#10 / A New Rivalry


tl by danluffey

#10 / A New Rivalry

1: What? Sugata Kyouhei beat Kajima, the leader of the first-years?!
2: Osu! I did not witness the fight myself, but I heard that Kajima-san was seen cradling his arm and walking out from the schoolyard afterwards, so I merely put two and two together...
3: And Sub-Commander Takamine still doesn't want us to nab that guy?!
4: Fuck, man!

1: I can't believe Kajima would lose a duel like that, though.
2: Even with the Sub-Commander's orders, we can't just let this slide.
3: Otherwise we'll look like jackasses!
4: What are you saying?
5: All we need to do is make sure no one finds out WE were the ones who did it!
sfx: grin
6: I get it...

1: Waaaah!
2: Ahahahaha!
3: clamor
4: You really must have taken a beating back there, bro!
5: Oh, it was nothing.
6: I can't remember a thing about that whole fight, though! Sheeit!
7: Uwaaaahh!

sfx: wham
1: Don't tell me that you forgot that anyone who doesn't participate in our fund-raising drive isn't allowed to use the bathroom,
2: assfuck!!
3: I'm sorry! I didn't know!
4: I don't care if you were to stupid to realize it, but you know what? I'll be easy on you today!
5: Each use of the bathroom costs 100 yen! Got it?!
box: Campaign
sign: Toilet

sfx: clink
1: clink
2: 100 yen for the bathroom? Geez...
3: And that's not all!
4: Look down there.

1-2: clink
sign: Toll Fee - 100 yen
3: Those toadies have to pay 10,000 yen a month to the higher-ups, so they go around school setting up stupid shit like that.
4: They know that a scaaary lynching's waiting for them if they don't come up with the funds, so they're all getting really desperate!

sfx: clack

1: Watch this, bro! It's gonna be good.
sfx: clack

sfx: clack
1: Ah!
2: Heheh! There's someone not even they can mess with!

1: They aren't wearing the same uniforms as everyone else...who are they?
2: They're all ex-members of the Tougai Group.
3: What?!
4: And the one-armed guy with the cane used to be a Sub-Commander, the same rank as Takamine, right before he left the group!
5: Wow.
6: His name is Juumonji Keisuke. The big guy behind him is the captain of the judo club, Okakura Touta, and the shrimp is Sano Junji from the boxing cub!
7: Juumonji is a kendo master. Okakura made it to the national semi-finals...and Sano is an unrivaled featherweight!

1: Why did they leave the group?
2: I dunno the details, but apparently they got into an argument with the Commander!
3: It's not easy to drop out of the group, you know. There's a really rigorous procedure...and they won't let you leave until you finish it.
4: It could even mean death for some...that whole procedure is how Juumonji lost his arm and his eyesight!
5: What?!

1: Oh, they came out!
sfx: clack
2: /An arm, and both his eyes...just what kind of a lynching did he receive?!

sfx: stomp
1: Takamine...no...who are you?!

1: Oh...um,
2: I'm Sugata, a first-year.
3: Sugata...?!
4: Are you the new student who wore the Supreme Commander's uniform?
5: Yes...
6: I see...
7: I heard about your courageous battles.
8: Oh, I haven't done anything special...

1: Go call Officer Ookura-san!
2: If those two join forces, we could be in for some trouble!
3: The officers lost a lot of face after the bike gang incident, so they're after you now.
4: They'll do anything to get what they want, so you should be careful.
5: Okay...

1: I don't know if I can be of much help, but if you ever find yourself in trouble, feel free to come to me.
2: Bye now...
sfx: clack
3: H-hell yeah, bro!! With Juumonji on our side, we're practically untouchable!
sfx: pat
4: /Juumonji Keisuke...his appearance makes him look as calm as a kite...but I could feel raging flames within him. More importantly, though...why did Juumonji-san mistake me for Takamine-san?

1: Whaaat? Juumonji?!
sfx: rattle
2: Y-yes...but we aren't sure whether they've truly teamed up or not...
3: So they might have, and they might not have! Right?!
4: Osu!

1: Seems like we need to flatten that guy as quickly as possible, then.
sfx: slip
sfx: jingle
sfx: yoink
2: Kieeeehhh
sfx: jingle

sfx: whip
sfx: clink
sfx: snap
1: Iyaaaaahh

sfx: smash
1: Sugata Kyouhei's all mine!