monroe's shirt is silky and smells of tobacco.
2: It's a little warm, like the desert breeze.
3: And he looks at me with eyes that say he loves me so much he doesn't know what to do.

p1: blam

1: Got 'im!!

p1: wham
1: Monroe!!
2: Sorry...they got me.
2: C'mon...hurry up and run...cutie...
3: Stop looking at me.

1: Hey, I found her!
2: Heheh...maybe I'll be the next sheriff now.
3: Gyahaha! The world's really gone to shit!
4: Reige ordered me to kill all traitors.
5: So it was nothing personal, Monroe.
6: Let's face it, though. Assholes like you always get shot sooner or later.
p4: Please, Monroe...

1: What's she doing?
2: Pushing down on him there ain't gonna stop the blood!
3: The only thing that's gonna stop here is his heart!
4: Gyahahahaha!
p1 right: Don't die. Don't let you heart stop.
p1 left: Monroe's cells...hear my voice...

1: Uwahh!
2: What's wrong, Harry?
3: Be careful...something's up.
4: She pushed me back!!
p3 right: This isn't a wish. It's "reality."
p3 left: Right now, I'm going to control reality.

1: The bullet passed through the left side of Monroe's chest.
2: The bleeding stops.
3: The destroyed cells begin repairing themselves,
4: returning him to the way he was 5 minutes ago.
p2: He'll be healed in time.
p3 right: I know you're lurking somewhere inside me, power...
p3 left: Come out!!

p1: throb
1: Just get her outta here!!
2: What about Monroe?
3: Throw him out back.

1: She's the problem now.
2: Can't let her do any of that weird shit again.
3: Bring me a rope! Right now!!
4: See, I knew you were nothing to worry about.
5: Harry's such a pussy.
p3: snap
p4: flick

p1 right: I'm steel. I'm as light as the wind.
p1 left: I surpass all time. I can see everything.
1: Don't expect to kill me with something like this.

1: Reige!! Get over here!! That girl, she...
2: got Bill and Harry!!
3: She's a monster! She won't die!
4: She dodged our bullets!!
5: What are you going on about?
6: Look at that!
7: Hey, you!
8: Is the sheriff dead?

1: He's going to come back to life now.
2: Wow...she lost her man, so she went crazy.
3: Poor thing...
4: Hey!! Where do you think you're going with him?!
5: She's pretty strong, though...(How can she carry such a heavy guy like that?)
6: Come back!
7: Yeah! You don't even have a car! You'll die if you go too far out into the desert!
p4: blam

p1: fwip
1: Candy!
2: Come back!
3: Next time it'll be your head!

1: Answer me.
2: Is this the Lizard's power?
3: ...It appears so.
4: You aimed for my head the first time, right?
5: Reige!! Aren't you gonna go get Candy?!
6: Where are the other girls?!
p3: klak
7: Fuck if I know.
8: Mr. Muscle!!
p4: slam
9: Give me a "Lizard"...
10: Give me
11: "power."

1: I can't.
p2: For some reason, this is making me imagine things...
p3 right: I can remember being a man, a long, long time ago.
p3 left: I was very strong, and I loved to fight.

1: Ha haaah!
2: Kill them all!! Obliterate them!!
p3 right: Drunk on my days of bloodshed,
p3 left: I fought on and on, conquering...
p4: constructing a mountain of corpses.
p5: Nothing remained.

1: Give birth and leave something behind.
2: That's why you were given this body.
3: That's why you were born.
4: Who's there?!
5: What's wrong, Suzy?
6: Uhh...nothing. Sorry.
7: Guess I fell asleep too...we need to hurry and get out of here.

1: Any sign of them?
2: Not a single one.
3: What about the girl?
4: I caught them!!
5: Look, Miss Dahlia! I caught two lizards!
6: I'm gonna go for another one!!

1: What's she doing?
2: Ey!
3: When I woke up and saw her, she appeared to be full of energy.
4: She was humming on top of that rock.
5: But she had such a bad fever.
6: Kids can really make amazing recoveries.
7: She hasn't even drank any water...
8: I don't exactly seem normal either, do I?
9: What do you mean?
10: I spent the night in the desert, but I didn't feel cold.
11: Now that you mention it, I didn't feel cold either.

1: I caught another!
2: I did it, Miss Dahlia! I caught three!!
3: Now we can each have one!
4: ...why did you catch one for each of us?
5: Because we're going to roast them and eat them!!
6: I...I'm full...
7: ....lizards?
8: That purple lizard...
9: where have I seen that before?
10: Let's eat them later, OK?!
11: OK...it'll be an excellent dinner.

1: They're finally here...
2: This way!! No, come this way!!
3: Hurry up and find my body!!

1: If you let myself tan like this, my skin will get all wrinkled!
2: My young, tender body!!
3: Suzy!! Dahlia!!
4: Notice me!!
5: I'm on the other side of the rocks!!
6: Huh?
7: I didn't say anything.
8: Are you alright, Miss Suzy?!
9: Coco...was it? You seem really energetic.
10: I am!
11: It's the first time I've felt this good!
12: Well, isn't that just splendid?

1: Dammit! How could they not notice me?!
2: Ah, I know!
3: I'll just possess her body and...
4: No.
5: Hawk...?
6: But you're dead...
7: Wait...so if I can see you, that means...
8: I'm also officially...

1: You can't enter a living person's body just because you feel like it.
2: Then you really will die.
3: What?!
4: You mean I'm not really dead yet?
5: Then why am I floating here?!
6: I've been watching you the whole time.
7: All your fights with your friends...
8: And how your heart was filled to the brim with sadness...
9: Also how I was thinking about you and crying?
10: ...Yeah.
11: And how the spider bit you.

1: Asshole!!
2: All you do is watch.
3: Why didn't you say anything?!
4: I wish...I could have faced you like this
5: when you were alive!
6: I wish I could have told you how I felt!
7: And heard how you felt!!

1: You're so weak and frail,
2: I felt like if I got near you, I'd hurt you.
3: ...no,
4: it was the opposite.
5: Men aren't as strong as you think you are...
6: Maybe it was me
7: who was always deeply afraid of being hurt.

1: What are you talking about?! It's too late for that shit now!!
2: You only appeared to me in order to say that?
3: That's not going to make me walk away from you!
4: Your friends will find you soon.
5: Ah...
6: A white hawk...
7: Are you asking me go on living my life forever thinking of you?
8: Gimme a fucking break!
9: Ruby.

1: I love you...

1: Wait!
2: Please!!
3: I love you...
4: I love you...!!