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Create a thread with the following tag:

Translation (date)

I'll then send you a link to the language files.

You'll need to use a program like this:

because the language file is extremely sensitive to spacing so one space or error somewhere and it'll break the entire file and the site will have a language error everywhere >.>;;

Also you'll need to save the file in UTF-8.

That said, post your threads and i'll get you started. Thanks!

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When are you going to send the link to the language files?

Also was wondering, if it will be possible to use letters like "ä","ö" and "ü", or if that is going to cause an error.

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Using those letters will be ok - you've just gotta make sure to save in the right encoding (utf-8)

I've sent the language files. Good luck :D.

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So where should we send the translated files to? And with what ending? Is .txt okay?

I was also wondering, if it is possible to show me the translated page before, putting it out. Since it is easy to translate it, but hard to see, if it fits the content, when you only have the code.

Are we really supposed to leave out the Japanese text? Since it seems to be quite a bit in Japanese in the view file. Are you going to translate that later, so that we are going to translate that later, too? Or is that going to remain in Japanese?

I guess I am going to translate them on sunday, since I have some work to do today.

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You can just email me it (you should have my email address) or pm me a link to it. (upload to mediafire or something)

Yeah, I'll translate the Japanese later. Sorry, it's just a bunch of text and difficult at that, so I haven't done it... Sorry ><;

As for saving, it'd be best if you can save in the same format, but if not then send me what you have. Just make sure that it has the same amount of spaces as the original file. If it doesn't it means it'll have to be re-edited...

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Should we leave the currency as Yen? Or should we put our own currency (Euro, Dollar, etc.)?

Since the prices probably will be in Yen, I will leave the currency as Yen, until I hear something different.

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It'd be best to keep it in yen :). Yeah, thanks.

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