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This is a thread I found on mangahelpers.com and I really love it, since I found a lot of good Japanese music through it. But since I don't want to reduce this thread only to Japanese music, any great song is fine. So just post a link to it and if you want to tell, why you like it.

At the moment I listen to quite a variety of songs. In different genres, different times. Some are classics, some are newer. Some in English some in Japanese or German. Well, here are some links to my current favorites (or the songs I listen to most lately):

Maaya Sakamoto - Magic number:Link
I especially like the kinda prelude, before the singing starts. I don't know why, but often I just like the music and the harmony between the sound of the voice and music, when I listen to Japanese songs, since I don't really understand the lyrics.

Aerosmith - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing:Link
Just love this song. For me it is almost a classic. Everytime I see, that Armageddon is running on TV, I am listening to this songs for hours...^^

Duck Sauce - Barbara Streisand:Link
I actually like this song only because of the way "Barbara Streisand" is said and the "huhuhu" after that...^^ Often I like songs only because of the refrain or just because of one little detail in the song. As I do here.

Mads Langer - You´re Not Alone:Link
I like this song, because I really like the kinda accoustic sound in songs, especially if you hear the piano or guitar clearly, and sometimes a clear drumline is awesome for me, too.

I hope you enjoy the songs and also I hope that I will find some pearls in this thread...^^

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I like this thread, so I think I´ll post something.

One of the songs I´m learning right now is JIKUU TRIP, interpreted by LAST ALLIANCE. I adore their songs, and this one has something (ahh, the chorus) that it´s simply amazing. It starts slowly, but it gets better. Here: Jikuu Trip

One more before going out. This one is from Redballoon, and the song is called Glory. This is more louder than Jikuu TRIP, but I like the general feel of this song: Glory

That´s all for now, I´ll be here again with more songs later.

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I like the second song you posted.
The link to the first one sounded kinda off, but maybe it is just the version on youtube, that sounds off. I don't know...^^

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Mm, well, I did´nt found a better video for Jikuu TRIP, but I leave this one instead: SPIRAL WORLD - Last Alliance

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Now that is a great song. Love especially the music, since I can't understand the lyrics...^^

I just found a few other songs in my youtube favorites, I have listened to a lot, even if it was some time ago.

高橋 優 -「現実という名の怪物と戦う者たち」(Takahashi Yu - Genjitsu to Iu Na no Kaibutsu to Tatakau Mono Tachi; I found this romaji version on the web, so I have no idea, if it really reads it...^^): Link
I don't really know, why I like it, but I do. Came to it through the Bakuman anime. But I definitely like how clearly he sings, so that you can understand almost every word, even though I have no clue what they mean...^^

Love Song by Mariko Hamada 浜田真理子: Link
I really love this song, even if it is a lot more quiet than the music I listen to normally. But other music wouldn't really fit to the content of the lyrics, as far as I understand it. And I think I understand most of it.

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I really like SPIRAL WORLD - Last Alliance now. Thanks for the post Shuriken. I have been listening to it like the whole day...^^

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Jeje, I´m glad you liked it. After all, that was the purpose of the thread, right?

I´ll post more later.


Wow! I just listened to 現実という名の怪物と戦う者たち, and I like it. Good rythm, good song.

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Well, while I´m waiting approval, let´s post more good songs:

First, to songs from the band Glay, coming from their "Rare Collectives VOl 2" album. Seriously, the songs of that album are the rarest ones they have. One of them is BROTHEL CREEPERS, that is a bit louder than what they use to play, but it´s a good song. The other one is called DOSANKO SHIISAA, it´s a lot softer than the first one, but I like it for it´s rareness. Here: BROTHEL CREEPERS and DOSANKO SHIISAA (in the video, the title says "Galay", just don´t mind that).

Coming with two more from one of my favorites, a couple songs from Last Alliance, the first one is called PROMETHEUS, and it actualy speaks of the Prometheus from the greek myth. I love that song. The other one is called Musou Jidai (like "Dream Age", or something like that). I lova that song too, but this is little different from the general feeling of Prometheus. Here Prometheus (didn´t find a version that played as it should, but anyway) and Musou Jidai

And these two are for preserving the intention of this post, so the next songs are from a mexican band called "La Maldita Vecindad y Los Hijos del Quinto Patio" (long name, right?). They play ska music, mixed with other rythms. And being ska, they are songs of social critics. Hope you enjoy these as well. The first is called "Un poco de sangre" ("some blood") and talks about of a kid who works on the streets and gets killed by a car. The second one is called "No les creo nada" ("I don´t belive them") and speaks about how the media and the politicians always lie to keep the people controlled. Here Un poco de sangre and No les creo nada (this video intends to offend only the mexican politics)

Well, hope anyone who comes by enjoy these amazing songs.

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could we just rename it to the music thread and not specific to j-songs?

that being said, my favorite song on earth.

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Elanor Pam

My favorite songs usually change depending on my mood, but the following never stop being among the top:

Apocalyptica: Farewell. WARNING: WILL MAKE YOU CRY. Will also want to make you save the world in an epic way and then ascend to a superior plane of existance.

