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Thumb 件名An Essential Manga
日付2012年11月07日 06:14

Give My Regards to Black Jack is one of the few mangas that carries real, and somewhat revolutionary social significance. Lots of manga take somewhat general "social woes" and juxtapose them against alternate worlds, futuristic settings, or historical backgrounds to talk about them, but this series is set in modern day Japan, with realistic characters, that deals with unspoken problems in the Japanese medical system that continue to happen as you read this.

And these aren't just any problems. GMRTBJ is a tough manga to read at times because of how honest it is in its portrayal of the greed, selfishness and lack of empathy that permeates the Japanese medical world. This is a must-read for anyone who's interesting in learning about modern Japanese society. While it's set in the medical field, and deals with medical issues, this story still carries a lot of messages about Japanese social norms, expectations, and how people are expected to behave as a "member of society."

This is because GMRTBJ tries to portray its world and characters realistically, rather as "idealized" versions of males or females, like one would get with standard shounen or shoujo manga. These are characters who have good points and bad points, are sometimes good-natured and other times selfish and defensive. Characters grow, and sometimes not always in a positive manner. It achieves a level of humanity that many long-running series rarely reach.

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