#1. Farewell, Hashijima Hisoka!


tl by danluffey

Y-you nincompoop!!

[Hashijima Hisoka-sensei was truly a great teacher...at least, to me, Hoshizaki Rito, he was...
bottom: #1. Farewell, Hashijima Hisoka!

#1. Farewell, Hashijima Hisoka!

1: Fuura Metropolitan High School
sfx: wahaha yaaay clang
sfx: rattle
2: Excuse me!! Q-quiet down...

sfx: freeze
1: plea...se.
sfx: silence
2: It's Hoshizaki!
sfx: clamor
3: Look!
4: You guys are making way too much noise!
5: Everyone else is trying to have class right now!
sfx: clamor
6: Where's your teacher? What subject do you have this period?
7: Our teacher's Hashijima-sensei.
8: Biology.
9: Here, that's it. Eat up.
10: No one's gonna come and steal your food here.
11: Ah!
12: There you are!

1: Hashijima-sensei!
2: Hm?
3: Oh, it's you, Rito!
sfx: twitch
sfx: shiver
4: What are you doing out here?!
sfx: stumble
5: Hey, you don't need to be afraid! She isn't a bad person!
6: Sensei! This isn't the time to be playing around with cats!
7: First period's already begun!
8: Now, now, Rito.
9: This cat was hurt pretty badly. It could've died. All I wanted to do was dress its wounds and give it some food.

1: After all, if I ignored it, it could've come back to haunt me! (Look!)
sfx: Mroowww
2: I don't believe in unscientific things like that.
3: Because you're the 'textbook girl!'
4: I was only joking about the whole curse thing, anyway.
5: I just can't turn away from someone who needs help when I know I can do something for them.
6: If you saw someone drowning right in front of you, you'd extend a hand to help them, wouldn't you?!
7: W-well, yeah...
8: (Huh?)
9: A-anyway! Please just get back in the classroom! The cat ate its food already, right?

1: I'll have to keep bringing food out to it time to time. It's still not strong enough to go hunt for itself.
sfx: flap
2: Keep the cat a secret, alright?
3: Alright, Rito?
sfx: flap clack
4: It'll probably just run and hide from anyone else who finds it.
5: ...that reminds me, sensei.
6: Please stop referring to me as "Rito" when we're at school.
7: We are no longer teacher and student, you know!
sfx: rattle BAM yaay
8: Ssshh!
sfx: rattle yay wahaha
9: It's Hashijima!
10: You're laaaate!
11: /That's right. I'm not a student anymore./
sfx: (You're laaaate!) clamor
12: He made them get even more wound up...
13: /And when I was actually his student, a whole seven years ago,/
14: /it was only for two weeks!/

1: [7 years ago...]
sfx: vroooom
sfx: bam
2: /I can't believe I'm actually skipping school./
sfx: pitter patter
3: /I-I just have to see it one last time.../
ticket: Fossil exhibit
4: /I'll get in so much trouble if anyone finds out. I might even make my mom cry. "My daughter turned into a juvenile delinquent!"/
5: /I'll just have to make sure no one ever finds out about it...I'm not wearing my uniform, and no one should suspect anything if I just act normal!/
6: /I can do this!/
sfx: tap twitch
sfx: pitter patter

1: You're Hoshizaki Rito from Class 2, aren't you?
2: Why aren't you in your uniform? Class already started.
3: Hm? Don't you remember me?
4: I'm Hashijima! Hashijima, the student teacher who got here last week!
5: Ah well. I'm late today too, so I shouldn't be talking. Just don't skip school, alright?
sfx: drip
6: H...hey.
sfx: sniff
7: I'm sorry, sensei...
8: But I feel better now that I was able to tell you everything.
9: I'll change and go to school now.
10: Are you kidding me?!
11: Huh?

1: Go on! Skip!
2: Let's go to that fossil exhibit!
3: Huh?
4: It probably took a death-defying amount of courage for a serious girl like you to skip school.
5: If there's something you feel that passionate about, then you can't just give up on it!
6: Go! I permit you to!
7: B-but...
8: I was going to be late today anyway! If a teacher's with you, then there's no way you can get in trouble!
sfx: clamor
sign: Fossil Exhibit

sfx: clamor
sfx: nod

sfx: clap whoaaaaah
1: Waah!
2: Rito! You should become a teacher.
3: Huh?
4: Your "classes" are pretty interesting. Don't you think you'd be good at it?
p5: beep
5: R-really?!
6: Yeah!

1: I will! I'll become a teacher!
2: Then that makes me your first student.
3: /That's when I first set out to become a real teacher./
sfx: ding dong
4: /It's not fair. He told me to become a teacher, but he never stops treating me like a student./
sfx: yaay
5: /Does it mean...that I always appear as nothing more than a student to him?/

1: Rito.
sfx: bam yaaay
2: Owww!
3: Are you free after school?
4: W-well yes, but...
5: for what?
6: Walk home with me.
7: I have an important matter I wish to discuss with you.
sfx: yay
8: What?!
9: At 5:00, OK?
10: Ah!
11: Wh-what's the important matter?
12: You'll find out later.

