tl by danluffey

1: Love or life, which do you choose?
2: I'll take love.
3: But you can't love once you're dead, can you?

1: ...fuh.
2: ...uuu...
p2: We know
p3: that it's better not to say anything at times like this.
p4 right: When it happened...
3: Hawk!
p4 middle: clatter

1: Hawk!! Hawk!!
2: Oh. So that's your man.
3: I don't know him! I've never even spoken with him before!
4: He always just stares at me with these really cold eyes!
5: C'mon, walk!
6: Ow! What are you doing?!
7: I knew he'd end up getting himself killed one day.

1: Men are so stupid and annoying.
2: You know, for a stupid woman who doesn't know anything
3: you sure talk a lot.
4: That guy...
5: probably had a thing for you, Ruby.
6: Even if he didn't realize it himself.
7: Why would you say that now?
8: 'cuz it's funny.
9: You're disgusting.

p1: fwoosh
p2: tack
1: No more talk.
2: As of now, you girls are going to be taken to an even worse place
3: where you'll have to work for even less money.
p3: vrooom
4: So bad that you'll miss your old lives.

1: Wait in this room for a bit.
2: And don't even think about escaping.
p2: slam
3: Awww...we're back where we started now.
4: Just getting pushed back to where you started is wishful thinking. You escaped, remember?
5: They'll probably beat you within an inch of your life now.
6: Yeah, because that's the way things work. Since we weren't born as rich girls.
7: Normal girls like us don't have any place to go in this world.

1: And we don't even have any real skills, so we just sell our bodies.
2: The only men who ever want to marry us are total losers.
3: And when we become old and useless, we'll just get thrown away and die.
4: Our lives are pitch black.
5: Are you really alright with that?
6: Are you just going to live your life the way it's set out for you?

1: What a considerate girl!!
2: Damn if you aren't straight-laced!
3: We're stronger creatures than you.
4: Now stop talking about shit like that and help us think of a way to escape.
5: It'd be kind of boring to burn the place down again, wouldn't it?
6: How stupid are you?!
7: It's hopeless! No matter what we do, there's no way out!

1: There are five guards on the other side of the door.
2: We have no weapons or ways of starting a fire in here.
3: And look!
4: Guards have coiled themselves around the entire building!
5: An ant couldn't crawl its way out of here.
6: But it still can't be perfectly sealed!
7: Don't get all nervous.
8: When blood rushes to your brain, you become blind to things you can usually see.
9: Candy's just trying to tell you to calm down.

1: Get out here, Candy!!
2: You three are coming this way.
3: Oww! Don't touch me,
4: asshole!
5: I'll be alright. See you later!
6: You three are going to entertain these gentlemen.
7: Candy!
8: Let's stuff up that mouth of yours already!
9: Hee hee hee...

1: Welcome home, Candy.
2: Did you come back for the Bible?

1: I'm not here because I want to be.
2: What's this about a Bible?
3: Madelene was the one who brought you here, wasn't she?
4: She's a pretty famous old lady, even among the whorehouse guild.

1: Long time no see. You're looking young as usual, miss.
2: Shut up, you old fart! I don't need you to tell me that.
3: So this is the girl you spoke of?
4: The one whose background is a mystery?
5: As I'm sure you're aware...
6: my establishment specializes in selling young ones. She's a bit too old for us.
7: A trader who often comes to me brought her in, I won't be able to do anything with her.
8: That's why I brought her to you.
9: Besides, I owe you for receiving one earlier.

1: Hmm...she's got nice legs, and beautiful hair.
p1: gufufu
2: Say aaaaah...open your mouth. Nice teeth.
3: Aaaaah.
4: What's your name?
5: Candy.
6: Now that I think about it, you were always a weird one.
7: In every possible way.
8: I should have noticed it sooner.

1: When I asked if you'd work at my place, you didn't flinch a bit. You just started smiling.
2: I never thought you'd escape.
3: Did Madelene put you up to this?
4: Do your bet.
5: If so, then your job's over.
6: I sent that old bag to hell.
7: Now give me back the "lizard"!!

1: You took it out from the Bible, right?!
p1 right: The Bible was just a container...
p1 left: The real treasure was the...
2: Where did you put it?!
3: You planned to steal it right from the start, didn't you?!
4: Goddamned thief!
5: Tell me!
6: She's one cute thief.

1: You're gonna pay!!
2: Monroe!! Tie her up!
p1 big: spin
p1 small: Why are you spinning?
3: Do I really have to?
4: Sorry. I really don't want to do something like this to such a cutie.
5: That's why I told you not to let anyone else catch you.
6: Ahhh...
7: Please, don't make those kind of sounds.

1: water!!
2: Any more and I'll die!
3: You should know well by now that it takes
4: much more than this to get these kinds of girls to talk.
p3 right: You old dog...
p3 left: Huff huff
5: Hm? Yeah.
6: I guess...
7: I figured I'd just take my time with her...
bottom line: I don't want to draw any more of him than this...

p1: slam
1: Take care of the rest to me! We'll continue tomorrow.
2: Sorry about that. But if I had stopped him any earlier, he might've gotten angrier.
3: Owww...
4: I'll undo you now.
5: Just relax yourself.

1: Your beautiful back's all cut up now.
2: We need to put a salve on.
3: ...uuu...
4: Why...do you always save me?
5: Owww
6: Huh? When have I done that?
7: ...first, when you were chasing us.
8: And then, when you purposefully let us go.

p1: twitch
1: Ahh...
2: Hmm...I wonder.
3: Probably because I like you.

1: Why? You don't know anything about me.
2: Yes I do. You're a fugitive, remember?
3: You're 17. You have blonde hair. You entered the #1 whorehouse in this town, then burned it down and escaped.
4: Then you took out the lizard from Muscle's Bible.
5: What's the "lizard," anyway?

1: A drug.
2: It releases all latent human ability.
3: Where'd you hide it?

1: Uuu!
p1: bang
p2: Time to have you help me again!
2: I need to save everyone.
3: Sorry.
4: Just act unconscious...
5: Ahhh...the weakness of being in love.