tl by danluffey

1: A cactus and a yellow flower.
2: The moon.
3: The milky way.
4: A purple lizard.

1: When she was born, her father and brother fought each other to the death.
2: When she was 4, her neighbors Tom and Andy fought and killed each other.
3: Many other men killed each other fighting for Dahlia, a "solitary pearl."
4: And so, at the end of her rope, Dahlia's mother sent her daughter to an orphanage.
5: There, the wars continued.

1: It was her fate.
2: Someone abducted Rush.
3: So the day's finally come...
4: The day I'll be taken to the "Entrance to Darkness"...

1: He mentioned something about being a sacrifice.
2: What was that about?
3: Rush is your lover, right, Dahlia?
4: That's why everyone's "being patient," but...
5: if "something happens," then their anger and discontent centers in on it.

1: Even in a run-down town like this, everyone's trying to survive.
2: They're trying to keep from killing each other.
3: So they drove in a wedge called "Dahlia."
4: That's right.
5: My men always get killed, whether it's in three days or three months.
6: Rush was one of the more careful ones, though...
7: And you think it's "fate?"

1: Dahlia.
2: Embraced in the black arms of a creature of the night.
3: Don't let the darkness beat you.
4: I can't escape from here.
5: Save Rush.

1: You're really strange, Candy.
2: You can change an "It's impossible"
3: into a "What should I do?"

1: That cute red-head's here.
2: Shit, she brought her boyfriend.
3: Old man.
4: Tehuana Con Chile.
p: lick

1: You alright? Kids aren't supposed to drink this, you know.
p1: grin
p2 top: gulp
p2 bottom: smack
2: I'm looking for two women.
3: A blonde who looks like a total retard, and a black-haired macho girl.
4: Are they your women?
5: No way.
p4: snap
6: They're our beloved bounties.

1: He said I look like a total retard... (Really?)
p1 right: ahahaha
p1 left: Fucking Reige...
2: And he looks like a goddamn woman.
3: If there are still people here,
4: it means that Rush is still alive...maybe 2-3 km north from here.
p2 right: hmmm
p2 left: I see
5: In the execution hut...there are probably a few men from town with him.
6: So you've got bounties on your heads.
7: Save Rush for me, alright?
8: We'll help him! You don't have to threaten us!
9: Just take care of them for us in return!
p4: smack

1: I saw a pair of women around lunch today.
2: Yeah, me too!
3: They told us to give 'em some beer.
4: But then Dahlia's show started so I forgot about 'em.
5: Dahlia?
6: Yeah!! She's amazing!
7: She's our goddess!
8: How about some lime?

1: Always gotta have a lime with a shotgun.
2: Dahlia!
3: Dahlia, Dahlia!
4: Whoooowee!
5: Reige!
6: I wanna fuck this girl!!
7: Let me fuck her.
8: After we catch Candy and Suzy.
9: Candy and Suzy?

1: You know them?
2: Shoulda said that sooner.
3: If you both take care of me, then I'll tell you about them.
4: Haha!!
5: You hear that, Reige?! She wants to have a threesome with us!

1: This way.
p2: awww man
p3: kuku
2: I haven't fucked in a while.
3: Well you can go fuck yourself.
4: I'm not sticking anything inside that one.

1: If we follow the North Star, we'll go north!!
2: You sure Dahlia will be alright?
3: She'll be fine. She's no older than us, yet she runs her own place.
4: She's got an extraordinary amount of courage!!
5: I doubt that.
p4 right: You should at least worry about whether or not she'll end up telling them
p4 left: where we went...
6: She knows we have bounties on our heads now, too.

p1: How can she be so quick to show her back?
1: Ah.
2: There it is.

1: Is it warm inside Dahlia?
2: Is her skin like marble?
3: Do her sighs smell like peaches?
4: ...Rush.
5: You've already had enough pleasure for one lifetime.
6: All you've got left to do is die.
7: You had a happy life, right?