1: /What could it be?/
sfx: vroom beep
sfx: pitter patter
2: /There's no way...he could be thinking of...proposing to me, right?/
3: /He doesn't look at me that way, does he?/
4: Sensei!
5: Ahh, he's gone!
sfx: beep vroom
6: The shadow of death trails behind you.
sfx: ring
7: Sensei! Don't listen to weird fortunes like that!
sfx: grab
8: Ahh!
9: Now tell me what you wanted to talk about already!

1: Here we are.
2: It's covered in cobwebs! Is this place really still in business?
3: These places always offer the best discoveries.
4: /How could there be anything of value in a place like this?/
5: Rito.

1: This is...
2: a million yen.
3: But luckily, I won big in the horse races last week!
4: Ammonite - Mollusks belonging to the celephopod group that lived from the Paleozoic to the Mesozoic Era, and died out approximately 60 million years ago. When the first ammonite fossil was discovered, scientists thought it was a ram horn.
5: This is the fossil I know the most about,
6: because I learned about it in your first class!
7: Ah!

1: /My...first class.../
2: /I thought he would have forgotten about that by now.../
3: When I found this in that store, I decided
4: that I was going to buy it for you no matter what it took.

1: Please accept it, Rito,
2: instead of a ring.
3: Wha...

1: Wahh...
2: This is h-heavy, sensei!
sfx: stagger
3: Careful! Hand it back to me, carefully!
4: You know what I mean by "instead of a ring," right?
5: To put it bluntly, I mean marr...
6: Please don't put it bluntly!
7: I...
8: Rito.

1: Sensei...
2: Oh, come on, you dummy! Don't cry in a place like this!
sfx: sniff
3: I'm sorry...but...

sfx: pat
1: Help!
2: Hm?

sfx: fwooosh

1: Someone's drowning in the river!!
2: He's being swept away!
sfx: fwooosh
3: Oh no!
4: S-sensei!
5: Please don't! The rain last night must have flooded the river!
6: It's dangerous! And the water's really cold!
7: Let's leave this to a rescue team!
8: Besides, you can't swim, can you?
9: I'll figure it out somehow!
sfx: leap

1: Sensei!!
sfx: fwooooosh
2: Senseiiiiiiiii!!

1: Wahh, oh no!
2: This is bad!
3: He's dead meat now!
4: And he just proposed, too...
5: I don't believe this.
6: He's just gonna die now?

1: How do you feel?
2: Gyaaaaaaaahhhh
3: Bleccch!
4: Wow, that was quick. You're a feisty one!
5: You did CPR on me, didn't you?! What if I had died from shock?!
6: Excuse me? I just saved your life!
7: Hm?!
8: You saved ME?!

1: I was the one who got saved?
2: Hm?
3: Woah! What's going on here?!
4: Someone keeps coming and throwing away trash down here by the riverbed. I really wish they'd stop.
5: Not that!
6: Why do I look like this?!
7: You switched my soul into this body?!
8: That's right! You died once!
9: Don't you remember when I warned you in town?

1: You really switched my soul out? But how?!
2: Wait a minute, first, who is this?
3: The boy you tried to save when you dove into the river.
4: Unfortunately, though, he was already dead. His soul had left his body.
5: The body itself was more or less in good condition, though.
6: These things happen sometimes.
7: You mean I couldn't have saved him no matter how I tried?
8: Yeah, pretty much.
9: If anything, you died a meaningless death for someone you didn't even know.
10: It wasn't a meaningless death! Look, I'm alive right now!
11: And besides...I wouldn't have been able to live with myself if I had ignored him.

1: My name's Torauma.
2: I learned a variety of "arts" during my tutelage deep in the mountains of Tibet.
sfx: wachoo
3: This training was...
4: Wait wait wait!
sfx: sniff
sfx: Hmm?
5: What?
6: So basically, you brought me back to life with some weird magic you learned
7: when you were in Tibet?
8: That's what you're trying to say, right?

1: Hmm...well, yes, those are all the main points.
2: I'm not sure if I agree with the usage of the word "weird" in regards to my arts, however.
3: Well, I sure don't want to sit here for an hour listening to some explanation about your training.
4: This has answered all my questions for the time being anyway.
5: Later, gramps!
6: Wait! Where are you going?
7: I need to go tell Rito! I bet she's really worried about me.
8: W...wait! You can't do that!
9: Why not?
10: You mean you're not gonna let me leave until I hear about your training?
11: Of course not!
12: I have something important to tell you, so listen up.

1: The connection your soul has to that body is a very thin one.
2: Therefore, if someone else finds out that you're actually "Hashijima Hisoka,"
3: then the link between that body and your soul will be completely severed.
4: You mean I'll die?!

1: Then I can't tell Rito anyything!
2: Wait, hold on a minute.
3: How come you're allowed to know, then?
4: That doesn't make sense.
5: I'm a 'shaman!' I'm special!
6: Is this 'Rito' girl your significant other?
7: I just proposed to her!
8: The poor thing...
9: From this point on, you will have to live out your life as another person.
10: Even if you happen to meet her again at some point, you won't be able to let her know who you really are.
11: You've gotta be kidding me!
12: I don't want to be another person!!
13: Would you rather be dead, then?
14: I can always undo my "art," if you like.
15: That's not an option either!