Theatre of Tragedy: A distance there is. WARNING: SHAKESPEARIAN ENGLISH. ALSO VERY LONG. It's basically a woman lamenting over piano and cello. It might make you cry, too. I like moving songs.

Nightwish: Sleeping Sun. This song introduced me to Nightwish years ago. It's just so beautiful and epic.

Tristania: A sequel of decay. A remnant of my teenage years. The other songs from this band didn't hold so well after a few years, but this one still stands out. I think the epic Vampire Hunter D AMV in this link helps.

Sarah Brightman: Where the lost ones go. I love Sarah Brightman and could post a shitton of songs by her, but I'll stick to this one because it reminds me of this one scene from the Violinist of Hameln manga. :P

Radiohead: Reckoner. I like Radiohead.

Alright, there are many others I like, but that's quite enough for now.

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Here are two German songs, I really like. I hope you can enjoy them, even if you dn't understand the lyrics. But I think that it will work, since I enjoy Japanese music and I don't understand those lyrics...^^

Jupiter Jones - Still

Xavier Naidoo - Bitte hör' nicht auf zu träumen

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Another great song, which I found through Scrubs:

Death Cab For Cutie - I Will Follow You Into The Dark

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...Almost all I listen to are J-pop songs... >_> I just love these currently~

Akahitoha - Yamai
... It's supposed to be a Vocaloid song that is sung by Nico Nico Douga singers.

Tomoe Mami's Transformation Theme: NicoNico Cover
... Based on the insert in Mahou Shoujo MadokaMagica.

Alright! Heartcatch Pretty Cure (or Precure)!
... The opening for the seventh season of Pretty Cure~ Yeah, I love Heartcatch. =w=

D City Rock - We are Angels
... Mm. Yes. PSG.

Mizufuusen ~ Fujita Maiko
... I utterly LOVE this song and constantly play it on repeat. Fujita Maiko is one of my favorite singers.

Himitsu no Mori no Butoukai ~ Chikamori Kayako
... This song was different than most which play for otome visual novels. I found it pretty catchy.

Tenkuu no Canaria ~ Mizuki Nana
... The second OVA opening for Tales of Symphonia.

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I just found this song in my Youtube favorites, so I have no idea how old it is:

Maaya Sakamoto - Bokutachi wo koi suru riyuu

As almost always with Japanese songs, I don't really know what she is singing about, but I just love it.

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Himitsu no Mori no Butoukai ~ Chikamori Kayako
... This song was different than most which play for otome visual novels. I found it pretty catchy.

Tenkuu no Canaria ~ Mizuki Nana
... The second OVA opening for Tales of Symphonia.

I really like those two songs. Especially funny for me are the German sentences and names in the first vid, since some of the sentences aren't a 100% right, but looks really interesting. Also funny is, that it seems like they made a boy out of "Rotkäppchen"(あかずきん), which actually is a girl in the fairytale.
Is that the intro of a game? If so, what's its name and have you played it?

I like the second one, too. Since I played through the game Tales of Symphonia for GameCube, I am happy to hear that there is an OVA for it. Definitely have to look for that...^^

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XDD The game is called Zettai Meikyuu Grimm. =w= And, yes~ That is the game's intro song. I've played the game, and while at first the protagonist was... pretty standard, she actually changed somewhat and grew on me~~ I enjoyed the game for the most part~

Yay~~ A person who has played a Tales game~ Yeah, the final arc of the OVA is due to come out some time. >w< Anyway, Mizuki Nana's voice range is just amazing, as she also voiced Colette.

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I currently like the Opening to Steins;gate and Deadman wonderland :D.

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"Shinagawa Shinjuu" by the band Ningen Isu is a good song, I think.

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Just saw a commercial on TV with the following song and it reminded me on how much I loved to listen to it.

Scala & Kolacny Brothers - Hungriges Herz

Oh btw, it is in German...^^

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Seems like no one is interested in music anymore...^^

Well, here are some songs, which I found, while I was looking through my old MP3-Player:

BoA - Eat you up

SEAMO feat. Ayuse Kozue - Honey Honey

SEAMO feat. BoA - Hey Boy, Hey Girl

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Right now I'm listing to the entire Xenoblade soundtrack. I bought it off Play-Asia for my birthday and it's A-MAY-ZING.

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I am not listening at it regularly, but it is a great song, when you are out with your friends partying: LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem

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I just found the following song, and it is awesome!!!

Yui - Good-bye days

Because of that song I found a bunch of other great songs by Yui...

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Does anyone here know this existed?

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I just found this on the fighting game forum Shoryuken and it's surprisingly good.

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If you'd rather I make a new thread for this, just let me know! : D

I'm a really big fan of Portuguese and Braziliero music actually.

Bonequinha dos Quarenta

Desgarrada Do Dia A Dia

I'm also a fan of 90s J-Pop, like Le Couple for example. I feel like this is more relaxing than some genres over here across the pond:

Le Couple - Ater the Rain

I also write my own music, which is like a fusion of Latin Music and J-Pop, but includes elements from Alsatian traditional music as well.

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