#5 / The Young Lion Awakens


tl by danluffey

#5 / The Young Lion Awakens

sfx: woooom

1: H-hey!
2: Th-that's...
3: Help me, Kyouheiiii!!
4: Azusa...
5: What are you doing here?!
6: Kyo...Kyouhei-sama!
sfx: stagger
7: Jeeves!!
sfx: thud

1: Hang in there, Jeeves!!
sfx: grab
2: What are you doing here?!
3: L-Lady Azusa dropped out of White Princess Girls' Academy and insisted on coming to Tougai High with you...
4: Well, well, what a surprise!
5: So this chick is one of the little princesses from that academy that only prim and proper ladies can get into, eh?
6: Hyooo! Uheeheeeee! So that's why she stands out so much!
7: Usually, they're so austere they never even speak to me...
8: But what do you know? Now, I'm holding one right in my arms!

1: Heeeehahahahahahaha!!
2: Woooowee!! I can't take it anymore! I'm as hard as a rock!
3: Kyahahahahaha!!
4: honk honk
5: Now, outta the way, kid.
6: Please...
7: let Azusa go!!

1: Fu fu fu...you've got some guts, kid.
2: Now, I'll say it one more time. Outta the way!!
3: Let Azusa go...!!

1: Th...that idiot! What's he thinking?
2: He's a dead man now...
3: Fu fu fu...you wouldn't want to ruin that cute little face of yours, now would you, boy? Oh, wait, I get it! Hey! It looks like he got so scared his whole body froze up! Someone needs to go lift him out of the way!
4: Roger that!
sfx: crack

1: Hey!! Didn't you hear us tell you to move your ass?!
sfx: fwoom
sfx: whiff
2: Huh?!
3: What are you doing? Did you forget how to throw a punch?!

1: You little...
sfx: whoom
2: Ahh!
sfx: whiff
3: Wh...what the?!
4: You're gonna pay for that, you little pissant!
5: That's it! Surround him, boys, and make sure he can't run away!!

1: Soryaaaaahhh!!
sfx: dash
2: Uooohhh!!
sfx: fssssh
sfx: snap snap
3: Hiee!
4: Uwaahh!

1: Over here, over here! Look up higher, you neanderthals!
2: Huh?!
3: Gahaha!
4: He's up there!!
5: It's him...
6: Da-da-da-daaaaa!
7: Ally of justice, The Eastern Sea's very own Blue Demon, has arriiiived!!
sfx: leap
sfx: slip
sfx: thunk

sfx: thud
1: Uooohhh! Owwww! Gieehhh!!
sfx: spin
2: Who the hell is that?
3: Just some retard, I guess.
4: So, you say you're an ally of justice, huh?
5: poof
6: Unless you want to break a few bones, you'd better...
sfx: lift
7: Uuu...
sfx: fsssh
sfx: toss
8: Wahh!

1: Wah!
2: Gawahahahahahaha!
3: I'm here now, so you don't need to worry, bro!
4: This fight's all mine now! Come at me! All at once, I don't care!
5: That moron's back?
6: What's gotten into him now?
7: By the way, bro...
sfx: sniff
8: I just want to know so I can get things straight...that Azusa girl, is she your little sister?

1: Well, uh, yeah, something like that...
2: I knew it!!
3: Well then, in that case, just sit back and watch the ally of justice do his work! You can leave it all to me!
4: You think this is funny, fucktard?!
5: You're both gonna be cat food now!!
6: Uooohhh!!
sfx: dash
7: Oh yeaaaah?!
8: Well take a good look at this!
sfx: fwip

1: Gyohh!!
2: Heheh! This ain't no firecracker...
3: It's bona-fide dynamite!
4: So, unless you wanna see your limbs go flying in front of your very eyes, I'd back off!
5: Dynamite my ass!!
6: You're fulla shit!!
7: There's no way you'd be able to get your hands on a real piece of dynamite!
8: That's just an imitation!!

1: Stop fucking around!!
sfx: dash
2: If it's the real thing, then go on and prove it!
3: Grrr...you're really starting to piss me off!!
sfx: snap
4: You really don't believe me, do you?!
5: Open those peepers wide and take a good look, dammit!!
6: Uwahh!
7: Woahh...!!
8: Soryaaaaahhh!!
sfx: hiieeee
sfx: pop
9: Huh?

sfx: tonk
1: Kyaaaa!
sfx: grab
sfx: toss
2: Eeeeeiii!!

sfx: glimmer
sfx: kaboooooom

sfx: clatter
1: It...
2: was...
3: real!!
4: Gawahahahahahaha!
5: Now you know what happens when you mess with the Blue Demon of the Eastern Sea!!
6: Now, put Cinderella back on her feet and beat it!!

sfx: vroom
1: Kyaaa!!
sfx: slam
2: Ahhh!!

sfx: wham
sfx: twitch
1: The next time you see me, it'll be your last!
2: As for you, kid...you'd better just stay there unless you want to end up like your friend.

sfx: ruffle
1: Please let go of not only Azusa, but the rest of the female students!! Otherwise...I think I'm going to start my first fight!!