1: Then, I could use another "art" to erase your memories.
sfx: puff...
2: You're only in pain now because you still remember the person you loved.
3: If you abandon your past life, then you'll be able to live out a whole new one without any trouble.
4: Here, bring your head closer.
sfx: skritch
5: Hm? Where are you going?
6: Don't tell me you're going to go see her!

1: Don't be ridiculous! You just got washed away in a raging river!
2: You can't just waltz around wherever you please!
3: I'll make sure no one sees me!
4: You still aren't completely attached to that body, and after three days, you probably won't be able to move.
5: You've got three days! You must come to my temple within that time frame!
6: See that temple roof over there? That's my place!
7: Three days? Alright!
8: Whatever you choose in the end, you must promise to come see me again! Got it?!
9: Got it!

1: [The next day...]
2: I'm sure most of you have already found out from the newspaper and the news,
3: but last night, Hashijima-sensei died in an accident.
4: He can't even swim, and he jumped in a river!
5: How can they call it an accident, then?
6: He was a good teacher, though. In his last moments, at least.
7: That's certainly one way to put it.
sfx: ding dong
sfx: rattle yaaay
8: The door fell off!
sfx: rattle clamor
9: It's Rito!

1: Q-quiet down!
2: I'm starting class now!
sfx: slam
3: I will be teaching biology to your class in place of Hashijima-sensei from this day forward.
sfx: clamor
4: Now quiet down!
5: Ah.
sfx: snap
sfx: clamor
6: Woah. You've only gotten this far?
7: /...hey./

1: /What's with Rito? She's acting just as she always does./
2: /Usually she's such a crybaby.../
3: /But she doesn't look depressed at all./
4: /Well, that's a relief. At least, it should be. But now I feel a bit down.../
5: Yooo!
6: So you're still alive too!
7: I brought you some more food.
sfx: mrrow
8: Huh?
9: Looks like someone already beat me to it.

sfx: haaah
1: /Now that I think about it, when I proposed to her, Rito merely cried. I don't think she gave me an actual answer.../
2: I'm home!
3: /Maybe Rito.../
4: /didn't really think all that much of me./

1: [On the second day...]
2: I'm leaving now!
sfx: fsssh
3: Huh? Rito, where are you going?
sfx: yawn
4: Hm? Rito...
sfx: jerk
5: Where's she going?
6: It's Sunday, and it's raining. Where could she be headed?
7: What the....?!
8: There's cat hair all over the place.
9: Did it get into a fight with another cat?
sfx: mrrowr

sfx: shiver mroww
1: It ran all the way up there...
2: and now it can't get down.
sfx: off
sfx: clang
sfx: grab
sfx: crash

sfx: rustle
1: There she is!
2: /Rito!/

1: Please...come over here!
2: I want to save you...
3: /Hashijima-sensei loved you.../
4: /So I want to protect you!/
5: /Rito.../
6: /She must have been the one who was feeding the cat!/
7: /This is all I can do right now.../
8: /This is all I can do for Hashijima-sensei now.../

sfx: cling
1: /Phew.../
2: /If something were to happen to you as well...I'd.../
sfx: swoon
sfx: slip
3: Ahh!!

sfx: grab
1: Rito!
2: What's wrong? Hang in there!
3: Woah, you're burning up!
4: How could you go out in the rain in this condition?!
5: You idiot! Why would you push yourself like this?!

1: Sensei...
sfx: rub rub

1: I'm...here...
2: I...
3: Rito!
4: You were in so much pain that you weren't able to sleep at night...
5: I knew you should have taken a few days off...but you just wouldn't listen.
6: A student brought you back here. He sat by you until just a bit ago.
7: One of mine?
8: I'm no sure.
9: /I.../

1: /dreamt that sensei was carrying me on his shoulders.../
sfx: splish
2: I made up my mind, gramps!
sfx: smack
3: Wake up, old man!
sfx: fwap
4: Wh-what's going on?!
5: I told you to come to my temple within three days! Do you have any idea what time it is?!
6: Hm?

1: What's pass say? "Narukami Gengorou, Class 1-4, Fuuwa High School?"
2: Yeah. I found it in this guy's pocket.
3: This is my name now.
4: I've decided that I'm going to go on living as Narumi Gengorou
5: while keeping my memories of being Hashijima!!
6: A-are you sure about that?!
7: You're a complete stranger to that woman now!
8: No matter how much you keep loving her, you'll never be able to tell her who you are! Things will never be the same! It'll only bring you pain!
9: I don't mind.

1: Because now I get to fall in love with Rito all over again!!
2: I couldn't have wished for anything better!
3: /Wh...what?!/
4: /I...I have a feeling it's going to be a lot tougher than he thinks.../
5: /But.../
sfx: thud
6: Wahh, I'm tired!
7: /If that's what he's decided.../
sfx: snore
8: /then so be it!/