Introductions (34件のスレッド、110件の書き込み) Manga Reborn - Introduction Thread
Introduce yourself here. by lwflouisa

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Fun Forum (14件のスレッド、102件の書き込み) Current Favorite Song (especially J-Songs...^^)
Talk about topics you want to. Have fun! by lwflouisa

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Suggestions (12件のスレッド、84件の書き込み) Series I would like to see
Think there's something that MR is missing? Let us know! :D by Mooshminky

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MR Help Desk (26件のスレッド、61件の書き込み) When the rules say Manga Artists right it means Artists as well as authors right? They may need to fix that depending on the meaning.
Unsure of how to do something? Check this, or ask a question.
Site Translation Project (8件のスレッド、35件の書き込み) Looking for a translation help ( English ----> Japanese )
If you're willing to help translate the site in your language come in :D. by Niras

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Bug Reports (15件のスレッド、30件の書き込み) Weird price discrepancy
Alert us of any bugs you find.