tl by danluffey

1: I can still feel Monroe's fingers on my body.
2: Here
3: and here
4: Ah...
5: I can feel him.

1: I need to get myself together.
2: Where did they take Suzy and the others?
3: The lizard...
p2: I didn't know...
4: First I'll check out your body.
p3 right: That day,
p3 left: I'll swallow it.
5: Change into this outfit and wait.

1: It wasn't my first time being kidnapped by a man,
2: but for some reason, it really pissed me off, and I lost control of my body.
3: I started moving around like a warrior.
4: Sorry.
p2: squeeze
5: Now that I think about it, it must have been the drug.
6: "There's a treasure in the Bible. With it, a person can do anything they want."

p1: Remembering what I heard in Madelene's place, I happened to open it and..
1: What is this?
2: A toy lizard?
3: All ready, Candy?
4: I never would have thought THAT was the treasure.
5: I want it...
6: It's cute, and I like the color...

p1: Why did I do that? I only put it in my mouth so I could hide it.
p2: But then, my head cleared up and I began to see a blue world. All of the answers lied within my own cells.

1: Uhyohyohyooo!
2: Heeell yeah!!
3: Look at the ass on this one!
4: I wanna fuck that one! Kukuku...
5: Go fuck yourself!
6: Why do you people act like it's your right to have sex with women?
7: It's really offensive.

1: Ahh...
2: How the fuck can you say something like that, whore?!
3: This is how you've made your whole living!
4: This is a law that was decided longer ago than you could even count!
5: We take in the weak ones. And then we fuck 'em.
6: And in return, we take good care of you. Got it?
7: Take good care of us, he says.
p4: blech
8: Maybe that'd be OK if we liked you. But we don't want to be taken care of assholes like you!
9: You're gross, and you stink!

p1 right: Why didn't we ever stand up for ourselves before?
1: What'd you say...
p1 left: We probably just never thought of it...we thought that was what a normal life was.
2: Run away, even if you end up doing it alone.
3: Don't worry about who's left behind.
4: We'll meet up in the desert.

1: Bye then.
2: What a pain in the ass.
3: Guess I'll just fuck you right here.
p3: If all we need is strength...

p1: then we'll just have to
p2: get stronger.
1: Damn, they seemed too weak.
2: Maybe you're just too strong, Suzy.
3: Hey...

1: My arm feels all better now.
2: But how?
3: I know it was broken.
4: I've been getting this feeling.
5: Don't you think we've all changed since we've met Candy?
6: Like, our bodies...
7: and our hearts...
p4: And we've started thinking about things we've never thought about before.

p1: My body moves how I want it to now.
1: Ah!
2: The women are escaping!!
3: Pfft
4: Shit, they saw us!
5: This is bad! There's too many of them...
6: Shit, what happened to their escorts? Those lily-livered morons!

1: Let's take care of them too.
2: Yeah right. Are you nuts?!
3: (Whisper) It'll be just like back there!! (Whisper)
4: There's twice as many as them!!
5: Wait.
6: First we should find Candy,
7: then escape together.
8: In a little bit we're gonna start your big party.
9: So dress the fuck up!! Got it?!

1: Uwahh!! This is silk!
2: Aaahh! It's so cute!
3: You sure are relaxed.
4: Do you know how many people we're going to have to deal with?
5: We'll survive.

1: Don't be too sure about that.
2: There's a shitload of sexually frustrated men waiting downstairs for you.
3: You think they're gonna care if you faint?
4: Do your best out there!!
5: Otherwise you might actually die.
6: But don't worry. If you do, we'll be sure you mourn you proper.
7: Why thank you.
8: I just hope
9: it's a handsome guy that kills me.
10: Liquor! Bring out more liquor!
11: Ow! Hey, watch it!
12: I'm gonna fucking kill you!

1: Can someone carry these for me? I need a hand!
2: The boss is out gathering people from the next town over, you know.
3: All we did is catch a few girls. What's the big deal?
4: Where's that goddamned liquor?!
5: I just brought it out!!
6: That was nowhere near enough!!
7: Coco!! Hurry it up!
8: Move that scrawny, lazy ass of yours, girl!
9: Who would pay money for you?
10: Well, I know there are certain eccentric gentlemen who have special tastes, but...
11: Hey! Get over here and carry this!

1: I used to live with my family in a village out on the frontier.
2: Until my father sold me off, that is.
3: They always said that was what happened to girls who were born in poor families, so I never thought twice about it.
p2 right: My little brother and sister cried when they found out I was going to leave them. My mother said "I'm sorry."
p2 left: I had lived by whole life doing nothing but drawing pictures, but that didn't matter anymore.

p1: I knew what kind of place Mr. Muscle's house was the first time I came here, but I was still too young, so I was made to do servant work.
1: I'm alright, mom.
p2 right: I didn't have to take any customers in the beginning.
2: I think I'll be able to make it through this.
p2 left: They even let me eat lots of food, telling me to "fatten up."
3: Ahhh! You poor thing!!
4: Look how scrawny you are! It's only your first job, and they're making you take on some pretty hard customers...
p3: rattle

1: Hey! Where are the girls?
p1 top: stomp
p1 bottom: rattle
2: This isn't what I asked for!
p2: crash
3: I can barely wait any longer!
4: What?! It's your first time? Whoowee! We hit the jackpot today!
5: Ah!! I'm sorry! I'm sorry!
6: Oh no, it broke.
7: Well, guess you gotta pay for it with your body now!!
8: Aaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!
p3: heheheh
9: Aaaagggh!

1: Noooooo!
2: Stooooop!
3: Mom!!
4: Aaaaaahhh
5: Dad!! Marge!! Chick!!
6: I'm scared!! Help me!!

p1: Why is this happening to me?!
1: Ah...
p2: Huh?
p3: clamor...

1: Ah...
p4: Look how...pretty and confident they look. Why...aren't they afraid of those men?

p3: slip!!
1: Whoooooo!
2: flap!!

1: Me first!!
2: Get back! It's my turn!
3: Move it, you bastard!!
4: Hell no! YOU move!!
5: Fight.
6: We're what the winners get.
7: OK, begin!

p1: blam
1: This way, this way!
2: You're stealing liquor at a time like this?
3: Hm?!
p3: I'm getting a weird feeling.
4: Suzy, behind you!
5: Ummm
6: Please take me with you!
p4: I want to be with them.

p1: Yeah right!
1: Are you kidding me?! You'd just get in the way!
2: I'm sure they'll take me somewhere bright.
3: Please, take me with you!!
4: Hurry up!!
5: The girls are gone!
6: C'mon, hurry!!
7: We need to save Candy!
8: Why? Who cares?! Let's just leave now while we can!!

1: Oww!
2: Candy saved you! Or did you forget already?!
3: And that's not all.
4: We need Candy.
5: It's because she was with us...
p4: that we were able to keep going for so long without giving up.
6: Tch.
7: You can go through the gap here to get out to the back and over the hill.

1: Where's Candy?
2: I can't tell you that.
3: Why not?
4: Because I don't want to hand her over.
5: Let's just run for now.
6: The next time they find us, we're dead for sure.
p: crash bam wham gyaaaaah hey! Where'd they go?!

1: Candy!!