tl by danluffey

1: You whore!!
2: Get the fuck out!
3: Owwww!! That hurts!!
4: That's a cheap price to pay for playing along
5: with your perverted games all night!!

p1: whew...
1: Hey, Ruby...you're lookin' good.
2: You're all a mess.
3: What, did you fight with a customer again?
p2: Awww, what a waste...
4: Hmph!
5: His time was up but he was still moving his hips,
6: so I just said "hurry up and get that ear pick out of me," that's all!
7: Why'd he have to get so mad?
8: Hey!! I heard that!
9: I'm not small!
10: You're just too loose!

1: You're a waste of a man.
2: Don't put the blame on me.
3: She's greedy, she's mean...I've never seen a worse whore in my life!
4: She's caused problems at every whorehouse in town, so she just cruises for customers now.

1: What are you looking at?

1: Ruby, is your body free now?
2: Shut up.
3: Shop's closed for today.
p3: There's a man who always watches me, with eyes colder than a winter's sky. His nickname's Hawk. He came down here from the north.
4: Shit...what a pain in the ass.
p4: bam
5: Pops!! Gimme a beer.
6: We don't have any drinks to serve YOU!

1: How many times do we need to tell you?!
2: Hey...it's Dorie from Madame's.
3: You think you can do whatever you want on our turf, you little maggot?!
4: What's so funny?!
5: Nothing...it's just, you're so ugly.
6: Must be hard for your customers... (to, you know, cum.)
7: Youuuu...

1: I'm gonna fucking kill you!
p1: clatter
2: Get her!!
3: Ahahaha! Yeah right!
4: You pigs think you can catch ME?!

1: Fuuuck...
2: Hack! Oww...
3: Bitches brought their fucking men with them...
4: Haaaa...
5: ...this is it...
p4: Night will fall, and I'll die...?
6: No...
7: I don't want to get eaten by coyotes...

1: I'm gonna fucking survive...
p1: If I die here, he'll get exactly what he wants.
2: Why does this hurt so bad?
3: Uuuuu...
4: Cough
p2: That weakling who died cursing me...

1: I got some magic powder.
2: Ruby! Now we'll be millionaires!
3: Magic powder...?
4: That's right. The stuff everyone wants.
5: We can buy anything with it.
p3: But I don't need anything. As long as you'll just keep holding me like this every day, I don't need any more dresses or perfume.

p1: I'm fine just being naked all day...naked...
1: Ruby!! Come quick! It's Ed!
2: He knew the dangers, but he still went for her.
3: They found his corpse on the edge of down!
p3 right: But I told him I didn't need any money.
4-5: Aaaahhh!
p3 left: Don't leave me alone here just so you can go satisfy yourself.
6: That girl's high maintenance, so she probably drove him over the edge.
7: Aaaaaaahhh!

1: It's alright. It's alright now.
2: What...
3: Haah.
4: Calm down. Breathe out slowly...
5: Owww...
6: Haah.

1: My head...and my body feel like they're about to fall apart...
2: I dunno what you fucked up, but
3: Who are these people?
4: Seems like someone really did a number on you.
5: After this we'll go search for some painkillers for you.
6: Are you conscious again now? Do you know what your name is?
p3: poke
7: Ruby...

p1: I'm saved...I'm still alive.
1: I'm glad I noticed.
2: cough
3: You don't need to force yourself to speak.
4: It's probably better if you don't sit up.
5: Uuuuuu...
p3: That's right. I need to run. He's going to come...for revenge...
6-7: haaah

p1: Ed's...little brother...
1: Those eyes...they're always on me.
2: He's waiting...for me to weaken.
3: Ruby.
4: What are you so scared of?

1: ...everything about the world that surrounds me.
2: "Everything about the world" can't hurt you.
3: Come here.

1: Who are...you people?
2: Good question.
3: Fugitives, right?
4: Only you two, not me.

1: Do they even realize...
2: they're being followed?
3: They're practically asking us to go catch them.
4: Don't let you guard down, Keith.

1: A while back...
p1: I heard a story once from a man in the same line of work...
2: I chased a woman into the desert. Thought she as just another whore.
3: Every few days I'd find her, only to have her get away.
4: The more this went on, the stronger and faster she got.
5: Let's just catch 'em and go home.
6: The really strange thing was...

1: I was sure that I had critically wounded her.
2: But then, when I caught her, the wound that should have been there was completely healed up.
3: Fuckin' bizarre.

1: Owww!
2: Owowowowowwww...
3: Be sure to scrub well, or you'll get a mark.
4: What are you, immortal? You were on death's door yesterday.
5: I decided that I'm never going to die.
6: The fuck is she talking about?
7: Don't ask me...
8: Ha-HAAAAAH! 4 women bathing!
9: That's what I'm talkin' about!!

p1: smack
1: Suzy!!
p2: splash
2: This little game of hide-and-seek ends here.
3: Hurry up and get dressed.
4: I'm the only one you want, right?
5: Promise me you won't touch the other three.

1: Are you delirious? Suzy's got a bounty on her head too.
2: And I want this woman.
3: I missed you, Dahlia...
4: I can't wait to fill you up.
5: Just wait. This'll be over in a jiffy.
p4: whisper whisper whisper
6: Kuku...
7: Wipe that grin off your face, Keith.
8: whisper
9: Whooo...

p1: lick
1: Ahhh...
p3: What's with them?! Are they going to fight with these men?! You've gotta be kidding me...
2: It's plain to see that they know what they're doing.
3: I could get mixed-up in this and die too.
4: Hey, buddy.

1: That woman isn't dead. She's planning to fight back.
p1: splash
2: And you, over there. You look pretty calm for someone who's about to get stabbed in the throat.
3: Ruby!!
4: What the fuck is wrong with you?!

1: You've got bounties on your heads, right?
2: Now I can collect some of the cash too.
3: Kyahahaha! Now I can play around for the rest of my life!
4: You're terrible, Ruby!!
5: I told you we shouldn't have saved her!

1: I hope you die a dog's death.
2: Wow, now even Dahlia's cursing you.
3: And stronger than either of us have!
4: Thanks. here's your reward,
5: you crafty little minx.
6: Watch out, Ruby!!

p2: blam blam blam

1: Hawk!
2: Close, but no cigar.
3: Die!!
4: Why?!
5: Why are you saving me?!

1: You came to kill me, didn't you?!
2: What is with you two?!

1: All you care about is acting cool by yourself...you never think about the women you leave behind.

p1: rattle
1: Why? Why?!
2: Why do things always end up like this?!