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作成日時2013年07月03日 20:59

Hello everyone! Just letting you know that I've been busy translating Sato Shuho's blog posts into English, and now his official English blog is open for everyone to see!


There are two series that will be featured on this blog: Road to Manga, Sato Shuho's own personal stories about his career, and Secrets of Manga, which will feature his theories on page composition, art, and story composition for manga. Definitely a must read for manga fans! Enjoy!

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Thanks for pointing this out! I might have missed this since I don't really use social networks and would have probably missed the post on facebook about it.

Just from reading the first few entries, I am definitely going to follow Sato Shuho's blog for the foreseeable future. Both aspects of his blog ( his personal anecdotes and his points on creating art / manga ) were a great read. They were fun and truly insightful glimpses into his life and processes of creating a manga. Can't wait to read more!

Also, congrats and many thanks to Mr. Luffey for working so hard on this. Manga Poverty is absolutely on my to read list. :)

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Thanks! Glad to hear you enjoyed it!

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