tl by danluffey

1: I'm thirsty.
2: Well, we've been doing nothing but running for the past few days.
3: I could drink a dozen Coronas!
4: I feel like I'm going to dry up and die...
5: So, what'll it be? If we go right we can probably find something.
6: Snake Head's rumored to be a total no-man's-land.

1: Talk about a gloomy town...

1: Looks like they haven't brought our wanted posters here yet.
2: Probably because everyone here's wanted for something or other.
3: Daaaaamn, there's some yummy-looking pussy walking around today!
4: I wants ta make the white one squeal.
5: Alright then, I'll make the dark one lose her mind! Woof!
6: Sure would love to stuff one of 'em, that's fer sure. In any of their holes! Heheheheh...
7: No matter where you go, men are all the same...
8: I dunno where you girls think you're going, but...
9-11: heh
12: you sure had bad luck finding your way here!

p1: creep
1: Ahhhh, oh no!
2: If those two cuties keep walking around alone...
3: all those men will...ahh! Pump them so hard in the front, and in the back, and...
4-7: haah
8: they'll be fucked into a big gloopy mess!! (Like me right now)

1: Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahh!!
2: Ahh!!
p1: rattle
3: No!
4: I'm gonna cum!
5: Mmm!!
6: Mm!
7: Maybe we should look for an opening and run back to the bikes...
8: Umm, can I ask you a question?
9: Ahh...
10: Aaaahhh!
11: Where do they sell beer around here?
12: If you know a good bar, that's fine too.
13: Strip.

1: Ahhh, Rush!!
2: Dahlia!!
3: Haah!
4: Rush, I love you!
5: I love you too! So much!!
6: If I strip, will you give me some beer?
7: Haa...haah!
8: Mmm...
9: Dahlia...we've got trouble.

1: They're surrounded out there.
2: Ahhh, that's right. We need to hurry.
3: Go tell Ted that the next show is about to begin.
4: Then we'll go sneak them away.
5: OK.
6: We need to save those girls!
7: Dahlia's Paradise Show is about to begin!

1: It's Dahlia!!
2: Dahlia's gonna dance for us!
3: Outta the way! Me first!
4: Yeehaw!
p2: dash
5: Daliaaaah!!
6: Who cares about these whores?!
7: What's going on?
p4: Well excuse me...
8: The strip show's about to begin.
9: Starring the queen of the town,
10: Dahlia.

1: Hurry, this way! While you've still got the chance!
2: Why should we trust you?
3: It's alright, Suzy.
4: We need food and water anyway.
5: Daliaaaaah!
p4: whoooooooooo
6: Dahlia-chaaaaaaan!

1: Heeeeeey!!!
2: You're so cute!!
3: Lemme fuck you!
4: Woahhh! Dahlia!
5: There's a little spring deep in the mountains~
6: It's about to overflow, hurry up and get in~
7: It only takes one man to fill it up!!
8: If you try hard enough, though, sometimes two can fit!

p1: woaaaahh
1: Wow! Listen to all those voices. Sounds like she's more a goddess than a queen to me.
2: She is a goddess.
3: She's the one who told me to save you, you know.
4: So what are you, Dahlia's boy toy?
5: No...I'm her sacrifice.

1: Wait here, and I'll bring you something to drink.
2: Make sure you don't leave this room.
3: Squeeze a lot of lime into it, OK?
4: I'd like some dill pickles to munch on, if you have any.
5: What a terrible room.
6: Smells like sweat, powder, and perfume.
7: Makes me wanna puke.

1: Ahhhh! It's making me remember everything!!
2: Let's just get what we need and then get the hell out of here.
3: Huh? But he said he was going to bring us beer.
4: You shut the hell up!
5: Who cares about beer at a time like this?!
6: We need to get out of here fast,
7: or they'll find us, sooner or later.

1: So what?
2: We can't just keep running forever.
3: Look, Reige!!
p4: vroom
4: Their bikes!!
5: I can't believe they left 'em out in the open like this.
6: They're practically begging us to find them!

1: Snake Head, eh?
2: They ran right into a slum town.
p3: yeaaaaah whistle whistle
3: Dahlia! Sweetie!
4: Ohh, you were watching me, boss?!
5: Thanks! How was I?
p5: eheh
6: Oh, you were FABULOUS!

1: Must you still...deny me?
2: Stop doing these shows and marry me already!! Alright?!
3: Please! Just think it over one more time!
4: Are you really going to make me listen to all that again?
5: I can never belong to a single person.
6: Dahlia belongs to everybody.

1: Goddamn whore!! Don't you forget who gave you this charmed life!!
2: You talk back to me any more, and...
3: Now, now, don't get so worked up.
4: We need to take things slow.
5: Oh, good! You're alright!
6: I was so worried when I saw you through the window.
7: How could you be so careless?

1: Thanks for saving us!! I'm Candy.
2: I'm Suzy.
p2 right: ...what's this overwhelming sexiness I feel? (And I'm a woman, too!)
3: It's bursting out from her entire body...
p2 left: bwoooom...
4: She's practically squirting it out!!
p3 right: She's the kind of woman who can ruin a man's life just by standing there.
p3 center: twist
p3 left: That sweet, poisonous scent isn't coming from her perfume...
5: I'm Dahlia. You'll be safe as long as I'm here.
6: This is my place, you know.
7: Oh, then do you mind
8: if we work here for a few days?

1: What?! Have you gone crazy?
2: Well, we can't keep running if we're broke, can we?
3: But still!!!
4: "We don't have to sell our bodies?"
5: I can tell by looking at you that you've escaped.
6: Hold on a minute!! If that's what you want to talk about, then leave me out of it.
7: I never want to force myself to do anything ever again!!

1: I will never have sex with a man I don't love.
2: You've got it wrong.
3: You have to love who you have sex with from the bottom of your heart.
4: Ohhh!! (I get it!)
5: That's the dumbest thing I've ever heard!!
6: Suzy!!

1: Wait!!
2: If you leave now, Keith and Reige will catch you!
3: We can stop our pursuers here and gain money and food!
4: Then we can leave!!
5: Alright then. I suppose
6: I'll have you work by taking part in my show.

1: Dahlia...
2: OK, if that's decided, then let's have a little meeting
3: while we drink our beer.
4: Yay, beer...
5: Hey, that reminds me, where'd that guy go?

1: You mean...
2: Rush?!
3: Yeah...he said he'd go get us some beer, then never came back.
4: Problem?
5: 25 dancing men.

1: Spinning Buffalo rings...
2: Yeah...I'm
3: a happy sacrifice.
4: Dahlia...