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Whether you have figures from anime, comics or game characters, whether you are a collector or enthusiast, this is the place to brag about figures from your favourite characters!

I'd like to begin the topic showcasing the very last figure I got - it have been about seven months since I bought it, but I still treasure it like all the others:

Click to view bigger.

This is VR Viper II, a mecha from the fighting game Virtual-On, originally released as arcades back in 1995 by Sega. It's my second favourite 3d-field fighting game (the first one being Soul Edge/Calibur).

Please show any and every figure you have too!

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Cool the Viper II.

I have a collection of gashapon and some other figures. Here are some pieces of my collection:

The first one, my Nicholas Wolfwood figure, released for the Trigun movie last year.

The second, Shuuzen Moka (red dress) from Rosario+Vampire series. I bought it two years ago as a christmas "myself present".

The today´s last one, Felicia figure, from Vampire Hunter series. (Capcom´s Vampire series rules!)

The photos are blurry, because I took it with my cell phone´s camera, but I think they´re enough for now jeje.

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