1: If we all fucked Dahlia, we'd end up killing each other.
2: But this way, we only need to kill one person.
3: Rush...your finger...your limbs...your ears...
4: Every scream you make when we rip one of them off...

1: will clear up our hearts.
2: ...ahhh.
3: The night stars will disappear, and the sun will...
4: Stop it!!
5: You know what's going on here!!
6: I was just chosen through the lottery...I don't
7: love Dahlia one bit!!

1: Ha...haha...
2: That's right! That fucking whore...
3: All she does is swing her hips and act like a spoiled little princess!
4: Kill her!!
5: Stop!! Please, stop!
6: I don't love her!

p1: bam

1: The women!
2: Kill 'em!
3: Candy!!

p1: blam
1: Just ignore this guy! Let's go!
2: Why are you saving him?!
3: Candy?!
p2: smack
p4 right: You think you're the only one who's ever loved?
p4 left: What about her heart?

p1: thud
1: How are they...
2: What are you doing?!
3: She must have known.
4: Hurry up and kill her!
5: Ha haaaa!
p3: click
6: Candy!!

p1: smack
p2 middle: gyaaah
p2 left: uooohhh

1: Dahlia...
2: Dahlia loved you,
3: Rush.

1: What...
2: What can I do? I was simply chosen, that's all.
3: I've been doing nothing but waiting in fear for the day they'd kill me.
p2: slash
4: After I disappear, Dahlia will find someone else in no time...
p3: thud
5: You're the worst, you know that?!
6: And Dahlia's an idiot too...why would she risk her life for someone like you?
7: The same goes for us.

1: Now, Rush. Run away.
p2: uuuuu...
2: To a place where no one will find you.

1: Mmm
2: Mmmm
3: Mmm...ahhhh!
4: Ahhhhhhh!
5: Reige, she's really something...
6: That's some voice, Keith.
7: I feel like...a snake's coiled around me...
8: and it's constricting me...

1: ...I see.
2: Must be a Bushmaster.
3: And the hundreds of frightened old men outside are its
4: venom!!

1: What should we say to Dahlia?
2: That we saved him.
3: ...oh.
4: Kill him!
5: He fucked Dahliaaaaa!!

1: It's Keith and Reige!
2: Hahaaaaah!
3: No need to get so angry.

1: Gyahahahahaha!
2: You just couldn't control yourself, could you?
3: Now we're back to square one.
4: Don't tell me
5: they killed Dahlia?!
6: Let's just go back to town for now.
7: Let's go save Dahlia.
p: She's probably used to this by now.

p1: It happens over and over again, but it never works out.
p2 right: I know that.
p2 left: fwoooosh
p3: I know it,
1: Dahlia!
p4: but I don't care.
2: Candy...Suzy....

1: Sorry...
2: We couldn't bring Rush back with us.

1: Just as long as he isn't dead.
p2: Because I still love. And that's enough for me.

1: Is that why it never stops?
2: Men are so fucking stupid...
3: But
4: For some reason, we still end up loving them.

1: Dahlia, you should come with us.
2: Where to?
3: The south.
4: What's in the south?
5: I don't know, but...what do you say?
6: So you've got no plan.
7: Bye now.
8: You're the leader, you shouldn't do anything to upset the team.
9: Huh?
10: What do you mean I'm the leader?!
11: What the fuck?

1: Can you just decide where we're going already?
2: Fuck you both.
3: Guess I'll go back with you too, then.
4: Now just wait one sec...
5: Huh?!
6: Long time no see, cuties.
7: Now run.

1: Who's that sexy man?
2: It's the sheriff, dumbass!!
3: We need to run!
4: Wait, wait! Your dress!
5: you dropped your shorts too!
p: What is wrong with you two?!
6: Just hurry it up!!

1: Candy.
p2: We still end up loving them.
2: Don't let anyone else catch you.