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Welcome to MR's Fun Forum General Hangout Thread!!

That certainly is a mouthful to say, isn't it? Anyways and more importantly, feel like talking about your cat, what you had for lunch today or anything else random and non anime/manga related - this is the place for you. Just treat it like a regular hangout thread and chit chat with your fellow MR members. :D

For specific conversations regarding anime/manga or other topics, please head to the their respected forums and / or threads:

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Non MR Manga - discuss all of your favorite manga series that aren't on MR.

Just remember, all site and forum rules and guidelines are in effect. So please keep everything nice and friendly. If you ever have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact one of our MR staff members or send a note to the Administration.

Have fun!

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Can I really talk about my cat?? xDDD

He is Chi, I called him like that because he looks like the cat on Chi's Sweet Home, which I love xD

I really love cats, mi DeviantArt is full of them ♥

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Really cute, even though I am more a dog type of man...^^

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Aww, that's a really cute kitty! I'm a cat lover too ^A^ I only have one, since it's my parents who pay for the cat's food plus litter plus vet plus my allergologist appointments >_> I'd like to get a second one once I start working, though.

Here's Max, the fatass:

I didn't get to choose his name since he was already 2 years old when I adopted him last summer. He responds to it pretty well, so there was no point in changing it.

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This is probably the best place to post this and this thread could use a bump so....


Pretty well done in my opinion. Though, seeing Naruto vs Lee is pretty... well... mundane... Having a Naruto vs Garra or Sasuke would probably be way too hard technically...

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So... what has everyone been up to lately? anything interesting?

Outside of work, my life has been pretty dull lately. Though, I just watched ep. 10 of Game of Thrones! :D

Boy, do I love that series. I have only read the first two books (haven't been in the book reading mood to continue :shrug) , but it truly is one of the better fantasy based series ever made. And I dare say that it is far superior to the Lord of the Rings series... if you want to compare it to that. There is just so much more intrigue, characters, backstory and plot to it. It's just so grand and really dynamic.

Has anyone else read the books or is following the show?

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Haven't seen Game of Thrones, on account of not having any legal place to watch it.
Tumblr and its gifs of the series really make me curious though ;w;

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As far as I know, you can only watch GoT if you have HBO or HBO GO, but you can purchase past seasons / episodes on things like PlayStation Network etc...

However, if you are really interested in getting into the series I would recommend just reading the books. Amazon has / had a deal where you could get the first four books for like $20 and that is one hell of a deal in my opinion.

The series is truly amazing and there are so many different plots, factions, political alliances, twist and turns in this series that it just goes to a completely different level than most other episodic series. The scope of the series is just amazing!

You'll love characters, hate them, and then start to love the characters that you hate ( although, some you will truly and always despise and relish in their death :D ). Not to mention the huge game changers that take place over the course of the series are phenomenal... No one, and I mean NO ONE is safe!

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