#16 / The Terror of the Tougai Group


tl by danluffey

#16 / The Terror of the Tougai Group

sfx: stomp

1: Ahh!
top sfx: whisper
lower sfx: stomp
2: Wawahh!
sfx: stomp
3: Tougai students...
4: Whatever happens, I just hope they keep walking!

1: Noooo!
2: Heehee! Aww, come on, it was just a little love tap!
3: Stop acting all innocent! You let your man touch it all the time, doncha?!
4: Kyaaa!
sfx: whistle
5: Gyahahahahahaha!

sfx: stomp
1: Th-the special forces captain from Tougai...D-Dan Tsukumo!!
2: Deeeehhh!!
3: R-run for it!
sfx: dash
4: Wawahh!

1: What's the big hurry,
2: huh?!
3: Woaahhh!
4: Oh, that's right...why are we running?
5: We've got a scaaaary big bro on our side too!!
6: That's right!

sfx: rattle
1: I knew it! There's gonna be a big fight! Gotta close up early today!
2: Hey, boys...what's the big idea, huh? You're walking around like you own the town!
3: Just who do you think you are, huh?!

1: This is the infamous Shuuseikai Gang. We should back off. (*Gruesome Star)
2: Keh! The Shuuseikai can kiss my ass! You think you can be afraid of yakuza and cops and still be a leader at Tougai?!
3: Wahh!
4: Scaryyy!
5: You've got spunk, bro.
6: What?
sfx: wham
7: Uuu...
8: Ohh...

sfx: thud
1: Wahh!
2: Hiie!
3: Now, be good little boys and run back to your mommies.
sfx: stomp
4: You're the ones who should be running home.

1: You little maggoooot!!
sfx: fwoom

sfx: skid
sfx: slip
sfx: tap

sfx: wham

sfx: crash
1: Hiieeeee!
2: That fucking does it.
sfx: chomp

sfx: grab
sfx: lift
1: Ahhh!
2: Don't think I'm gonna let you off with just a few broken bones, kid.
3: That's my line.
4: WHAT?!

sfx: slip
sfx: crack
1: Fufufu...
2: Enough floundering...to an ex-wrestler like me, your punches no more than mosquito bite!
sfx: bsssh
3: Uwaaaahhh!!

sfx: tap
1: Uooooohhhh
sfx: splorge

sfx: cheer
1: Wait, you fuckers! Get back here!
sfx: dash
2: Hiiiee!
3: Uwaaah! Help us!!

1: Gahahahahaha!
2: You couldn't just stop at Officer Toura! You had to go and beat Sub-Commander Takamine as well! You really are the man, man!
3: Now the Tougai Group's framework will be in shambles!
4: To normal students, you're like a messiah!
5: You're just what they needed to soothe all their pent-up frustration!
6: By the way, bro...have you given any serious thought to what Juumonji-san said?

1: Tougai didn't use to be this horrible...they had order, and everyone worked to do what they believed was just...but that's all gone now. The current officers have completely ruined Tougai.
2: That's the reason I left the group.
3: I also realized that it was too late...and I alone was not powerful enough to stop them all.
4: But, just when I was about to give up for good...
5: you appeared.

1: Sugata-kun, you may be the one
2: who can change Tougai for the better.
3: That's merely what I felt.
4: I-I don't know about that...
5: Please find me if you decide you're interested.
6: I and others who feel similarly will rise to support you.

1: I knew Juumonji-san had a sharp set of eyes on him!
2: I don't think there's any reason to ponder it any longer, bro! The officers are just going to keep attacking you whether or not you team up with him!
sfx: bash
3: Uooohhh!
4: We need as many allies as we can get!
5: Uwaaahhh!
6: Wh-what?!
7: Kyaaaahh!
8: Hiieeeeeh!

1: Ahhh....
2: Next!
3: N-no! Let me go! Heeeeelp!
4: Wh...what?!

Dokkouren Vol. 2 / END